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Pojo's Duel Masters Card of the Day

Sorry, we don't have an image of this card.

  Propeller Mutant

Card # DM31

Date Reviewed: 07.08.05

Constructed Average Rating: 4.5
Limited Average Rating: 4.7

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst. 3 ... average.
5 is the highest rating.

Lee Sandow
......yes.  It's me.  I am alive.  Just very busy, but I figured THIS review was worth typing.  Cause this card is plain evil.  I will probably run this, and why not?  Speed with control!  What am I talking about?  Let's review!

Propeller Mutant

Cost:  2

Civilization:  Darkness

Card Type:  Creature

Race:  Hedrian


  • When this card is destroyed, your opponent discards a card at random from his hand.

Power: 1000

Mana Generated: 1

Rarity:  Common

Set:  Thundercharge of Ultra Destruction

Card #:  31/55


So, that's him.  He's sweet.  Why?  Let's review!!


Civilization:  He's dark, and a Hedrian.  His effect (which we'll get to later), fits the theme of the darkness deck, it also fits rush, which tends to use black.  Hedrian currently means nothing, but maybe in the future...  IF there was an evo involving a hedrian, this guy would be an excellent candidate.


Cost:  Darkness is not blessed with a lot of good 2-turn drops.  Aside from Bloody Squito, Ghost Touch (?), and Dark Reversal, you won't see Darkness doing much this turn.  This card, however, fits the slot perfectly, and it will take your opponent awhile to deal with it.  If they choose to deal with it at all...


Power:  He suffers from having only 1000 power, as it makes him quite easy to kill.  Wait, what's that?  We WANT him to die.  Well, in that case, this is actually quite suitable.  Sure, he can be hammered, flamed, smoked, pitted, proclaimed... The list goes on, but we WANT him to die.  Just look out for Natural Snare and bounce cards!


Ability:  When he dies (which shouldn't take much work), your opponent loses a card from his hand.  Whether your opponent destroys it OR you do, you get this effect.  Odds are your opponent won't want to kill it, but won't have much choice.  This card can force your opponent into an early corner.  Lose shields, or lose hand.  NOT FUN!!!


Now, let's see how these abilties stack up!!


Constructed:  Makes cards like Diadolos, usable.  Sack him, get a beneficial ability, then attack!  As I mentioned above, this guy will also discourage your opponent from attacking him, since they'll want to protect their hand.  In a control deck, or a deck that rushes, this guy is good.  He isn't perfect, but I'll give him a spin.  4/5


Limited:  I hope I pull this card Saturday.  This set suffers (or so I've been told) from a lack of draw power, and this guy can help deplete your opponents hand.  He's also a quick rush your opponent will likely not want to kill right away.  Either way, he serves you well.  I hope so much I pull him.  5/5


I hope all of you were glad to see me back.  I'll try to do this more often, but I won't make any promises.  Look forward to another update to the 'War in the DM World' article once this new set is out!


All your cards are belong to me!!

Horus Master Well here is my next review. Sorry for the miss of the last two reviews but that was then and this is now. Today's card, the one the only, Propeller Mutant.

Interesting card indeed. When this card is destroyed, your opponent discards a card at random from his hand. It cost 2 mana and has 1000 attack. It is a hedrien which currently doesn't matter at all.

Cost: 2 mana is awesome. Darkness is known to have some slow cards so this is great.

Type: Darkness in my opinion is known mostly for creature and hand destruction. This just adds on to the page of cards that have this ability,

Effect: As stated this card has many cousins but off the top of my head this one seems to one-up them xD. Get it out early and beat shields until your opponent decides that they can't take any more of the beating from and 1000 attack monster and kills it also costing them a card in their hand. Hand advantage is crucial in Duel Masters for the fact that if you don't have a hand you have to just let your opponent attack your shields or rely on top-decking something helpful. If you don't top-deck anything helpful you give your opponent the chance to swarm with creatures and take you out in one blow. So just take some time to think about that.

Rushing in limited is deadly for your opponent. Hand advantage is even more necessary here than in constructed so if you get this boy out early you have a good chance to win.

Not as great here but still good enough for a four. Nothing much to say besides that.

Meh, looks weird....just weird. I've seen better : /

Also I have two things to say off topic.

