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Pojo's Duel Masters Card of the Day

Image from Wizards Duel Master site

  Essence Elf
Evo-Crushinators of Doom

Card # DM47

Date Reviewed: 10.10.05

Constructed Average Rating: 3
Limited Average Rating: 4.15

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst. 3 ... average.
5 is the highest rating.

Lee Sandow
Well, I had originally chosen the cards for this week, but in the end, another certain COTD reviewer 'convinced' me to let him choose this week instead.  So, you'll get to deal with more of my questionable choices next week.  Thus, we've reached the time where I stop complaining about my being ignored, and focus on the review of an overlooked card that MIGHT actually see some play at nats (For today's bonus question, guess what next weeks theme will be).  Today, we lead to a creature that spells disaster for your opponent.

Essence Elf
Cost: 2
Civilization: Nature
Card Type: Pretty Creature
Race:  Tree Folk
•    Your spells each cost one less to cast.  They can't cost less than 1.
Power:  1000
Mana Generated: 1
Rarity: Common
Card Number: 47/55

The effect leaves me spellbound!  That being said, let's discuss why this card might r0x0r our s0x0rs at nationals.

Civilization: A nature tree-folk.  Tree folk currently have little to no support, but if memory serves they'll be getting a little more in the future.  THey do have a somewhat decent evolution in the form of World Tree, Root of Life from Thundercharge, and this card makes sweet evo bait due to it's low cost.

Cost: Two mana is cheap.  While it is a little much for his power level, it will MORE than pay itself off once you cast a single spell...
Power:  1000 power won't kill much.  However, much WILL kill it.  Removal spells that don't restrict their targets will go wild on this guy, and creatures will smack him around mercilessly.  But don't you fret!  Don't get strung out!  He doesn't mind!  He's only in it for his ability anyway!

Abilities: All of your spells cost one less to cast.  So, you can summon this card on turn two, use a Brain Serum, Death Smoke, or other spell next turn.  Terror pit on turn five is hot.  With some help from a Bronze-Arm Tribe, you could potentially use Lost Soul on turn five.  Can you spell evil?  Using this ability once will offset the loss you paid to summon this guy.  Any time after that you use him, his ability is virtually free.  Combine this ability with Charger Spells to double your fun.

Constructed overview: He's a cheap monster, with an ability that is great in both the early game and the late game.  Rush decks can use him to attack, and to cast the few spells they might use easier.  Control decks will abuse his potential to use kill spells and Lost Soul as early as possible.  Nature mana accel decks will abuse this card even further.  A fun deck featuring the five Invincible cards would view this card as a chief asset.  Try him out, just try not to attack with him (unless you're in to that sort of thing).  4/5

Limited overview: Any advanatage you can get over your opponent is essential here.  Being able to use spells quicker than them, even if they went first, is difficult to deal with.  Also, being a quick early drop, he's great for rushing the kill.  I'd take him if I saw him.  5/5
Anyhow, I'm doing a little contest at the moment.  Look at the underlined part of my review (not the next time line, but something else), and tell me what that line is from, or where I got it from.  Today, I told you to figure out next weeks theme, by looking at this weeks.  The first person to e-mail me five times with the correct answers will win a copy of the card we reviewed that day, plus a little... Bonus.  Sorry Horus, but I'm closing this contest to COTD reviwers.
Anyways, congradulations to Fricking Pandas who got it to me first.  The line was from the movie "Airplane!"  However, I will ALSO give a point to Lyinginbedmon because in addition to telling the movie name, he also told me who said it, and who that character was acted by.  I usually only give a point to the first person to reply, but in cases like these, I'll make an exception.

Next time in the review:  I was revived with it last week...
Brandon Schmidt Name: Essence Elf
Cost: 2
Race: Tree Folk
Civilization: Nature
Type: Creature
Rules Text:
Your spells each cost 1 less to cast. They can't cost less than 1.
Flavor Text:
When the Silver Beards fell, mystical elves came to rescue them.
Power: 1000
Mana Number: 1
Artist: Eiji Kaneda
Rarity: C
Collector Number: 47
Set: Evo Crushinators of Doom

This week we are reviewing cards that are "underdogs" that might see play at Continentals. Sorry I havent sent in a report lately, Ive just been really busy and got in a spec of trouble with my neighbors. Today we review Essence Elf..

