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Pojo's Duel Masters Card of the Day

The Darkness

Date Reviewed: 09.12.05

Average Rating: 4.00

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst. 3 ... average.
5 is the highest rating.
Lee Sandow I'll end this week with my other favorite civilization. For those of you who are really observant, we're also going in order that the civilizations appear in the set numbers. Light, water, darkness, ______, ________. You can figure out the other two for yourself. Meanwhile, let's go investigate the creepier-than-my-face Darkness civilization (creepier than my face = OMGWTFBBQ scary)

The Darkness Civilization

Civilization Strengths:
KILL! That's what darkness does well. With spells like Death Smoke, Chains of Sacrifice, and creatures like Ballom, Master of Death, it is great for disposing of those nuisance creatures of your opponent's. Further, many darkness creatures have the ability to be slayers, meaning that they will take their opponent with them when they die. Charming.

Darkness also has a nice variety of attackers and blockers, so it can survive on it's own. Darkness has some extremely HUGE creatures, which hit the field pretty early in some cases. Zagaan, Vashuna, and worst, Daidolos can hit the field long before your opponent is ready for them!

Darkness also shines in it's ability to control the opponent's hand. Some spells, like Ghost Touch and Lost Soul, along with creatures like Horrid Worm and Locomotiver can leave your opponent with nothing before too long!

Darkness also has the ability to revive creatures from the graveyard back to your hand. Useful for returning powerful creatures you lost too early in the game.

Civilization Weaknesses:
Many darkness creatures are suicidal, or require another creature to be sacrificed for their abilities to work. When planned for, this usually isn't a problem, but you still need to be careful. Other than Mongrel Man, this civilization also doesn't have much in the way of draw power.

Civilization Strengths:
I've discussed why water plays well with darkness, and why a brave soul could try to use it with light (see those reviews). Darkness also plays VERY well with fire. Both fire and darkness have powerful offensive spells, and both also have great small creatures for rushing your opponent. Thus, a control deck or a rush deck could be born of these civs if they are combined.

Nature can be used to great effect with darkness too. Use mana accel to summon your darkness creatures faster, or pummel your opponent with nature creatures while you use darkness spells!

Notable Darkness Cards:
Ballom, Master of Death - A massive creature that toasts all non-darkness creatures when he's summoned. Good times all around.

Terror Pit - The best kill card to date, it can kill any creatures with no questions asked. It's also a shield trigger, thus being icing on an already delicious cake (I want some cake).

Lost Soul - For a mere seven mana, your opponent bids their hand goodbye. Lethal at the right time, and annoying ALL the time.

Mongrel Man - Why not use darknesses suicidal tendencies and killing powers to your advantage? Everytime a creature dies, this bad boy lets you draw a card.

Zagaan, Knight of Darkness - He just looks cool.

A powerful civ that can stand well on it's own, but works best when comboed with another civ. Namely, blue or red. 4.82/5, to mess with the average at the top of the page.

The roof, the roof, the roof is on ______!
Steven Cantrell

Introduction: Darkness has long been considered one of the more powerful civilizations by duelists around the globe. I’ve utilized it in almost every deck throughout my long career, with good reason. They have one-hundred-eleven total cards, tied with Light for the most. That breaks down into 88 creatures and 23 spells.


Black is extremely aggressive in the DM war that broke out with the release of Shadowclash this time last year. They openly oppose the forces of Light and Nature, while calling upon Water and Fire for reinforcements. Hey, that fits perfectly with the M:tG color wheel I keep telling you guys about. Who would have guessed...


Top Cards:


- Bloody Squito                   (3.92)

- Propeller Mutant               (4.50)

- Horrid Worm                   (3.75)

- Locomotiver                    (3.00)

- Mongrel Man                    (4.00)


- Ghost Touch                    (3.85)

- Dark Reversal                  (3.25)

- Proclamation of Death      (4.00)

- Terror Pit                       (5.00)

- Lost Soul                        (4.37)


Those ratings come from past CotD reviews or are my own opinion if that card has never been done before. Together the top black cards have an average rating of 3.96. That puts them far ahead of Light and just behind Water. The creatures weigh in at 3.83 while spells are an impressive 4.09. Overall those are solid scores.

