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Pojo's Duel Masters Card of the Day

Image from Wizards Duel Master site

  Future Slash

Card # DM-55

Date Reviewed: 06.27.05

Constructed Average Rating: 2
Limited Average Rating: 3.1

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst. 3 ... average.
5 is the highest rating.


Hey Pojo People! Now that summer is in session, your master of the Squirrels is back on task with the COTD’s, and the new Featured Articles, but that’s later. Ok. This week, we talk about the spells out of Stomp-A-Trons. There are a couple of them that can be cool, so maybe we’ll hit one of those this week. Today, we get a card that has some people already making decks around. It’s the spell known as…


Future Slash

Civilization: Darkness

Type: Spell

Mana Cost: 7

Ability: Search your opponent’s deck for 2 cards and send them to the graveyard.


The Rundown


Haven’t seen much of this card. I’ve heard of decks being revolved around it, but I can’t necessarily see it…yet. I don’t have anyone near my Meta that uses it, since most of those decks are mainstream (you’ll learn about this in the Article---It’s like my new word!).


The Positive Side


I can see some possibility for the card. I mean, taking 2 cards out of the deck is like taking 2 organs out of a body: It can be effective if you take out the right ones…Not that I’m implying that body incision is like Duel Masters…


Let’s say that the person is using a Mono-Blue, and your going Yellow/Black or Black/Blue with blockers. Use this, assuming that they haven’t already gone crazy with them already, to take out those Pesky Paladins that can win games with one play. Then what do they got? Nothing to kill those blockers, that’s for sure! Hooray! Do the happy dance! *begins dancing*…sorry…


There are other uses for the card. I mean, if you get a chance to look at your opponent’s deck, see their graveyard and field and mana zone, and they use a mainstream, you’re entire mode of playing can take a switch from what you were doing. Let’s say you find out that they have 3 nexus on the field. You would probably either force them to deck out, or attack like crazy. If they had non shield triggers in their shields, then you would go for the 1-shot kill, since it’s almost a guarantee. So that is a plus to the card.


The card costs 7. So I would think that you would either need Blue so your hand doesn’t run out or Green so your mana is in tact. With that, the card can be effective. As long as you know what you’re searching to kill, you can make this card really helpful.


The Negative Side


I can see some negs to this card. One major negative, and the one we all notice at first, is its mana cost. 7 is a high cost. Really high. I mean, it costs more than Terror Pit. Now, we all know that if a card costs more than terror pit or Holy Awe or Natural Snare, then it better be crazy.


Is Future Slash like that? Well, it’s not the best way to spend your 7 mana. Its effect is helpful, but it won’t really help you in crunch time, when you need a specific card at a specific time. I mean, if you’re facing a Fighter Dual Fang and you have no shields, then this card as a top deck is about as useful as an Orange Rind. You could bribe your opponent with the rind, but I’m makin a stretch when I say that they probably won’t spring for it…


Killing Cards in their deck can help, but not much since there aren’t many cards like it in its deck destruction genre. Hopefully there is gonna be a card that says “discard the top card of your opponent’s deck” so this card isn’t alone. When that comes, then Future Slash’ll have a better rating. But for now, it’s just not as effective as it could be.


Finally, here’s “What Else Could You Use?”

- Uh…Terror Pit?!!!

- The upcoming Chain Slash? Terror pit but 1 cheaper and not shield trigger

- 3 ghost Touch?

- Locomotiver w/ Horrid Worm?

- Ghost Touch w/ Scheming Hands?


There seems to be some better choices to go with. I would say save the space for your deck for the crazy Chain Slash…


The Limited Side


Here’s some use for the card. Seeing as Limited cards tend to be more effective than they would be in Construct, This card could have an effect that could give you the game. Decks are smaller in Limit also, so it gives a better chance for decking. However, 7 mana in limited isn’t the easiest thing to pull off. Still, I’d be cool to use and I can see it being effective.


The Recap


Here’s the + and – recap



+ Kills opponents deck

+ Gives you a better idea what your strategy should be from that point on

+ Can win you games by decking

+ Can screw up your opponent pretty well.



- Too Costly

- Not that good enough a card for a card above staple mana cost

- Is it really that necessary to use? Some cards have relative effects

- Horrible Top deck in the early game. Crazy in real late game, but that’ll rarely happen…


Constructed – 1.5/5 – Run it with discard and you could make a pretty good card-lockdown deck. Until this guy gets a little brother, it’s not that good for now.

Limited – 2/5 – Limited Decks have cards that can become instant staples, have lesser amounts of cards, and can be more likely to cause problems for your opponent. However, with the lack of strong draw power, difficulty to get to 7 mana, and the inability to really use more than 1 or 2, it’s not as effective.