Power/Cost: Essence Elf is a relatively low cost of two, which is pretty good nowadays. Its mana cost fits in with the whole rush thing for Nature Civilization. Its one of many two cost creatures, so yes there are better choices. It's effect though makes it the better choice. Essence Elf has a weak power of 1000, which makes it easily removed. Crimson Hammer, Corile, Phantom Dragons Flame, Searing Wave, etc, will all be pretty effective against this dude.

Civilization/Race: Essence Elf is from the Tree Folk race, which doesnt have very hood support at all. I believe there are very few Tree Folk, and one Evolution, and thats it. Hopefully sets in the future will provide more support for these little guys. Essence Elf is from the Nature civilization, so many of its qualities come from that. The 1000 attack power, and the low cost for one. Nature and Fire are known to have low cost creatures.

Effects: Essence Elfs effect may be the only thing that people may conisder using it for. Essence Elfs effect states that all spells cost one less, but cannot cost less then one. This is great in the fact you can speed up a Terror Pit if needed, or even the dreaded Lost Soul. Its possible to pull off a turn five Lost Soul with this guy, and that really sucks for your opponent to leave them with low mana and no hand, and probably a small field. I am currently testing this card out, and so far hasnt hurt/help.

Constructed: 2/5 You probably wont see this card too much in tournaments, being that it is too easily dealt with. Still, if you want to give it a go, by all means try it.

Limiited: 4/5 Much better here, low cost and its effect will get out any of those Evo spells.

Overall: 3/5

Thanks, any comments, duel requests, trades, contact me at:

MaskOfRestrict3- Aim

CrystalPaladin06@yahoo.com -Email

Steven Cantrell

Welcome to the beginning of another great week for card reviews! With only nineteen days remaining before Nationals in Los Angeles, now is the perfect time to review some lesser-known cards that could make an impact. We start off with...


Essence Elf

Type: Creature

Civilization: Nature

Race: Tree Folk

Mana Cost: Two (2)

Rules Text:

  • Your spells each cost one less to cast. They can’t cost less than one mana.

Flavor Text:

When the Silver Beards fell, mystical elves came to rescue them.

Power: 1000

Rarity: Common

Set: Evo-Crushinators of Doom


Power/Cost: Two mana for just 1000 power won’t win over any doubters. But hey, those are the exact same stats as several other popular creatures, namely Emeral and Propeller Mutant. So while the ratio is not anything to get excited about, Essence Elf serves its purpose as a cheap attacking body.


Civilization/Race: Nothing special about the Tree Folk. There are currently nine of them to date, with little support other than one mediocre evolution, World Tree, Root of Life. The only other Tree Folk that sees any play is Elf-X, Essence Elf’s creature counterpart. As far as civilization goes, this guys fits right long with all the other mana manipulators. He has some competition at the two drop with cards like Crow Winger, Torcon, and Poisonous Mushroom.


Effects: Essence Elf has a nifty ability that instantly drops the cost off all your spells by one. There are two main ways to abuse the effect: Cast highly expensive spells early game (quality) or cast more spells late game (quantity). Essence Elf allows you to easily drop that Lost Soul or other massive spell one turn before your opponent was expecting. This works even better with multiple copies of Essence Elf or other mana acceleration for a two turn boost. You can also play additional cards in the late game with the saved mana. For example, you have seven mana and only Energy Stream in hand. Cast Stream for two, then draw to get that Terror Pit you needed to destroy an opposing fatty. Essence lf just saved you two mana and made the move possible.


Limited: 3/5

Essence Elf becomes just another weenie attacker in draft. There are normally fewer spells used in this format to benefit from the cost reduction, but less destruction also means he will stick around longer on the field. You could do worse.


Constructed: 3/5

Another average score for Essence Elf here. Consider two or three copies for decks with an excessive number of spells or particularly high costing ones like Lost Soul and Apocalypse Vise. Good luck preparing for Nationals!


Steven Cantrell

Thrash-494 on DMRealms



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