Darkness cards have many separate themes that all fit into one major category: destruction. Whether it be field, hand or grave, black just loves smashing stuff to pieces.  They also tend to sacrifice long term advantage for immediate gain. All together the forces of Darkness can be quite intimidating to face. Let’s break down some of the more important mini-themes now.


Discarding cards from your opponents hand carries the same advantage as draw power, except in reverse. Many black cards can do this effectively. The cheapest available option, Ghost Touch, quickly sets your opponent back. Even nastier are the creatures like Horrid Worm and Locomotiver that can discard and attack all at once. Then we come to the mack daddy of all hand control, Lost Soul. Nothing is sweeter than wiping out your opponent’s entire hand, especially after they just used Merfolk or some other draw power.


Board control is the other main strength of Darkness. There are tons of cards, both creatures and spells, which focus on removing threats. The most well known is probably the Base Set staple Terror Pit. Other powerful choices include Death Smoke, Proclamation, Hopeless Vortex, and Chaos Worm. These are all great for removing fatties like Cryptic Totem or other double breakers. Any Cyberlord is also a common target these days. Never underestimate the effect that field destruction can have on a duel.


A major weakness of black is definitely the high mana curve. It can be a bit slow in the beginning, but that’s why we have more than one civilization. Darkness forms a particularly strong control tandem with Water. Hand advantage early on leads to field presence later. Keep that in mind.


Underrated Picks: The following cards are ones that I believe could easily see more play than they currently do. That doesn’t mean they are godly by any means, just that you might want to give em a shot sometime for fun.


- Vampire Silphy

- Cursed Pincher

- Wailing Shadow Belbetphlo


Each of these three can have a devastating effect on your opponent’s field. With a single shot, Silphy could quite feasibly knock out ten or more weenies. Just be sure that you’re killing more opposing creatures than your own. Pincher and Belbetphlo share the Slayer ability. They will take down any creature that gets in the way. Now let’s wrap up today’s review with my overall impression of the black civilization.


Overall: As a whole Darkness is impressive enough to rank second on my list. Control decks are dominating right now, in large part thanks to the destruction offered by black. I consider them to be an anchor civ along with Water, worthy of 14-20 slots per deck. With the updated standings, you can start to see how things are shaping up.


1. Water (blue)

2. Darkness (black)

3. TBA

4. TBA

5. Light (yellow)


Next week we wrap up Civilization of the Day with Nature and Fire. Make sure you check out the reviews! I sadly will not be able to make the tournament at GQ tomorrow due to a soccer scheduling conflict. Till next time...


Steven Cantrell



Guess who is back xD….  I know that everyone missed me very much, but now I should be here for a bit. 

As some of you may know I live in Louisiana, and as some of you may know, it was hit by the hurricane. 

Well my house is fine it is just that we aren’t really “allowed” back.  So for now I will be stuck here in Georgia x(. 

Enough with that, I bring you the Darkness Civ. 

Power/Cost: Well in this civilization, most “good” cards are to the - less power/more cost or great effect but high cost – mainly because of their effects.  This is very understandable.  Every now and again a card will come out with good ratios, but not so good effect, and again this is understandable.  So on with the rest!! 

Effects: As stated, some of these effects are great.  Most Dark cards generate their powers to destruction.  Whether it be Hand Destruction or Creature Destruction, Dark is famous for it.  Some cards that come to my mind are:

Terror Pit
Hopeless Vortex
Death Smoke
Lost Soul
Ghost Touch
Horrid Worm 

However that is not all.  Dark is also famous for another thing.  That is what I call SDC (Self-Destroying Creatures)

They are some of the cards that come with great ratios, but not so good effects:

Bone Spider
Bloody Squito
Dark Clown (not sure if this is the correct name.)

I would have to say that the effects are pretty good, regardless of the drawbacks.  

So my ratings are: 

Constructed:  4.5/5 I would say running this and another civilization/civilizations would be awesome.  I have an idea for a great deck with Darkness, Fire, Water, and Nature.  But don’t expect me to be the one to tell

Limited: 3.5 Sometimes, the cards tend to be on the downside, especially in certain packs.  Just be sure that what you choose is not going to backfire on your plans for winning.

Overall: 4/5 A great civilization to use overall.  Using the right cards shall put you one step closer to victory!! 

Well that is all for now.  Any comments whatsoever can be sent to danieljs@bellsouth.net  Good bye and happy dueling!


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