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Pojo's Duel Masters Card of the Day

Image from Wizards Duel Master site

  Shock Hurricane

Card # DM45

Date Reviewed: 06.29.05

Constructed Average Rating: 2.9
Limited Average Rating: 3.5

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst. 3 ... average.
5 is the highest rating.

Steven Cantrell

Today’s review will be brief because I am short on time. I did go to a tournament last weekend but may or may not be able to finish the report soon. Here is the abbreviated version: I beat Ramsey Payne, Shaun Coleman, and Justin Florio but lost in the finals to Justin Couch. Overall things went well. Tonight I am going to a fun tourney at Galactic Quest that involves a banned list to test everyone’s deck building skills. Details on how that goes later, but let’s get onto the CotD now...


Shock Hurricane

Type: Spell

Civilization: Water

Mana Cost: Five (5)

Rules Text:

Return any number of your creatures from the battle zone to your hand. Then you may choose that many of your opponent's creatures in the battle zone and return them to your opponent's hand.

Flavor Text:

"I wish I had my umbrellaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!"

Rarity: Uncommon

Set: Stompatrons of Invincible Wrath



Shock Hurricane is a fun card to play. It might not be right for the more competitive decks, but casual players with combo decks will enjoy this. Shock Hurricane works well in Nature/Water decks because they have enough mana to replay creatures after bouncing them. The ability works somewhat like Saucer-Head Shark except with more versatility. I can also see this working in some of the Fire/Water rush decks to clear opposing blockers for the final blow. Give it a shot.


Limited: 2.5/5

Constructed: 3.5/5

Justin Florio
Shock Hurricane - 06/29/05

First of all, I am extremely sorry for leaving you all hanging, not telling you where I’ve been and what I’ve been doing. I have been incredibly busy, but now things have settled down, and I am ready to dedicate hours of my life to a card game. Let’s start this up by doing a Card of the Day Review!


Shock Hurricane


Type Spell

Civilization – Water

Mana Cost – 5

Text – Return any number of your creatures from the battle zone to your hand. Then you may choose that many of your opponent's creatures in the battle zone and return them to your opponent's hand.

Flavor Text – "I wish I had my umbrellaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!"

Rarity – Uncommon

Set – Stomp-A-Trons of Invincible Wrath


Let’s start off with the basics. This is a Water spell that bounces your opponent’ creatures. This effect is very common in the Water Civilization. But with this card, you get to bounce YOUR cards as well. This can lead to a major advantage. Let’s see why.


Say your opponent has two blockers on the field. You have Bronze-Arm Tribe, Aqua Hulcus, Deadly Fighter Braid Claw, and Corile on the field, waiting to attack. You cast Shock Hurricane. You pick up Bronze-Arm Tribe and Corile, and your opponent picks up his blockers. Now your opponent is open for an attack AND you get the effects of Bronze-Arm Tribe and Corile again! Excellent!


I believe the effect of Shock Hurricane is WELL worth its cost. 5 mana for as much bounce as you have creatures on the field is a good deal. Plus you get to reuse effects such as Fortress Shell, Aqua Hulcus, and Bronze-Arm Tribe. I actually think this price is a steal.


What to Use Instead


If you don’t have many creatures with effects you would like to reuse, there are other bouncers you can use that don’t bounce your own creatures. Try using Teleportation and Spiral Gate. You may even want to try creatures that bounce such as Unicorn Fish, Saucer-Head Shark, and Aqua Surfer.


Overall Rating


Limited – 2.5/5 – There really isn’t room to get rid of your own creatures in this format. You usually want to have a lot of field presence…


Constructed – 4/5 – This is just a REALLY good bouncing spell. You can get a HUGE advantage with this card if played correctly…



