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Pojo's Duel Masters Card of the Day

Image from Wizards Duel Master site

  Star-Cry Dragon
McDonald's Promo

Card # M4/Y1

Date Reviewed: 06.23.05

Constructed Average Rating: 5
Limited Average Rating: 5

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst. 3 ... average.
5 is the highest rating.

Star Cry Dragon

Today's card is imo the best card this week and 1 of the best armored dragons. It has a great cost to pwr ratio, is a race that has lots of support, and an awesome effect. This card is a staple in armored dragon decks(If you have it ). Again, no stats as I do not have the card and I am in to big of a hurry to look it up :-P. It is still a very nice card to have, even though I do not.

constructed (armored dragon): 5/5 cause it is cool.

Steven Cantrell

Star-Cry Dragon

Type: Creature

Civilization: Fire

Race: Armored Dragon

Mana Cost: Seven (7)

Rules Text:

Each of your other Armored Dragons in the battle zone gets +3000 power.

Double breaker (This creature breaks two shields.)

Flavor Text:

“Rise to the sky and dive to the earth! Scorch the battlefield with your breath! Attack, my brothers, attack!”

Power: 8000

Set: McDonalds Promo


Power/Cost: Seven mana for 8000 power is not too shabby. A turn earlier would have been really nice though. Star-Cry Dragon’s power falls right on par with the major evolution creatures. He can survive all power-restricted spells and take on almost every commonly played creature.


Civilization/Race: There are currently eleven Armored Dragons ranging in cost from six to ten mana. Each one of them qualifies as a fatty, another term for an expensive and powerful creature. So why play a fatty in Duel Masters? Because of their support! Cards like Bronze-Arm Tribe and Cocco Lupia can bring these beasts out ahead of schedule. Good things happen when you can start blasting shields to pieces before the opponent has a solution.


Effects: The standard Double Breaker is always good to have tacked onto large creatures. Star-Cry Dragon is also nice enough to help out his buddies with an extra 3000 power to all other Armored Dragons. This can help you blow away just about any blocker or opposing threat.


Rating: 3/5

Star-Cry Dragon is a fairly average card overall. He has potential when placed in a deck built around the Dragon theme (most likely Red/Green). However, there are some better options available for the same cost like Twin-Cannon Skyterror and Bolmeteus Steel Dragon. Consider giving him a shot.


Tomorrow we round out the week of McDonalds promotional cards. On a side note, I just realized how close the next expansion set is. Check out a few of the new cards featured on the official DM website if you haven’t already.


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