#1 My last review was Shock Hurricane. Recently thanks to The Furnace from the boards, I have relized an awesome combo for this spell. In Evo-Crushinators of Doom there was a light rare called Phal Guardian with the effect of when it is played into the battle zone, you may take a spell from your graveyard and add it to your hand. Use Shock Hurricane with this and you have a deadly combination. Not to mention Corile too. You may want to run nature in a deck revolved around this that way you have enough mana to do that in one turn :D

#2 I am not sure if I am able to go to my Pre-Release for Thundercharge seeing as I live in Louisiana and with Hurricane Dennis around the corner in the Gulf of Mexico, I may have to evacuate.

Well that raps up this week. If you have anything that you want to tell/ask me I will gladly appreciate it. My e-mail is danieljs@bellsouth.net . Happy dueling and stay positive. Don't get angry if you lose cause you learn from losing more than you do from winning. Good luck at all of the weekend tournies.
Propeller Mutant
Hello once again pojo readers. Today we're reviewing a very interesting card that I feel is going to see alot of play once Thundercharge is released. That card is none other than Propeller Mutant. Will this guy really fit in your deck? Let's take a look.
Name: Propeller Mutant
Cost: 2
Civilization: Darkness
Type: Creature
Rules Text:
- when this creature is destroyed, Your opponent discards a card at random from their hand.
Mana Number: (1)
Now, The first thing that comes to most people minds when reading this card is "Wow! That guy is great!" which is almost entirely correct. He can also be used as a great attacker, Seeing how your opponent would hesitate blocking or attacking it. In fear of loseing a card from their hand.
"He only costs 2 mana? That makes him even better!"
This is also true. However, Your opponent might have an answer to this guy with cards like Natural Snare the Pangea's Will. But in early game, This guy rocks the boat.
He also fits right into those control based decks, Seeing how he only costs 2 mana, Aside from Emeral and Bloody Squito, He's the only other 2 drop creature most control decks use.
And as I said before, Can provide as a great attacker. He's also a smart choice in a discard type deck.
What else could i play?
- Locomotiver, He's another alternative for Propeller Mutant as Locomotiver discards a card when he comes into play, Where Propeller Mutant has to be destroyed.
- Ghost touch, This is another alternative to playing Propeller Mutant. It discards a card from your opponents hand when it's played, Like Locomotiver's effect and costs the same as Propeller Mutant.
Constructed: 5 / 5
> This could be very easly (ab)used in control and discard type decks. There's really no reason not to use one if your playing Darkness in your deck.
Limited: 4 / 5
> This card is great in limited too, Creating a situation for your opponent where they dont want to kill it can be very nice ^_~. If you pull this guy at your release tournament or in any random limited tournament. You should pick him up. You won't regret it.
Sorry my review wasn't longer. As it is 2:31 am and I am pretty darn tired. If I were to have done this earlyer today I could have gone more indepth like I useually do.
And with that pojo readers, Im off! You can contact me on AIM at XvDimAssassinvX or you can drop me an e-mail at XvDimAssassinvX@aol.com And be sure to come back to pojo.com for all of your gameing info!
Propeller Mutant

DM7-46 Flying Man
Common - Hedrian
Civilization: Darkness
Type: Creature
Power: 1000
Cost: 2
Found In: Series 7 Invincible Charge
Card #: 46/55

  • When this creature is destroyed, you may select 1 card from your opponent's hand without seeing the card and put it in the opponent's graveyard
  • That is today's card.  It will really help out daidalos decks.  I am considering running it as the new set comes out today!!!  I am gonna buy a ton of packs to get riptide charger and stuff.  Just not right now... its 1:00 a.m. what do you want from me?  Back to the review,  this card is definitely good.  If your opponent uses a kill spell on it then they just lost 2 cards from their hand!  It will die from any battle but, we want it to.  Well, seeing how it is 1 a.m. I am off to party all night since I have got plenty of caffeine.  But, before I do that here are his scores:
    Constructed: 5/5 I think I explained why.
    limited: 5/5 Card advantage is important in any format.  If you pull this and Crath lade, the merciless king your opponent will have no hand. F.Y.I crath lade is my new personal favorite as he is the only good dark lord and can tap to destroy to cards in your opponent's hand!
    AIM:  Toiletheadbrett

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