Well that’s all folks. As always, if you want to contact me, I'm Justin Florio


E-Mail – darknessflame@charter.net

AIM - StewieRoxUrSox



Hello all, Sorry for being away for so long, Ive just recently moved into a new apartment and didnt have any internet access. Anywho, Onto the COTD for lovely June 29th. Today we're reviewing Shock Hurricane. Ive heard some interesting things about this card..Can it stand its own?
Name: Shock Hurricane
Cost: 5
Civilization: Water
Type: Spell
Rules Text:
Return any number of your creatures from the battle zone to your hand. Then you may choose that many of your opponent's creatures in the battle zone and return them to your opponent's hand.
Mana Number: (1)
Hmm...This card seems to have quite a potential to be 'ab'used. Bouning your own creatures back to your hand inorder to bounce your opponents. I could see this card being used in some form of Control. Possibly a Hand Disruption/Bounce?
The nice thing is you get to choose which of your opponents creatures get bounced back to their hand. And if you work it right..It could win you the game. A good idea to use, if you plan on playing this card is to play many CIP (Come into play) creatures. Such as Corile or Aqua Hulcus. That way you could bounce your Corile/Hulcus and re-play them. Sort of a re-use effect.
Now ive also heard some bad things about this card..Such as "If your useing this in a control type deck..The only reason to use it is if your not in control yet. And if your not in control of the duel by turn 5-6, Your deck needs to be fixed" And other comments similar to that one.
It's got a good point however, In a control deck. The only reason to bounce a Corile or Emeral is to try and gain control of the board. And seeing how both Shock Hurricane and Corile are both 5 mana, Your deck would need some tweaking, to keep control of the game so you wouldnt need to play this card. Alright, Onto the reviewing part of this.
Constructed: Well, Like I said. If you need to play this card to gain control of the duel, Your deck needs to have a bit of tweaking done. The only play this card might see is in a Discard/bounce deck, Reliant on boucning your opponents creatures then discarding them VIA: Ghost Touch/Lost Soul.
Limited: This card is slightly more playable in a limited format, Bouncing your opponents big creatures for the price of some small 1-2 drop creature seems like a fair trade to me. It can abuse the effects of many CIP creatures that are used often in limited. So if your running Water and come across this card, I'd say you should grab it. If you dont need it you could always put it aside in your limited sideboard (The extra cards your not useing).
What else could you play for 5 mana?
There are many things you could play for 5 mana in the Water civilization..
- Corile is a much better choice to spend 5 mana on. That or Merfolk.
- Aqua Hulcus + Steam star?
- x2 spiral gate + Aqua Guard. <~ Much smarter desision in my opinion.
Constructed: 2.5 / 5  Like I mentioned before, If you use this card you dont have control of the board yet, and if your deck doesnt have control by turn 5-6 it needs some tweaking (In a control deck BTW)
Limited: 3.5 / 5  I like this card in limited format, It can clear the board for your big fat creatures or clear your opponents board of their big fat creatures. Very versatile IMO.
You can contact me on AIM as XvDimAssassinvX if youve got any questions/comments youve got or if your interested in dueling me *Note: DMC only*.
This is DimAssassin, signing off. Later Pojo readers!
Name: Shock Hurricane
Type: Spell
Civilization: Water
Cost: 5
Value: 1
Effect: Return any number of your creatures from the battle zone to your hand. Then you may choose that many of your opponent's creatures in the battle zone and return them to your opponent's hand.

A typical Water bounce card, Shock Hurricane put a bit of a twist on the potential of the already tier 1 mono-Water deck and field control deck. For just the cost of bouncing your own creatures you would bounce anything to wished on your opponent's side as well. The potential might not show itself at first glance but if I threw in names like Aqua Hulcus, Emeral, Corile, Bronze Arm Tribe, and Vampire Silphy, that all just seems to change.

Some duelist prefer cards like Hypersquid Walter or Horrid Worm that have effect based on attacking since potentially they can use the effect multiple times. However Shock Hurricane gives their one-time use counter parts another chance to shine. I've used Shock Hurricane before and there is no better time to use it when you have a throng of low cost creatures and your opponent has nothing but 5 mana or higher bouncing back to their hand. This card will also see Lost Soul teamed up with it just like Future Slash would.

The only cards that ruin the point of this card would be speed attackers and some evolutions so be careful what you bounce and when. Expect to see Shock Hurricane in combo decks more than anywhere else.

