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Pojo's Duel Masters Card of the Day

Image from Wizards Duel Master site

  Smash Horn Q

Card #55

Date Reviewed: 01.31.05

Constructed Average Rating: 4.20
Limited Average Rating: 4.50

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst. 3 ... average.
5 is the highest rating.

Lee Sandow

Todayís card was originally meant to be a Triple Breaker, but our staff had a last minute change of heart and decided to review something that is actually playable.  Iíll start off by saying this.  TRIPLE BREAKERS ARE NOT WORTH IT.  That having been said, we can now get on to todayís review, which marks the beginning of a week-long survivors theme.  Survivors, unlike Triple Breakers, are playable in their own deck, and few are better than this guy!


Smash Horn Q

Cost:  3

Civilization:  Nature

Card Type:  Creature
Race:  Survivor/Horned Beast

  • Survivor (Each of your Survivors has this creature's  ability.)

 This creature gets +1000 power.

Flavor Text:  The symbol on its back is proof of its refusal to die.

Power: 2000+

Mana Generated: 1

Rarity:  Common

Card Number:  55/55


This guy is one of the better survivors in a survivor deck, and unlike most of the rest of them, this one MIGHT also see play outside of a survivors deck.

Civilization/Race:  Heís nature, as you can see, and this isnít really that interesting.  He is also a Horned Beast, which IS interesting.  This guy is GREAT cheap evo-bait for Niofa, Horned Protector.  Since low cost Horned Beasts are few, this guy will shine there.  Since heís also a survivor, he will also play well with a survivors deck.


Cost:  Three mana is an amount that nature has reserved for a certain card.  Bronze-Arm Tribe.  This guy is simply a vanilla creature, at 3 for 3000, and has no extra effect unless you have another survivor on the field.  Still, heís nice and cheap, and you canít go wrong with his cost/power ratio.


Power:  He has 2000 power, which is then given a permanent 1000 point boost by his own ability.  So basically, he has 3000 power, plus whatever other Survivor benefits he may acquire.  As far as my understanding of this card goes, if you get two of this guy on the field at the same time, he gets 1000 power times two.  So he would be at 4000.  Iím pretty sure this is how this works, cause PERMANENT stat increases stack, whereas Power Attacker does not.  Bear that in mind people.


Abilities:  Well, I have already discussed his ability.  He gives himself and all other Survivor cards plus 1000 power all the time.  Not groundbreaking, but certainly not bad either.  Itíll make Bladerush Skyterror all the more threatening, and will make your other survivors a little bit more hardy.  And it puts all of them (except Blazosaur Q) out of that pesky Crimson Hammer range.


Ok, now that Iíve reviewed these stats, letís see how they stack up. 


Constructed overview:  Iím going to review him for a Survivors deck.  Heís a great, early drop survivor with a fine ability.  If you are using the nature side of the survivor family, I really donít see how you can go wrong with this card.  Actually, Iíll also say the same thing about him in a Niofa deck.  In both of those decks, Iíll give him 4.5/5.  Anywhere else, pass on him.  You can do better.


Limited overview:  Heís a quick, cheap drop that will give your other survivors more power.  Simply due to how quickly he hits the field in a set that is dominated by high-cost creatures, he gets 4/5.  If you get him and are using nature, run him.  Plain and simple.


The Tribe Has Spoken


Kaijudo Chris Smash Horn Q


This monday evening we review Smash Horn Q - our second introduction to the survivor creatures. So, the big question is, does Smash Horn Q size up to the previously seen Bladerush Skyterror Q? Not so much I'm afraid. Though, Smash Horn Q is a survivor, its effect just doesn't compare to the many others of its kind. +1000 power is simply a slivered increase in power...generally never making a dramatic difference in the flow of battle. But, if you look on the bright side, it's better than Power Attacker +1000 (having to attack to get the sliver of power). Immediately Smash Horn Q boosts itself by 1000 making him a 3 mana for 3000 power creature. Not bad in any standards. Generally, if you're running a survivor deck, Smash Horn Q might, just might, be a speck of flavor to toss in. Otherwise, you'll be simply boosting your own Horn's strength. And, if all fails, sack the Smash Horn Q for a Niofa, Horned Protector - recieving another possible Smash Horn Q! Overall, Smash Horn Q is a well-rounded creature that has a drop of survivor (not that its survivor ability with make a noticable difference) and gets a medium 3/5.


+ 3 for 3000 - Great considering its a Slayer.
Horned Beast - Helps + this race in the Evolution department.


- 1000+ - This isn't as helpful as being a Double Breaker :P


Kettou Da!
Christopher "Kaijudo Chris" Thomas
Contact: webmaster@duelmastersn.com

Smash Horn Q

Coming off one craptacular weekend of Inuyasha Sealed deck competition where, despite my best efforts to wield something remotely playable from the world's WORST random card pool (and I do not exaggerate folks. I contemplated dropping before the rounds started because I knew my card pool was utter JANKY JUNK, UGH!!!!), I came to my senses on what cards to review for this week. Originally I choose some Triple Breakers to review because I know in my heart that someone out there really wants to play Billion Degree Dragon for all his 15,000 power glory even though it's just not playable.
That was going to be my Duel Masters community service bit for the week, but I decided to continue reviewing the ultra-hot Survivor creatures. Whoosh.
Now, I'll turn my ramblings toward today's bit of wonderful for Survivor decks. In my opinion, Smash Horn Q is the Survivor creature every Survivor deck should include (you now, as the starting point). Why? Trying to maintain field presence with overcosted weak Survivor creatures can be greatly helped by Smash Horn Q's pump effect.

