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Pojo's Duel Masters Card of the Day

Image from Wizards Duel Master site

  Bloody Squito
Base Set

Card # DM46

Date Reviewed: 09.02.05

Constructed Average Rating: 4.75
Limited Average Rating: 4.75

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst. 3 ... average.
5 is the highest rating.

Lee Sandow As you already know, since you probably read what Todays COTD was on the main site, I'm gonna give you a little background. Yesterday, I was playing laser tag at my college (which rocks, btw), when I started to think about today's review. I made the comparison in my mind, that blockers are very similar to the inflatable obstacles you can hide behind to avoid being shot. In addition to laser tag, this example can also be applied to Paitball, Airsoft, or the military. As I go through today's review, I'll be explaining just why Bloody Squito is like a laser tag baracade.

Bloody Squito
Cost: 2
Civilization: Darkness
Card Type: Creature
Race: Brain Jacker
• Blocker
This creature can't attack
When this creature wins a battle, destroy it.
Flavor Text: "Always on my mind." - Lee Sandow
Power: 4000
Mana Generated: 1
Rarity: Common

Let's get this review on!! *raises laser gun*

Civilization/Race: Like the field I was fighting my laser battle on yesterday, this creature is dark. This creature is also a brain jacker, which I can tie into laser tag like this: Humans have a basic instinct: Fight or Flight. Your body will usually do one or the other, and you have no other choice. Thus, your brain is jacked.

From the game standpoint though, these two things aren't special. Darkness doesn't have the best blockers around, and brain jackers have no support at all.

Cost: Early in a laser match, you'll need to get behind the first ramparts you can find. Later, when you're surrounded, you need to simply find one quickly and jump behind it for cover.

With a cost of two, you can easily hide behind Squito early, or jump behind him later in the duel by summoning him in the same turn you do something else. Good here.

Power: When you're being shot at, you want a nice big shield. Squito does this, as 4000 power is good. He can block airsoft pellets (1000 creatures), lasers (2000 creatures), paintballs (Pyrofighter and other 3000), and can tie with a bullet (4000). Mortars and nukes (5000+) will rip this guy in two though. Still, it's a good power level.

Abilities: I've already how he can save your neck and creatures (in paintball, your team mates). Like a real brick wall, he can't move or fight back. He's just there to offer protection.

Unfortunately, he is not a brick wall. If anything, he's just a window. It'll probably block one shot (like in a video game), but then it'll shatter, and the second and any shots after that are free to hit you. This is Squito's last effect, which says he dies when he wins a battle. He'll likely take his enemy with him though, so it's cool.

Ok, now that I've reviewed these stats, let's see how they stack up.

Constructed overview: For those of you too lazy to try to figure out my review amid my examples above, I'll summarize here. He's a cheap blocker, with a great power/cost ratio, but he's only good for one shot. His power level means your opponent will likely lose whatever hits him, which is good. Being a blocker, he is weak to Crystal Paladin, and Corile owns him. Other than that, he is a solid card. He is my blocker of choice in the 'Dark Tide', and I like him a lot. 3/5

LImited overview: He's ok. You can probably draft something better from the light civ, but this guy is still ok. No blocker hate here (other than Scarlet Skyterror), so no real threats. Blockers are nice in limited, so try him out. 3/5

Next Week: The five civs (not what you think, I bet).
Christian Okay, first of all, sorry I couldn't do the last three reviews, my computer wouldn't even turn on. Also, I was going to do a tournament report or two, so I'll give you a brief summary. My mom won the trophy on the 27th and I took 3rd and at the invitational, I just sucked but my mom seemed to be on a luck streak and took 3rd. Well, now to the report 'cause that's what I'm here to do. One of my favorite cards, Bloody Squito.

Cost: 2
Race: Brain Jacker
Civilization: Darkness
Type: Creature
Rules Text:
Blocker (When an opponent's creature attacks, you may tap this creature to stop the attack. Then the two creatures battle.)
This creature can't attack.
When this creature wins a battle, destroy it.
Power: 4000
Mana Number: 1

Okay, with awesome stats like that, I don't even care that it dies when it wins a battle, because it will probably take whatever is attacking it right with it to the grave. I sure don't have any attackers over 4000(unless you coun't Crow Winger). So the cost to pwr ratio is awesome, and the effect is okay, considering that you still probably kill the other card, too.

I really can't think of anything wrong with this card. Brain Jacker doesn't have any evos yet, so that will take off a little, and the effect might find it's way to taking off a tiny bit, but otherwise, this is my absolute favorite blocker in the game. That's saying something. I think it will be quite a while before this guy drops any in the most played chart.

And now, there are not many good two drop blockers. The ones that come to mind are Madrillon/Hunter fish and Wandering Braineater, and they all pretty much suck, so this is definetily my favorite blocker, and probably will be for a long time.

Constructed- 4.75/5 (USE IT!)

Limited- 4.75/5 (See above)
Steven Cantrell


Bloody Squito
Type: Creature
Civilization: Darkness
Race: Brain Jacker
Mana Cost: Two (2)

Rules Text:

Blocker (When an opponent's creature attacks, you may tap this creature to stop the attack. Then the two creatures battle.)
This creature can't attack.
When this creature wins a battle, destroy it.

Power: 4000
Rarity: Common
Set: Base Set

Power/Cost: The cost of just two mana for 4k power looks great at first glance. But we all know that every advantage must be balanced with a disadvantage. In this case, Squito comes out fast and strong, but he can only block. Fortunately, what this guy can do, he does exceptionally well. With that massive power Squito can take down just about any weenie creatures. He also eliminates Pyrofighter and can suicide with Merfolk. Good stuff here.

Civilization/Race: This category does have any huge significance today. Bloody Squito is one of only eight Brain Jackers. Their race has no support or Evolution at the moment. Regarding civilization, Squito has little competition at the two drop of Darkness other than Ghost Touch and Propeller Mutant. Could be worse.

Effects: Whenever Squito blocks he will die when the battle resolves regardless of the outcome. That may sound like a terrible drawback, but for a card you only invested two mana in it’s actually above average. Just play him as a chump blocker to take out any one creature 4k or less.

Limited: 3.5/5

Bloody Squito is nothing more than a cheap, powerful blocker. He serves a purpose and then dies. Well worth a couple deck slots in a Base Set draft.

Constructed: 4/5

Let me say that this little bugger has been in my just about every deck I’ve ever assembled. Bloody Squito is an excellent early drop, but beware Corile later on. Solid card all around.

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