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Pojo's Duel Masters Card of the Day

Image from Wizards Duel Master site

  Headlong Giant

Card # DMS5

Date Reviewed: 07.15.05

Constructed Average Rating: 2.7
Limited Average Rating: 2.8

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst. 3 ... average.
5 is the highest rating.


Hey Pojo People! I’ve been out for 2 weeks because of a family situation, but it’s resolved now, so I can get back to what I normally do…write reviews of cards? Alright then…


With the new Thundercharge already a week old, I can’t see much in the set worth using. Just about a couple cards are decent. Will we hit one today? Let’s move on and see…


Headlong Giant

Civilization: Nature

Type: Giant

Mana Cost: 9

Power: 14000

Ability: Triple Breaker

Can’t attack when you have no hand

When it attacks, discard a card from your hand

Cannot be blocked by a monster 4000 power or less


The Rundown


I saw it in draft…In a deck that is. Never once saw it played. I mean, 9 mana is really friggin high! It’s green, so it moves fast, but why spend 9 mana for this thing? You could almost play 2 Hopeless Vortex, and you chose this?


The Positive Side


Ready to see the best acting you’ve ever seen?



This card is so freakin amazing! I mean, 14000 power is craziness. Only 1 has power higher than this, and that’s The Billion Degree.


Something good about this card is that it triple breaks. That takes out half your attacks in one hit, so that’s a plus. It can also can bypass the 4000 or less blockers that can tend to screw it over. The only blocker that people are somewhat using is Angler Cluster. It can get through potential threats in blockers like Cursed Pincher.


That’s it. It’s a giant, but that’s not a very promising family until much later…


The Negative Side


Ok, I’m done acting. I’m no Sidney Poitier…


This card is amazing…ly bad. If you can find a way to use this well, then good luck to you.

To have this monster of a nature card out on the field, you need to spend 9 mana. You could get out a Bronze-Arm and Fighter with 9 mana. Actually, you only need 8! Oh Boy!


If you’re actually lucky enough to have this thing last out the turn after you played it or you speed attack boost it with a Legionnare Lizard, then you need a hand, which won’t always happen if you have 9 mana, unless you’re going Ill-folk or something. So if you have a hand, you need to discard to have it attack, which is crap.


Now look at the other Nature Triple Breaker. That thing is Nocturnal Giant. That card only needs 7 mana, Has 14000 attacking power, no drawbacks in effect, and still triple breaks. And it’s still a giant! So why use this guy? Heck, why the hell isn’t nocturnal a super if this guy is?


Finally, here’s “what else could you use?”

-Uh…Nocturnal Giant?!!!

- Bronze/Torcon/Shouter/Mane/Any 3 Beast Folk + Fighter

- 2 sets of Barkwhips and beast folks

- 1 Turn away from 2 Hopeless Vortex


Wow. Even consider this card…no. Just don’t Stay away…


The Limited Side


Good luck getting 9 mana when you only have this set available. Not the most likely thing to happen. It’s only use is to be a green mana. I mean, when your opponent has a Kooc Pollon on the field turn 2. then this guy is probably the last thing you want to see. That is, assuming that you already was shred to tears when it was in your starting hand…


The Recap


Here’s the + and – Recap



+ Bypasses most blockers in the meta

+ Triple Breaker

+ It’s a super…



- You need a hand

- You have to discard

- 9 Mana…holy crap…

- Nocturnal Giant so much better…


Constructed – 1.5/5 – The only reason why I give it the second lowest grade instead of the lowest is because of his bypass ability. Since most blockers are 4000 or less, it does help the card slightly, but it’s still horrible. Go with Nocturnal if you really want to…

Limited – 1/5 – Even worse. Can you get to 9 mana in limited. It’s not that likely at all. I mean, it can happen if you try, but you’ll either have it be killed or you’ll run out of a hand. Pick your poison…

Art – 2/5 – Even it’s picture doesn’t make sense. Grrr…Which one’s the head???



Well, that’s it for Headlong Giant. If anyone has a question, Comment/Concern/Complaint, a reply to a review or article, or you just want to talk about the game, E-Mail me at


Later Days…

I’ll have your Thundercharge report done tomorrow. Who knows when I’ll get posted…

DimAssassin Headlong Giant

And i'm here once again to review another card for you. Today we're reviewing the Nature super rare from the new set Thunder Charge of Ultra Destruction, Properly named Headlong Giant. Let's take a look.

Name: Headlong Giant
Civilization: Nature
Race: Giant
Type: Creature
Cost: 9
Rules Text:
- This creature can't attack if you have no cards in your hand.
- Whenever this creature attacks, Discard a card from your hand.
- This creature can't be blocked by any creature that has power 4000 or less.
- Triple Breaker

Wow, Quite alot of text to read.

Giants are nothing new to the Nature Civilization. And neither are their massive Power/Cost Ratio. Let's see if we can find a relevant use for this thing.

Power/Cost Ratio:
- Well, 9 for a 14,000 triple breaker isn't that bad when it comes to power houses and triple breakers. The downside is that you've got to discard a card from your hand inorder for him to attack, And if you've got no hand. He wouldn't beable to.

- Not being able to be blocked by anything 4000 or less is decent enough, Aside from the Light civilization who uses any blocker under 4000 power. There's the cheap 1 drop water blockers, A few decent Darkness blockers..but that's about it.
- Haveing to discard a card when he attacks is not a good thing, Even if he's breaking three shields. That's alot of card disadvantage..And on top of that, In late game, Hand sizes are small to begin with. So haveing to discard a card for his attack can really cripple you.
- Unlike other cards that apply to the "Do as much as you can" rule, This guy doesn't. It states on his card that if you've got no cards in your hand he can't attack. Which is also a set back.