Survivor. This creature gets +1000 power. If you ignore the Survivor ability for one second Smash Horn Q pales in comparision to just about every one of Nature's Beast Folk creatures costing 2-4 mana along with many of the other creatures of that civ regardless of race. That means this guy is not fit for non-Survivor, non-Horned Beast deck time. Since he has the Survivor ability his effect is very helpful in that archetype because it's passed along to every one of the weakling Survivor creatures that grace the battle zone with Smash Horn Q. The extra 1000 power can aid Survivor decks with maintaining field presence in the face of weenie removal such as Crimson Hammer or Meteosaur, since many of the pricey ones would be illegal targets for those cards with Smash Q out. More than one Smash Horn Q on the field can propell many of your Survivors out of the target range for widespread weenie removal like the ever-popular Searing Wave and the newcomer Sinister General Damudo as well as resurging destruction choices like Vampire Silphy and Burst Shot.
Losing a field of hitters you paid 3-5 mana to summon that have 1000-2000 base power to a Burst Shot is an immense loss in card advantage (among other things). In order to exploit the tribal synergy of the Survivors you've got to keep them out as long as possible and Smash Horn Q can help achieve that goal. Sure Smash Horn Q's effect is not as flashy as Skullsweeper Q, but it could help you keep on chucking cards with Skullsweeper Q.

3 mana for 3000 power is pretty blah. Smash Horn Q, like the rest of its ilk, is better when there are other Survivors out on the field. This power to cost ratio also is better in Limited where, even without other Survivors out, Smash Horn Q is a solid pick for Survivors Sealed and Draft.

[Where To Deck]
Survivor decks. Smash Horn Q is essential to Survivor decks. Without it you are running too many overcosted creatures that can die to weenie removal, leaving you with the very real possibility of mucho card disadvantage.
Paramount to the success of every Survivor deck is protection for the Survivors since they are overcosted and weak. Obviously you can achieve that end with early drop blockers like Hunter Fish and running removal spells like Flame and Pit, but having out 1 or more Smash Horn Qs is great because it provides a continous pump (all options help) and applies to all your Survivors. Plus, it presents your opponent with some tough choices to make--use kill to rid himself of the pumper so his widespread kill can be effective or nail one of the other annoying Survivors first--and which one of the others? Really, that's the whole point. Nearly all the Survivors bring something to the table that needs to be quickly extinguished. With widespread removal neutered for even one turn your opponent has to pick and choose. I like those apples.

Nature-based decks with Niofa. Besides Smash Horn's utility as the Survivor pump creature it can be evo'd into Noifa. Both Smash Horn Q and Blazosaur Q have utility outside of Survivor decks due to their being cheap evo bait for Niofa and Dobulgyser. In a Niofa-ish deck you wouldn't focus on the Survivors, so you won't be sad to see Smash Horn Q's pump effect disappear the moment it evolves into the 9,000 double breaking behemoth that is Niofa.

[Format Ratings Overall]
Constructed: Survivor decks: 5/5. Okay, so I think you get the point. I feel that Smash Horn Q is practically a must for Survivor decks. I may be wrong, but hey, you'll be happy when your opponent can't drop a Searing Wave on your field of synergistic card drawing-slaying-blocking-power attacking-unblockable-hand discarding-mana making-double breaking-untapping field of Smash Horn Q-pumped hitters.

Decks with Niofa: 5/5. Right now cheap evo bait for Niofa rests in the hands of two creatures, Leaping Tornado Horn and Smash Horn Q. Running the Smash Q as Niofa evo bait allows you to do funky things like pair Niofa and Dobulgyser in the same deck where you can play off Blazosaur Q and Smash Horn Q effects for some mini-Survivor aggro-action. It's zany.

Non Survivors, non-Niofa Nature-based decks: 0/5. Don't bother.

Limited: High. In Limited, playing it off another Survivor, especially Blazosaur since itís very cheap, can help the high priced Survivors get rid of a other creatures. At 3 for 3000 itís a solid hitter in this format without its compadres.
Mohamed Alhendy Todayís card is another one of the 10 survivors available for use in this set, Spikestrike Ichthys Q. This card is one of the few crimson hammer-resistant survivors, and provides us with an effect that hasnít been provided in any set well but set 2: ďThis creature cannot be blocked.Ē Letís see if that effect fits in well with this card:

Not only is Spikestrike one of the few strong survivors, but its also the 2nd most costly too. It comes at the price of 6 mana, and unless youíve got a Smash Horn Q on the field, this creature can be a victim of searing wave. Furthermore, this is a pretty pathetic creature alone, just another pathetic unblockable to be packed with Faerie Child and Candy Drop.

However, being a Survivor, it has hope at leaving the group of rejected unblockables. Itís the perfect finisher for an army of survivors, and is has many great combos. Unblockable Slayers, for example, will just leave your opponent shaking in his seat! Itís also searing wave resistant after just one smash horn drop, unlike most others, and can take out any weenie with ease.

Overall, itís not the best survivor choice at this time, but itíll probably get better. Right now though, Iíd rather stick with cheap survivors ranging for 2-4 and even 5 mana, but stay away from 6. Twin Cannon Skyterror seems to serve as a better game ender for survivors anyway.


Constructed (Survivor Deck): 3/5 (There are better picks than this)

Constructed (Regular Deck): 1.5/5 (Just another power-challenged unblockable. Reminds of Smile AnglerÖ..)

Limited: 0.5/5 (Costs a lot but isnít a fatty, and is pulled in an environment with few survivors. Furthermore, there are no blockers. Can you say unless?)



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