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Pojo's Duel Masters Card of the Day

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  Arc Bine, the Astounding


Date Reviewed: 03.30.05

Constructed Average Rating: 3.75
Limited Average Rating: 2

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst. 3 ... average.
5 is the highest rating.


Today is the second day of your Sneak peak to Stomp-a-trons. Hopefully you all have D-Max posters and cardlists by now, so maybe you’re familiar with most of the cards by now.

Anyway, today, we review Arc Bine, the Astounding.


Arc Bine, the Astounding

Civilization: Light

Type: Guardian

Mana Cost: 5

Power: 5000

Ability: You may tap any of your light creatures instead of attacking to use this monsters -> ability

-> Tap one of your opponent’s creatures.


The Rundown


This card was previously released as a promo out of the “The good, the bad, and the Bolshack” DVD.

I had a chance to use this in draft, which is pretty cool. To experience a card’s ability for yourself is always a good thing. I have 3 now, so my new light deck is off and running pretty well.


The Positive Side


I think this card has lots of potential. Guardians have 4 evolutions right now, all somewhat playable. Ladia Bale, Larba Geer, Loth Rix, and now Arc Bine.


Yellow is known for tapping. Arc Bine only reinforces the idea. I should go buy some tap shoes and learn “Singing in the Rain”…


Arc Bine has the ability to cause more tapping. Use this with the blockers that really can’t attack, use a toel for untapping, and this guy. This way, you wipe out the field, and you always have blocking power, so the tap ability doesn’t cause vulnerability later on in the game.


If you can keep your opponent from playing significant monsters every turn, then you pwn the game. Think about it. You keep your opponent without any option. Alcadeias will stop the spells, This guy will stop the threat of an attacker, and blockers and toel for reinforcement. Madness...


This card only gives more gas to the fire that we all have come to know as the Alcadeias-Abuse deck. You could go with a different idea of a deck mainly focused on tapping. It’s possible, just not ideal if you don’t have the blockers and alcadeias to stop their monsters.


The Negative Side


There isn’t that many bad things with this card.


One thing would be it costs 5 mana. That isn’t really a great number. 5 is normally the time when you get out the Aeris for the Alcadeias you got coming next turn.


5000 power isn’t that great for an evolution card. Larba Geer is 5000, but that’s 3 mana.


The tap cards all have disadvantages. You have to give up an attacker for the turn to use an ability, whether that tapped card is another creature or the tap monster itself. With this, it only prolongs the game when it can be done a lot quicker, without the real threat of the tides turning on you, which can happen. My red/black took out a yellow deck that had 15 monsters on the field, 9 of them blockers. I drew a holy awe and nailed the shields for the miracle victory.


It does cost 5 mana, and that is staple bait. That’s probably why you should summon Alcadeias first, then get this guy out. Yes…that’s grand…


Finally, here’s “what else can you use?”

- Aeris, for the Alcadeias next turn?

- Wait a turn for Holy Awe?

- Blocker swarm?

- Shield replenish?


Yea, you really don’t have much else to use, so I would say go for it.


The Limited Side


Evolutions suck in limited. We all know that…right?

You can take it, but the chances of you finding a guardian to evolve from isn’t too high. When I drafted, I had only 2 guardians with my Arc bine, and it isn’t the easiest thing to pull off. Another thing, tapping has less significance if you don’t have strong monsters with it, so if you want this, go with strong monsters to wail on the tapped.


The Recap


Here’s the + and – Again



+ Adds to the Guardian Family

+ Taps opponent’s monsters

+ not limited to only 1 use

+ Another key component to the opponent lockdown strategy



- 5 for 5000 evolution isn’t that amazing

- Leaves your cards vulnerable for an attack next turn

- Can cause too much stalling…


Constructed-4.5/5- If you can bust out the lockdown, then by all means go for it. I gave it a strong score because it is a part of the lockdown. Otherwise, it would probably be around 3.5-4.

Limited-2/5- Not too strong, not that easy to use, and makes you vulnerable to an attack…something you never want.

Art-3/5- Looks really cool. It’s Star Wars/Trek meets Duel Masters…is it time to quit yet?...


That’s it for Arc Bine, the Astounding. If anyone has any questions, concerns, comments, or complaints, E-Mail me at


Later Days…

Josh Weisbrod-torres

I love this guy what is not to like when you play Magic and when you draft you draft all the white tappers well this what this is except that all light creatures get it.  If you dont play Magic a tapper is a guy that taps himself to tap an opponents creature.


Arc Bine, the Astounding
5 mana cost
5000 power
you may tap any one of your light monsters to activate this creatures TAP Ability
TAP-Choose a monster on your opponent's side of the field and tap it.



A lot of evo bait

Can help you clear the board

Gives ALL********** light creatures the tap ability



Too many ways to kill a guardian?


Constructed 3/5

Limited 2/5



********** I put 10 asterisks and bolded it and italicized it and underlined it I think it means something and By George I think hes got it.


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