What else could you use?
- Well, For 9 mana you could cast Bazagazeal Dragon and some cheap creature such as Deadly Fighter Braid Claw, or Aqua Guard.
- There are lots of different combinations of cards you can use instead of this guy.

- He's a 14,000 triple breaker
- He cannot be blocked with anything 4000 power or less
- He's reletivly cheap when it comes to Triple Breakers.

- He discards a card from your hand when he attacks, Which can be very bad late game.
- If you have no cards in your hand he cannot attack in the first place.
- He's easy Terror Pit/Snare/Vortex/Death Smoke bait. Not being able to attack the turn you cast him leaves him open to all of those cards and even more.

Constructed: 2 / 5 - If you've focused your deck around massive mana excelleration and card drawing (Such as G/U Aggro), He would see a bit more play. But other than that I wouldn't suggest useing this guy, He's to easy to get rid of before he gets the cance the attack.

Limited: 2.5 / 5 - Again, This guy is way to over-costed and over-powered. But in Limited, with the limited ammount of blockers there are, And most of those being 4000 power or less to begin with, He might be more playable. I would rather focus on useing the Stealth creatures in limited than this guy.

Well Pojo readers, I'm sorry this review couldn't be longer than it is..But it's currently midnight and I am pretty tired. So i'll just end it with that.

Till next time, DA signing off.

If you have any comments or questions feel free to IM me on AIM at XvDimAssassinvX or e-mail me at XvDimAssassinvX@aol.com . And be sure to check back at www.pojo.com for all of your TCGing info!
Name: Headlong Giant
Cost: 9
Race: Giant
Civilization: Nature
Type: Creature
Rules Text:
This creature can't attack if you have no cards in your hand.
Whenever this creature attacks, discard a card from your hand.
This creature can't be blocked by any creature that has power 4000 or less.
Triple breaker (This creature breaks 3 shields.)
Power: 14000
Mana Number: 1
Artist: Masaki Hirooka
Rarity: S
Collector Number: S5
I think this card is funny.  They make it really bad at the beginning of the text and then it gets really good.  In mono nature it could come out turn 5.  If the nature deck went first then you should be getting to mana number 5 this turn.  The combo I am talking about gets this AND FDF out (read my duel yammer and just say he comes out the turn after dual fang).  Discarding a card to break THREE shields.  I would definitely do that.  I don't know if I would summon a lot with this thing out as I would rather break 3 shields than 1.  Now for the next ability,  not being blocked by 4000 or less.  All the blockers in my deck are sadly 4000 or less :*(.  Oh yeah did I mention, 14000!!!!  That is the second  most powerful base power in the game.
limited:4/5 I wish.........................................for more mana excel.
constructed 5/5 If I had it, I would be running a blue/black/green deck right now.
art:  5/5 Don't call it headlong giant for nothing.
Well that's it for the review.  Our next card is drawn by my favorite artist and...........my invitationals are this Sunday. YAY.  email: toiletheadbrett@aol.com
                                                    AIM:  Look at my name
Steven Cantrell

Headlong Giant

Type: Creature

Civilization: Nature

Race: Giant

Mana Cost: Nine (9)

Rules Text:

-This creature can’t attack if you have no cards in your hand.

-Whenever this creature attacks, discard a card from your hand.

-This creature can’t be blocked by any creature that has power 4000 or less.

-Triple breaker (This creature breaks three shields.)

Power: 14,000

Rarity: Super Rare

Set: Thundercharge of Ultra Destruction


Power/Cost: Fourteen thousand power is a lot. More specifically, Headlong Giant’s 14k attack strength qualifies as second most in all of Duel Masters. That’s not always a good thing unfortunately. Headlong Giant might as well have a big red bull’s-eye painted right on his forehead, because he will become your opponent’s number one target upon reaching the battle zone. Any number of creature and/or spell effects can (and most likely will) send this guy packing before he gets the chance to do major damage. While having a giant beatstick is tempting, nine mana should provide a more surefire creature.


Civilization/Race: There are currently eight different Giants. Headlong ranks as the most expensive of them, with the cheapest costing five mana. Also, I found it strange that half of them (4) are Super Rares. Why would Wizards allot one race so many foils? As for civilization, Headlong Giant belongs to the notorious mana accelerators. That helps take off some of the sting from his massive mana cost.


Effects: This is where things get tricky. Let’s start by reviewing the two positive abilities of Headlong Giant. He immediately qualifies as a power-house due to the triple breaker status. In addition, most commonly played blockers can’t touch him! Everything here looks fine and dandy until you re-read the first two effects. Hand control is usually nice, but in this case your own card turns it against you. Every time Headlong attacks you will be forced to eliminate one card from your hand. The worst part is that you can not get around that by attacking without a hand. The ends don’t justify the means overall.


Limited: 1/5

Don’t even think about it. Never, under any circumstances, attempt using Headlong Giant in any draft. I would post some witty exception to this rule, but there aren’t any.


Constructed: 2.25/5

Headlong Giant is slightly better in the Constructed format. Here you can design a deck (though it will probably fail) around negating his weakness. Mana acceleration to hit hard and early, as well as draw power to handle the discarding aspect. Maybe try him out in a fun tournament that’s not DCI sanctioned. You might be surprised.


Steven Cantrell



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