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Pojo's Duel Masters Card of the Day

Image from Wizards Duel Master site

  Nocturnal Giant

Card #53

Date Reviewed: 03.18.05

Constructed Average Rating: 3
Limited Average Rating: 3

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst. 3 ... average.
5 is the highest rating.

Drizer Name: Nocturnal Giant
Civilization: Nature
Race: Giant
Mana Generated:1
Rules Text:
This creature can't attack creatures
Power Attacker +7000
Power: 7000
Type: Creature
Artist: Hikaru Ikusa
Drizer's Flavor Text (For cards that don't have them): - Flavor Text: "Does it harness the power of the stars? Does it prefer the cover of night? Or does it just get sunburned really easily?"

First of all, hope every1 had a good St. Patty's day. I sure did, everyone loves to be Irish on St. Patty's Day! To the review!

Well, we've finally hit the only Triple Breaker that's actually "playable"
Let's get to the review

Good Points of the Card

-14,000 While Attacking
-Triple Breaker....I guess
-Lowest cost for triple breaker

Constructed Side

Like I mentioned before, this is really the only "playable" of the triple breakers. The bad thing about triple breakers, your opponent shouldn't even have 3 sheilds by the 7th turn. There are alternatives to this though.

As we all know, the Nature civilization specializes in mana acceleration, that's where this card is good. Let's simulate a mana acceleration game.

Turn 1: Lay Mana
Turn 2: Play Poisonous Mushroom and lay extra Turn 3: Play a B.A.T and get extra mana Turn 4: Play another B.A.T and get more mana

So, if you follow that, you can get out Nocturnal Giant out by turn 5, which is pretty good. This card is very good if your opponent is using a Diamond Cutter stall deck. I dunno, can be useful if your experienced and play it right. But, the experienced players usually stay away from those Triple Breakers, pretty much your choice

Limited Side

I dunno what to think here, it can go both ways. If your trying for a fast rush deck (which I have noticed wins a lot of draft tournies) than try to stay away from this card. If your drafting for rares, hell, I'd take it, then trade it to some little kid saying "Hey, I'll trade you this triple breaker!!" and of course they'll want it =) I'm so evil, eh?

Bad Points of the card

-Triple Breaker...I guess
-Can't attack creatures
-Power attacker, can be knocked out by most of the modern 6 drops

Overall Standings:

All in all, I don't think this card is totally bad. I still think if used right it can be deadly, especially if you try a yellow/green acceleration/blocker deck. I dunno, give it a try if you like. I'm giving this card average accross the board

Constructed: 3.0
Limited: 3.0
Art: 3.0 It's a night giant, whoopidee do

Today, we review Nocturnal Giant, a rare out of survivors


Nocturnal Giant

Civilization: Nature

Type: Giant

Mana Cost: 7

Strength: 7000+

Ability: This monster cannot attack creatures

Triple Breaker

Power Attacker 7000+


The Rundown


Here’s a new section for you. This is where I give a summary of the card and past experiences that I’ve had with it. I’m not really seeing much play with it lately, but the last time I think I saw this card was in the Survivor Release. The thing is strong, that’s without argument. But does the fact that it can’t attack monsters and goes down to 7000 power hurt it too much?


The Positive Side


We all know triple breakers are amazing. They just are. When you have a card that can take out half of the attacks needed to beat your opponent, you know you’re doing good in the game.


7 is the cheapest triple breakers go. There are 2 of them: This guy and Death Cruzer. Now, Death Cruzer sucks….it just does. Nocturnal Giant has at least some potential.


Also, since it power attacks, it goes through almost every blocker. To go through your opponents blockers are great also.


That’s really it. I can’t think of anymore good things about this card..




The Negative Side


Ok, we all probably saw that this card had more bad things about it than good things, and we were right. This guy has way too many disadvantages to it.


First of all, it can’t attack monsters. It’s a trait we’ve come to get used to when we see the Giant Family. Almost all of them can’t attack creatures. Dawn Giant, Avalanche Giant, Nocturnal Giant, Not Ancient Giant though…


Not attacking monsters really sucks. There is always gonna be a time when you want to take out one of your opponents monsters to help you not die. This is one of those cards that do absolutely nothing for you to stop him.


The next problem is that it power attacks. 7000 power when tapped is very mediocre for today’s meta game. There are a good amount of cards used today that can take it out, namely FDF or Alcadeias


Triple breakers are great, but expensive. The cost is low for a triple breaker, but 7 isn’t el cheapo. 7 is a great target for the 3 staples, and basically any card that kills things…even chains of sacrifice…


Here’s “What else could you use”

-FDF if you had a beast folk on the field?

-Wait a turn for 2 torcon and 2 barkwhips?

- Avalanche Giant?

- Natural Snare?

- Mana Nexus?


There are better choices. I wouldn’t let this thing be the silver potato in your deck’s tailpipe.


The Limited Side


This card in limited, however, is friggin’ insane. To have a card this strong in his ability of Triple Breaker that’s actually playable is great. There is a lesser chance they come across a strong staple card or cheap death card, so play and abuse.


The Recap


Here’s the + and – again



+ Triple Breaker

+ gets through most blockers

+ Cheapest Triple Breaker



- Can’t attack monsters

- 7000 isn’t that high this late in the game

- Vulnerable to the staples


Constructed- 1.5/5- I didn’t give it the worst grade. It can be good. Can…

Limited- 4/5- you take this…use it…go nuts…

Art- 3/5- For some reason, this guy reminds me of the Discus event at the 1952 Summer Olympics…

That’ll do it for Nocturnal Giant. If anyone has any questions, comments, concerns, or complaints, E-mail me at


Later Days….

SPRING BREAK!!!!!...sorry….


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