Art – 4/5 – It’s like the Grim Reaper sans the Attitude…or with more…can’t really tell since no one really knows him. I mean really  know him…


That’s it for the possible promising Future Slash. IF anyone has a Question, Comment/Concern/Complaint, feedback for an article, or anything about Duel Masters, E-Mail me at nimbly@gmail.com .

Later Days…


Steven Cantrell

This week we are finishing up some powerful Stompatron spells before moving onto new cards from Thundercharge starting next week. First though, there’s a card I have been looking forward to reviewing.


Future Slash

Type: Spell

Civilization: Darkness

Mana Cost: Seven (7)

Rules Text:

Search your opponent’s deck. Take up to 2 cards from his deck and put them into his graveyard. Then your opponent shuffles his deck.

Flavor Text:

“Look on the bright side. Next time a fortune-teller predicts your future, you can ask for a discount.”—Schuka, Duke of Amnesia

Rarity: Uncommon

Set: Stompatrons of Invincible Wrath


Future Slash has the potential to be downright nasty when used effectively. It allows you to accomplish three positive things all at once. First, your opponent comes two cards closer to decking out. This can make a world of difference if you are controlling the duel. Second, it eliminates two of their biggest threats. Corile and Horrid Worm? Gone. Pyrofighter and Merfolk? Gone. Mana Nexus and Searing Wave? You get the idea. The last thing Future Slash can do is allow you to “see” your opponent’s remaining shields. If you can only account for three Holy Awes between their mana zone, graveyard and deck, then one must be sitting in the shields.


There are a few downsides to Future Slash though. You should always consider the positive AND negative aspects of a card when deciding if it is right for your deck. For example, Future Slash lacks the ability to be casted for free via Shield Trigger. The expensive cost means you will probably be spending an entire turn to play it, so your field situation gets neglected. Just something to think about.


Limited: 3.5/5

I have mixed feelings about Future Slash in draft. On one hand, you can eliminate two of your opponent’s best pulls before they even hit the field. But this also takes up an entire turn that could have been better spent gaining field presence. It’s worth taking a copy or two when all is said and done.


Constructed: 4/5

Many deckout strategies are built almost entirely around Future Slash. My favorite variation combines the destructive power of Fire and Darkness to keep the opponent in check. Slash also works well in 4-Color deckouts along with Mana Nexus and Phal Eega. On a side note, today was the 200th card ever reviewed.

Name: Future Slash
Type: Spell
Civilization: Darkness
Cost: 7
Value: 1
Effect: Search your opponent's deck. Take up to 2 cards from his deck and put them into his graveyard. Then your opponent shuffles his deck.

Now here is a Darkness spell after my own heart and a weapon of my "Yaken Stealth" deck. Future Slash hails from the chaotic Darkness realm where almost every card has something to do with sacrificing something or another.

At first glance some only look at the 7 mana casting cost but the effect is well worth it if used right. Going up against any opponent, Future Slash hits every card where they are the weakest, in the deck. Got a survivor deck biding its time for an evolution? Play this and get rid of 2 Q-Tronic cards before they even hit the field or hand. If used right this darkness spell can not only rid your opponent of trump cards but also get them closer to decking out. Generally you will see Lost Soul counterpart Future Slash in most decks.

Nowadays though, a lot of decks are running an estimated 44-60 cards to combat and bulk up on as many resources as possible. Future Slash at 4 copies in a deck can't even twist those odds in your favor. Paired up with Bliss Totem, Dreamscape, and other cards, Future Slash decks can hold their own often and could very well keep poking at the line between Tier 1 and Tier 2 for quite some time.

Constructed Format: 3.5/5
Limited Format: 4/5 ("deck out" victories are more common in Limited)
White Wolf
Sorry for my absence folks, I've been a bit busy preparing a fun new YGO deck.  That's getting off subject though because today we review IMO one of the most controversal cards in all of Duel Masters - Future Slash.
So for 7 mana, anyone splashing dark (4 pits and 4 of this is fine) can take any 2 cards from a player's deck and send them to the grave.  Again, 7 mana, that's alot of options for a Darkness player, or anyone splashing darkness.  Why?  In Water/Dark, the player can control the game with Ghost Touch + Corile for 7 mana, or gain more advantage with Emeral + Merfolk.  With Red/Dark, a player can play alot of weenies to rush the next turn, or he can play a Twin Cannon and blow apart 2 sheilds of a big fattie.  With Nature, well, the player can bring out FDF if he/she already has a Beast-Folk out.  Light can do, well, they can play Holy Awe and La Ura Giga or something like that...
My point is is that Future Slash will be probobly not worth the mana that it gives because it doesn't affect the field at all.  With 7 mana, you can get their field clear and get them topdecking.  While seeing what they have left IS nice, and seeing what they are running is ALSO nice, it just doesn't match up to other 7 mana spells and creatures.
Constructed:  3/5 - it's good, but not something I'd want to spend my mana on...
Limited:  4/5 - yes, taking out their fatties before they can play them IS a good thing....

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