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Pojo's Duel Masters Card of the Day

Image from Wizards Duel Master site

  Ruthless Skyterror

Card #44

Date Reviewed: 03.11.05

Constructed Average Rating: 2
Limited Average Rating: 2.25

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst. 3 ... average.
5 is the highest rating.

Knives101 Ruthless Skyterror

-_- Color hate is kinda lame IMO. Unless your opponent is a water deck, this
guy just sits around and does nothing. Sure you could use it to kill your
opponent's Barkwhip, or Valdios. But that's assuming that your opponent is
dumb enough to attack with his creatures. Most opponent's will simply cast
some spell, or use some creature effect to get rid of Ruthless before it can
do any harm to opposing creatures. *Makes a list that many should be
familiar with by now.* Corile, Pit, Smoke, Gate, etc. As a Water hatred card
Ruthless is good. But throwing a silver bullet into your deck, just so that
you can defeat water players is sad. You could try using a deck with
Photocide, Aeris, and Ruthless in order to always have a way to attack your
opponent's untapped creatures. But that's all Ruthless is really good for.

Rating: 2

Today, we review Ruthless Skyterror, a common out of Survivors.


Ruthless Skyterror

Civilization: Fire

Type: Armored Wyvern

Mana Cost: 4

Power: 6000

Ability: can attack untapped water creatures

Can’t attack players.


Here’s one of the stronger red cards in the new set. Meet Ruthless Skyterror, The Baby of the Skyterror Family so far. So how does it far in today’s play?...


The Positive Side


The first advantage should be pretty obvious. The thing’s a monster on power. 4 for 6000 is normally only seen for blockers. This is very cool for the red family, as they lack the strength in smaller monsters. A 4 for a 6000 attacker can do some damage for a couple of turns before you bust out the heavy hitters later on in the game.


The card has a very convenient mana cost. It really won’t die to anything until the 6th turn, but that’s not for a while. It falls victim to death smoke, chaos worm, and rothus, but everything really is. So expect this guy to last for a couple of turns.


The monster can also do the damage to those water monsters. Those people who use those annoying blue blockers, namely revolver fish, marine flower, hunter fish, and the phantom fish, will have hell with this guy…until they bounce it or they kill it…somehow…


The power is really good for the cost. The other effect is very costly and disadvantageous to yourself, but it does beat up some monsters for you and it probably won’t die for a small while. 6000 power is a lot of power for a red card, so abuse it.


There are a lot of times when red needs the power that this card provides. It could potentially take out some blockers, take out some threatening slayers or blockers, and can help in saving your life in time of need.


That’s really it for the advantages to this card. It’s strong, it’s fairly cheap, and it can take care of the light-wantabe blockers in water.


The Negative Side


Ok, now with the plus side out of the way, we can get on to the real facts about the card. Yes, it is a very nice card and privilege to have a 6000 attacker at turn 4…but that’s what red players have Valdios for…you know…Armored Blaster Valdios…The Human Super-Crazy-Awesome God Thing?...


The next thing should be obvious also. The thing can’t attack your opponent’s shields. Now…I’m not one to judge, but that really sucks. That’s what keeps Aeris and Photocide from being completely broken. That in its own is also a bad thing. Ruthless Skyterror doesn’t even hold a candle to Aeris and Photocide. 6000 fails in comparison to 9000.


Another thing wrong with it lies within its second ability. The monster is able to attack untapped water monsters. It’s convenient, that’s for sure, but how often does water pose a threat for fire in the first place. Bounce Decks? Yay, I teleport your titan and Brawler…crap, you play them again next turn. It does take care of blockers in blue, but your bigger worry is light cards in my opinion, so stick to a photocide.


The card is horrible to top deck. There are a lot of cards that do not make a great top-deck, but this one falls in the bad list. You always want either a blocker or attacker when you look for top-decking good cards. This does neither, so why is it good to draw? Mana food I guess….


Finally, let’s play “what else could you use?”

- Rothus?

- Armored Blaster Valdios w/ Human already on field?

- 2 brawlers, 2 titans, 1 of each? Or Vorg?

- Rikabu, the “manhandler”?

- wait one turn for photocide or aeris?


There are better things you can use, *hint*(photocide)*hint*.


The Limited Side


This card will probably do some good in limited. 6000 power is very strong, no matter what you use in your deck. It probably should be used, but it does lack the attacker shield ability. It does have 6000 power, so it should do some damage, especially to those water blockers that they have, such as hunter cluster and lurking Eel.


The Recap


Here’s the + and – again



+ 6000 power for 4 mana. Insanity…

+ Exempt from terror pit and natural snare for a couple turns

+ Takes care of those water blocker punks

+ Cheap, strong, beatstick.



- Not as good as photocide or aeris

- Can’t attack shields. What’z up wit dat?!!

- Bounce isn’t that effective on red decks

- Not really built for speed red decks

- Dreadful Topdeck card…


Constructed- 2/5- The power is very nice, it’s just that it has way too many negatives weighing its potential down. I wouldn’t use it for speed, but nice for those heavy power decks.

Limited- 2.5/5- Beatstick fatties in limited are amazing in taking out your opponent’s field, so if you get the chance, take it. There are better things to keep in mind though.

Art- 5/5- In my opinion, the best looking skyterror. That’s the way it should be. Kickin’ ass and lookin’ cool…good times…


Ok, that’s it for Ruthless Skyterror. If anyone has any questions, comments, concerns, or complaints, E-mail me at


Later Days…

Maybe a Tourny report for Saturday. It’s a draft and I’m poor so it’s a toss up. >:(

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