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Pojo's Duel Masters Card of the Day

Image from Wizards Duel Master site

  Crisis Boulder

Card # DM-79

Date Reviewed: 07.01.05

Constructed Average Rating: 2.125
Limited Average Rating: 3.25

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst. 3 ... average.
5 is the highest rating.


Hey everyone. Today, we wrap up this Stompatron Spell week. Next week, we get to reviewing new Thundercharge stuff. I’m workin on the next article for my Feature Article Installment, so look out for that.

Today, we review a card that kind of was left hidden in the mix. I don’t know if it’ll get some play, but I have a couple ideas for this card. It’s…


Crisis Boulder

Civilization- Fire

Type- Spell

Mana Cost- 4

Ability- Shield Trigger

Your opponent destroys one of his monsters or one of his mana cards.



The Rundown


I don’t see any of this in the meta around me. I would like to see this card in play, since I can see it as a card with some kind of potential. But for now, it’s nothing major.


The Positive Side


I hope this card can be seen in its other view. The card is basically Mana Crisis and Proclamation of Death into one, only you can’t control which is activiated. I mean, we first look at this card and we think, “Man, a guy must be stupid to choose a monster in his zone, right?” Now, normally, I would agree, because on occasion, monsters tend to be more significant than mana, as mana can be replaced.


However, what would happen if your opponent didn’t have mana at all. Let’s say you hydro hurricane every mana they had, or managed a Divine Riptide or Cataclysmic Eruption, the more likely card to use Crisis Boulder. I would think that if they can’t designate a mana card, then their locked into choosing a monster. So basically, with your opponent with no to little mana, it’s the red version of Proclamation of Death, which is pretty good.


It would also work well in those mana control decks with those Engineer Kipo and Bombersaur. I would see your opponent being more opted to destroy monsters over the mana card, so that would be pretty cool as well.


The fact it’s a shield trigger will help as well. I mean, with the well timing of the card and the mana in their mana zone, it can be pretty effective.


The Negative Side


The card does have its share of negatives. First of all, the card seems redundant to go though all of that to just get the same effect as another card in the game. To get procy, you have to get rid of all the mana first. To get mana Crisis, you have to get rid of the monsters. Besides that, you have no control of the effect, which limits its topdeck value, and its overall effectiveness.


It would be decently hard to actually get this thing to get to where you want it to go to, because chances are, your opponent is educated enough to know which effect will be less crucial. If your lucky to face a person who really has no clue to card games and strategy and future planning in the game, then you have a good chance to get something done, but finding a person like that won’t always happen, so don’t depend on it.


The fact it is a shield trigger has it’s pluses. However, it’s not one of those shield triggers you want at the last moment. Kind of like proclamation, faerie life, Glory Snow, all of those. Cards that don’t do anything when their the last shield and there’s still 1 attacker left. I think the choice for them is pretty easy when they still can attack. They can choose either of the effects, it doesn’t matter.


Finally, here’s “What else could you use?”

- Rothus?

- Proclamation of Death?

- Mana Crisis?

- Wait a turn for Searing Wave?


Well, there isn’t much choice for mono-Red, but opportunities arise with more Civs.


The Limited Side


I would think this card would be better in Limited. Mana becomes more crucial to keep, monsters tend to last longer, and stall can be more effective with a lesser deck amount. Plus, it’s a shield trigger, which is sufficiently rare to get a decent shield trigger in a limited deck.


The Recap


Here’s the + and – Recap



+ Proper control gives you choice

+ Shield trigger

+ 2 potential effects

+ Fire spell that can kill something without power limits

+ Fire spell that can destroy mana immediately



- Normally leans toward the mana destruction choice

- This shield trigger isn’t the best last minute

- Choice almost too obvious at times


Constructed – 3/5 – Can be good if you can control the field. It’s still not a bad card, on it’s own, but it only gets better with the proper control.

Limited – 3/5 – Just about the same. This time, stall seems to be more effective, destruction and mana destruction more critical, but not too much to really change the outcome. Still, it’s a shield trigger and a decent one at that.


That’s my take on this Crisis Boulder. If anyone has a Question, Comment/Concern/Complaint, a reaction to an article or review, or anything about the game in general, E-Mail me at nimbly@gmail.com

Later Days…

Justin Florio

I’m back with yet another boring Card of the Day review for all you lifeless Duel Master players to read, therefore determining if you will run this card in your deck or not. Alright, you all know I’m just kidding. But for real, today we have an interesting card to review, but this may be short for it is 12:46 AM… which means I am tired and cranky and want to go to bed.


Crisis Boulder


Type – Shield Trigger Spell

Civilization – Fire

Mana Cost – 4

Text - Shield trigger (When this spell is put into your hand from your shield zone, you may cast it immediately for no cost.)

Your opponent chooses one of his creatures in the battle zone or a card in his mana zone and puts it into his graveyard.

Flavor Text – There is none, so I will make some up.
“Whether spare or strike, this thing is going to cause some major damage!” 

                                        ~ Engineer Kipo

Rarity – Rare

Set – Stomp-A-Trons of Invincible Wrath



Crisis Boulder is a very fun card to play. Let’s see why.