Constructed Format: 4.5/5 (in a combo deck) Limited Format: 3/5
Horus Master lv8
Well everyone, this here is my first Card of the Day for Pojo and I'm looking forward to doing this for awhile so here I go.
First, I will give you a few characteristics about myself.  I am an active 13 year old teenage boy that plays Duel Masters, Yu-Gi-Oh!, and a little of Vs. System and Pokemon (barely).
Today's CotD is Shock Hurricane.  Here are its characteristics:
Cost: 5
Return any number of your creatures from the battle zone to your hand. Then you may choose that many of your opponent's creatures in the battle zone and return them to your opponent's hand.
Now for the review:
Cost:  Hmmm.......now this isn't that bad but I know that there is one thing that I would rather do if I was running water in my deck.  That would be to summon the  ever popular and very good Corile.  But back to Shock Hurricane, this could be an ok card depending on the deck it's in. 
Type: Water is a very good and stable deck type.  Many of the great cards such as Corile, Aqua Hulcus, Energy Stream, and many others come in it. 
Effect: Now this is where this cards loses some of its potential.  I think that the only thing that this could really work in would be a water/fire rush deck.  Throw in a bunch of speed attacker and this and it could work.  Key word is could :p  The bounce is good but it isn't that great seeing how most of the popular creatures played in today's meta have "come into play" effects.  
Rating: Now for my ratings I will put around 3-5 different decks and tell you the rating I would give it if it's in that deck.
Mono-Water: 2/5 This card is a little under-average in a mono-Water deck. I know that there are cards that I would rather be playing than this.
Water/Nature:1/5 I definately wouldn't play this in a Water/Nature deck because, in my opinion, I need all the mana I can get.  
Water/Fire: 3.7/5 Now this is probably the best deck to put this in. As I said before, you can get a lot of speed attackers in your deck and then use this to bounce any blockers and then, if you have enough mana, summon your speed attackers back and take a go at their shields/monsters without having to worry.  
Limited: 3/5 This could be good or dead weight in Limited.  If you pull a few speed attackers and enough water cards that are decent, you could try this.  I have not participated myself in any Limited Tournaments since they don't have any down here.  However, I do know that they have one coming up for Thundercharge xD.
Well there you have it! My first CotD review on a decent card.  If you have any comments/flaming you can contact me at danieljs@bellsouth.net

I am Horus Master lv8. Good luck and happy dueling!!

Drizer Shock Hurricane
Civilization: Very Wet
Race: no thanks
Mana Generated:1
Rules Text:
Return as many creatures from your opponents field as you like, for each one you return, return one of you own
Type: Spell
Drizer's Flavor Text (For cards that don't have them):
Flavor Text: doesn?t really matter

Hey guys, figured I?d sneak a review in. Look forward to my tourney report being posted soon!

Good Points of the Card

-Return as many as u want

Constructed Side

This card is alright. I don?t think it?s incredibly amazing though. I think this card is good for a deck that plays a lot of come into play (cip) effects. Well, sorta in a rush today..

Limited Side

Field presence is everything, if you have more creatures than your opponent, drop this baby

Bad Points of the card

-Gotta return your own L

Overall Standings:

It?s OK

Limited: 3.5/5
Art: 1.5/5

Till next time,
White Wolf Yesterday we reviewed Shock Hurricane. It's a blue spell which bounces your creatures and your opponent's creatures back from the field to the hand. Now blue's only REAL good bounce spell has been Spiral Gate, and for 2 mana, to bounce 1 creature, thats pretty nice. Then there's teleportation, for 5 mana, no ST, that bounces 2 creatures.

And on average, Shock Hurricane bounces a # of creatures equal to the same # of creatures that you bounce. No ST, 5 mana, where does this look like? That's right, teleportation! So to bounce 2 creatures, you just got a teleportation effect. In order to keep field presence, your going to want to keep your creatures on the field.

In the end, you pay 5 mana, get a crappy Teleportation, and no ST. Nice - come on people, you know that your all better than this...

Constructed: 1/5 - take Teleportation, make it worse, and keep the rarity, I like your style :P
Limited: 2/5 - where removal IS nice, Spiral Gate is also here....

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