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Pojo's Duel Masters Card of the Day

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  Kooc Pollon
Thundercharge of Ultra Destruction!

Date Reviewed: 07.06.05

Constructed Average Rating: 4
Limited Average Rating: 3.3

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst. 3 ... average.
5 is the highest rating.
Justin Florio

Hey guys. I’m back from my second vacation. Sorry I couldn’t write a review for Venom Charger… O wait, no I’m not, that card sucks! Well anyways, today we have a pesky little firebird that will appeal to ALL players running red rush…


Kooc Pollon


Type – Fire Bird

Civilization – Fire

Mana Cost – 2

Text – This creature can’t be attacked.

Flavor TextTo Fire Birds, a battlefield and a playground are one and the same.

Rarity – Common

Set – Thundercharge of Ultra Destruction


Kooc Pollon is yet another boost to the Fire civilization. More so, rush decks. This little pain in the arse has a few tricks up its sleeves that make it much better than a lot of the 2 drops in the Fire civilization.


Civilization and Race


The Fire civilization got a huge boost in Stomp-A-Trons of Invincible Wrath. With Thundercharge of Ultra Destruction, it gets even more. This civilization is very versatile and usable thanks to none other than Pyrofighter Magnus and his little buddy Speed Attackers. Now, the Fire Birds aren’t the best race in the game. Actually, they have kind of sucked outside a Dragon deck, which are VERY hard to make well. So, the race isn’t so good, but the civilization rocks.


Cost and Ability


Well, you may look at first glance and say, “What the deuce!?” 2 mana for 1000 attack sucks. So then you look at the ability. Then you say, “Holy shiest!” This little bastard can’t be attacked! I mean, how broken is that? So, if you are playing red rush, you play this on turn two and he is invulnerable to attacks. That means all you have to do for this Birdie is keep the field free of blockers and not hit shield trigger spells. I mean, wow. This card rocks!


The Real Reason Why You Should Use It In Place of Other Two Drops


Aside from Snip Striker Bullraizer, all the 2 drops of the Fire civilization have 2000 or less power. Because of this, they are ALL vulnerable to Crimson Hammer, Spastic Missle, Searing Wave, Phantom’s Dragon Flame, etc. Since Kooc Pollon has such an awesome effect, you should definitely run it instead of say, Immortal Baron Vorg or Brawler Zyler. Unless you are running Evos of course…


The Downside


Like I said, this Birdie is invulnerable to ATTACKS. Now if you opponent is running a lot of kill spells, which lots of people usually do, you might run into a bit of a predicament. Also, large amounts of blockers will stop this in its tracks unless you can get rid of them, which if you are running rush, you should be able to.


Final Analysis


This little Fire Bird is DEFINITELY going to find a place in MOST rush decks that are running red. Kooc Pollon will be another annoyance from the Fire civilization, just like Pyrofighter Magnus…


Limited – 5/5 -This bird will utterly ANNIHILATE in this format. There aren’t too many kill spells or blockers in this set, which makes this creature OWN if you get him out early.


Constructed – 4/5 – A little less devastating in this format due to blockers and kill spells, BUT still INSANE! I love this card! Play it if you are running a version of rush with red in it! You WONT regret it!


As always, this is Justin Florio, signing out. Contact me!

E-Mail darknessflame@chater.net

AIM – StewieRoxUrSox

                                  ~ I’m hella outie, Yo!
DimAssassin Hello again Pojo readers, I hope you had a happy 4th! I just sat around playing my Psp and pondering on weird and odd things, Like I useually do. Anywho, Onto the review. Today we're (P)reviewing another card from Thundercharge of Ultra Destruction. Today it's a Fire Bird that goes by the name of Kooc Pollon. Let's take a look shall we?

Card Name: Kooc Pollon
Card Type: Creature
Creature Type: Fire Bird
Civilization: Fire
Summoning Cost: 2
Power: 1000
Mana Value: 1
Rules Text: This creature can't be attacked.

Alright, Now onto the reviewing.

I think this little guy has alot of potential. Not able to be attacked is a great thing to have. Pesky blockers couldnt attack it when it's tapped, Pyrofighter couldnt be summoned to destroy it. You wouldnt need to worry about it been face-smashed by anything...Great potential.

Being a Fire Bird is nothing new to the Fire civilization, He can pretty much be used in any deck useing the Fire civilization, And I would reconmend doing so. I think this guy could be pretty helpful in Rush deck aswell, Not being attacked means not having to worry about losing an attacker from your opponent creature's attacks.

What else could you play?

- 2 mana isnt too much to go off of, But in a Rush deck there are many different things to play, Snip-Striker Bullraizer, Mini-Titan Gett, Rikabu's Screwdriver or even Volcanic Arrows. But none of these has the same invulnerablity as Kooc Pollon.

Constructed: 3 / 5  In a Rush type deck, This guy can be 'Ab'used to it's full potential. We can only wait and see what other cards with this type of "Invulnerablity" come out as the sets progress.

Limited: 4 / 5  This guy would be killer in a Limited format! With the low ammount of blockers in Limited, Not being able to be attacked is a gamebreaker. If your useing Fire in Limited and come across this guy, For pete's sake take him!

Next time: Propellar Mutant!

And with that said, Im off. Got cars to fuel and people to duel!

You can contact me on AIM at XvDimAssassinvX or e-mail me at XvDimAssassinvX@aol.com. Thanks for reading and see you later Pojo readers! And dont forget to check back on www.pojo.com for all your gameing info!

Today's card I like because it might be used in fun and serious decks.  It's name is cook pollon.  I don't know why you would want to cook pollen but, hey.......

DM7-51 Cook Pollon
Common - Fire Bird

Civilization: Fire
Type: Creature
Power: 1000
Cost: 2
Found In: Series 7 Invincible Charge
Card #: 51/55


  • This creature cannot be attacked.

    I also am trying a new style of writing. (I hope it is okay with pojo, lol)  I copied this straight from the sponsor of pojo, ideal808.com. 
      Anywayz,  cook pollon is a cool card.  Not being attacked is always nice.  For those of you who think this card is god, there are many other ways to die.  It will likely die upon the turn after it is summoned as your opponent well for sure not want this hanging around.  I know if I were playing against someone who summoned this it would die so fast.  It also can be blocked and destroyed by almost every blocker in the game.  I like and dislike this card at the same time.
    constructed: 4/5
    limited: errr I know almost nothing about this set so....3/5 since I know about the destruction spells.
    My invitationals are on the 17th.  Yay me...
    White Wolf Today we review Kooc Pollon. I seriously don't get the name of this card. It's just so weird - a fire bird with the word pollon (ironically I think of pollen when I think of Fire Birds now...).

    Anyways, for 2 mana, you can play a 1000 power creature that can't be attacked. That means that it's invulnerable OR IS IT?!?! Yeah, it basically is. This thing needs to have a spell wasted on it, meaning that your getting a 1 for 1 loss of advantage for BOTH players. I like it, sorta...

    It's nice, but it needs some more support to be sick. Alot of Blocker hate, because any blocker in the game currently wrecks him.
    Constructed: 3/5
    Limited: 3/5

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