This card is from the Fire civilization, which just got A LOT of support from Stomp-A-Trons. This card is very playable. It only costs 4 mana. It is a Shield Trigger, which means you have a chance to play it for free. It is a Terror Pit and Mana Crisis in one.




Crisis boulder allows your opponent to choose which is destroyed : a creature or a mana. If they are short on mana, of course, they will choose a creature. If they use mana accel, they will have no problem getting rid of a mana. That is the only disadvantage I could think of at the moment, so sorry if you were expecting more. In other words, THIS CARD IS GOOD!


Overall Statistics


Limited – 4/5 – This card is GREAT in this format. Mana and field advantage is ESSENTIAL in this format, and this card is perfect to obtain field or mana advantage.


Constructed – 3/5 – This card is a little less useful in this format. Due to the insane amount of mana acceleration going around, the opponent will have no problem getting rid of a mana. But if it gets hit early as a shield, it can cause so MAJOR problems for your opponent.


In conclusion, this is a great card to play if you are running Fire. It gives this civilization even more creature kill and mana destruction.


As always, I’m Justin Florio. If you have any questions or want to duel me online…


E-Mail darknessflame@charter.net

AIM – StewieRoxUrSox


<(“.<)    Kirby bids you good night. I said good night sir!

Name: Crisis Boulder
Type: Spell
Civilization: Fire
Cost: 5
Value: 1
Effect: [Shield Trigger], Your opponent chooses one of his creatures in the battle zone or a card in his mana zone and puts it into his graveyard.

Unless a player has no other choice or is running a mana destruction deck, this card will almost never see active play. Proclamation of Death which is the closest card to it as far as cost and effect will almost guarantee being used before this card were to ever hit a deck' sleeve protector. Now lets not be too mean to the broken yo-yo so lets give it another chance to see where it could thrive.

Not many duelists will enjoy the unusual nature of a limited format duel or tournament simply because they might loathe the concept of using a limited card pool. For those who are brave enough to try it out, they might find that even a horrible card like Crisis Boulder could have its day. I was in a limited tournament and believe it or not held my opponent off with a combo of Bliss Totem, Mystic Dreamscape, and Crisis Boulder. I was fortunate to get the cards along with some decent blockers when I did and it only took a few turns to transform that field killing Bazagazeal Dragon into a useless card for my opponent. So every dog has his day and you never know if Crisis Boulder might become the new Lost Soul for some decks.

Constructed Format: 1/5
Limited Format: 3/5
Horus Master lv8
Well, here we are and the week is over and summer is halfway gone, too.  Aren't we all excited? ; - ).  Well anyways let me review this card since that is why I'm here.
Today's card is a rare out of Stompatrons (since that is this weeks theme).  It is called Crisis Boulder.  Here are its stats.
Shield trigger
Your opponent chooses one of his creatures in the battle zone or a card in his mana zone and puts it into his graveyard.
Cost: Well 4 mana isn't that bad at all.  Proclamation of Death is 4 along with Death Smoke and many other spells.  So far its got potential, so let's get to the important stuff. 
Type. Well Fire is an excellent civ..  It has many rush creatures.  The problem though is the creature destruction.  Fire's main creature destruction (in my eyes) is Searing Wave.  Now that only cost one more than this.  I think that I would rather wait a turn and then kill many creatures rather than use this (because of its effect which I will get to right now. xD
Effect: Now that all of that is covered we have, what I think, the worst part of this card.  The first effect is the exact same as Proclamation.  In fact, if you only count the first part it is the exact same card, mana for mana, shield trigger for shield trigger, effect for effect, word for word.  WOO that was a lot !!! This card really dies right here.  It says OR they can choose a card in their mana and put it in the graveyard.  If you ask me, that is what I would do every single time, unless it was the beginning of the duel or something occured to where I have little to no mana left. 
Now I'm gonna change my way on how I rate cards.  I will just put Constructed and Limited instead of putting a few decks.
Constructed:1.5 / 5  Like I have reviewed.  This card just doesn't get what it needs to make it into any deck of mine.  I have way better cards that I think would be a whole lot more effective.
Limited:3/5 I do see this doing some more damage in Limited, knowing that creatures and mana are precious to winning. 
Well that is that.  My second review is now over.  You may go to recess now children.  If you need to contact me for anything my e-mail is danieljs@bellsouth.net.  Have a great weekend and happy dueling and 4th of July.  I pledge of allegience............. xD
Gregory Scere Today we review Crisis Boulder, where for some it seems like a nice removal card but for others who play other TCG's, it's just a reminder on how bad it is to give your opponent the chance to determine the outcome of the effect...

Here's why, your opponent picks either to lose field presence or resources. They will pick the resources usually, or they will go for some weak creature brought out on the first turn in which it has no more uses.

In the end, red has alot better options. They have the best spell in the game at their disposal for 5 mana, AND they for 2 mana they can blow up some weenie. Stick with Searing Wave and Crimson Hammer, because you and I both know that they're better than this...

Constructed: 2/5
Limited: 3/5

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