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Pojo's Duel Masters Card of the Day

Image from Wizards Duel Master site

  Slime Veil

Card #33

Date Reviewed: 01.28.05

Constructed Average Rating:
Limited Average Rating:

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst. 3 ... average.
5 is the highest rating.

Lee Sandow

Oh!!  Itís another spell.  And it is one of the more interesting spells in the set.  If used well, it can be absolutely deadly.  If used wrong, it can be suicidal.  Either way, it is unexpected and quite fun.  Say hello to the Phantom Veil, AKA:


Slime Veil
Cost: 1

Civilization: Darkness

Card Type:  Spell

  • During your opponent's next turn, each of his creatures attacks if able.

Flavor Text:  "Hey, you're really getting the hang of that. Now make him do a little dance." -Dark Titan Maginn

Mana Generated: 1

Rarity:  Rare

Card Number:  33/55


Yes, this card is quite interesting.  I wish I could make people do little dances.  Can you imagine what fun it would be for me to cause my opponent to go do a hat dance in the middle of a tournament?  Maybe a nice ballet would be in orderÖ


Civilization/Race:  Fittingly, this wicked little spell is a Darkness card. To quote the great Forrest Gump:  ďThatís all I have to say about that.Ē


Cost:  This card costs one mana.  That is unreasonably high.  Seriously, how often do you get one mana?  Itís ludicrous, itísÖ *Gets hit on head* Iím kidding people.  This is a very cheap card, which means you can probably squeeze it in during any turn if you work it right.  You could even play it on turn one, but I doubt youíd want to.  Itís best-used mid/late game, as I will explain below.


Abilities:  Is this worth one mana?  HECKS YES.  You might saying, ďDo what, Lee?  Why would I want my opponent to attack me?Ē  Well, hereís why.  Imagine youíre up against an opponent who has a bunch of small attackers on the field.  Now letís pretend you have a ton of stronger/equal strength blockers on the field.  Your opponent wonít attack so he doesnít lose his creatures.  Use this, and heíll HAVE to attack with them, so you can block and KILL them all!  BWAHAHAHAHAH!!!  Plays very well with La Byle, Seeker of the Winds.




Force your opponent to attack when they only have a few creatures so you can get some hand advantage.  Very nice if you know you have some shield triggers/want hand advantage.  Or, itís an alternative way to tap their creatures so you can run them over next turn.  The choice is yours.


Ok, now that Iíve reviewed these stats, letís see how they stack up. 


Constructed overview:  Obviously, forcing your opponent to attack you can be suicidal unless you use it at the most opportune moments.  I basically described them above under abilities.  This guy is useful about half the time I think, and the other half will make good mana.  You feeling lucky?  3/5.


Limited overview:  NO! NO! NO! NO!  You NEVER provoke an attack on yourself in this format.  Every little hit counts here, and since you wonít be able to rely on blockers (this set has very few) or shield triggers (very few), youíll just be helping your opponent win.  I wouldnít use this here.  1.5/5


Next Week:  FATTIES!!!  Like me!

Knives101 Slime Viel

Today we are reviewing the best Blocker Support card in the game. Forgett about Holy Awe. Slime Viel has so many things going for it. It's insane. The obvious thing that you can do with Slime Viel is force your opponent into attacking when you have a field of blockers. This causes your opponent to lose all his weenies, before he has a chance to get around your blockers with cards like Paladin, or Holy Awe. Some opponent's will save up all of their creatures until they can take you out in one fell swoop. Slime Viel stops this. Just cast Slime Viel. Now your opponent must attack you, and hit whatever sheild triggers you have, while making your hand bigger. So unlike Holy Awe, this card is useful even if you have no creatures in play at all.
Plus if you need to get some more cards into your hand this is a nice way of doing it. Slime Viel costs a measily one mana. So unlike Holy Awe you can use Slime Viel wayy before you have six mana. Doing so is sure to disrupt your opponent, since you'll probably make them attack with the evo bait that they were saving for later. This card is so cheap that it can easily be combo'd with other cards. Just take a look at this scenario: Your opponent has Aqua Hulcus in play, and Crystal Paladin in his hand. Oh no!! Your blockers are toast for sure!! Wait! First you cast Ghost Touch, and discard Paladin from your oppoent's hand. Next you cast a Horrid Worm. And finally you cast a Slime Viel. Now your opponent attacks you with his Hulcus. You block, and kill it. Now your opponent has no creatures in play, no hand, and must deal with Horrid Worm. Evil huh?

Rating: 5
JMatthew Recently, Light/Darkness decks have been showing some interesting promise for the future. With their ability to hold the board and maintain unrivaled card advantage this is truly a superior up and coming deck. Unfortunately they have been missing one key thing. Holding off your opponent until you draw that Diamond Cutter or those gigantic Angel Command just doesnít always cut it. Much to often your opponent will have the opportunity to go off with the likes of Crystal Paladin causing massive havoc to your board and prayers for Holy Awe can be heard all the way over in the gaming store across town. Perhaps the key has arrived. If so, it seems to have been excellently crafted and hand delivered by WOTC in the form of Slime Veil.
For the mere cost of a single mana your opponent suddenly finds their self forced to throw that army he has been struggling to build up against your under-costed, overpowered blockers. That sure beats waiting for Holy Awe, which may or may not be in your shields! Ultimately, having the ability to not only be reactive, but also proactive can allow your game to move up to a new level. Now, your opponent is forced to fear your defensive capabilities on your terms, not theirs.
Earlier I mentioned how Slime Veil has a mere casting cost of 1! I can only rationalize this as WOTC not believing in the potential power of this card. Thanks to this spell being nearly free you will likely be able to cast it without worrying about missing an important play of your own for that turn.
Overall a pretty decent card and one I wouldnít mind giving a swing. I have to rate it a pretty solid 3.5 out of a possible 5 for constructed play. However for limited I believe that Slime Veil will find a great deal more use right between those two teeth so that you can pick out that hunk of meat from last night.
Mohamed Alhendy Todayís Card is Slime Veil. Itís one of those few cards we see in this game who cost 1 mana and have a peculiar effect. We actually currently have two others, Whirling Whirlwind and Creeping Plague, and they are both quite interesting. Anyway, onto the review:

This card is great in its own deck. Using Light with Darkness including this card can actually be quite effective, as shown in a deck Knives made a while back. It costs one mana, so you should never have trouble casting this card. It also has the potential of being a holy awe, and you wonít even have to attack kill your opponentís creatures. This card also has quite a few combos. One such combo can be done with Sieg Bacula, where you set up a field of attacking blockers and use slime veil to get to clear the field and destroy shields.

This card still is a bit risky. If you face a destruction deck, where you forced to lose a creature every turn, this card wonít serve you well. Also, this card largely depends on your field. If you donít have at least 5 or so creatures, then chances are you wonít knock out your opponentís field. Furthermore, if your opponent is using a Blocker Hate deck, youíll lose. All he has to do is play a paladin or scarlet to just attack your shields and end the game.

Final Thoughts: In my opinion, this cards just too slow. I prefer using a card more direct and less deck space-needing like Holy Awe, Searing Wave, and other forms of destruction. Cards that need a certain field to work well just donít seem good to me.

Constructed (In its own deck): 4/5
Constructed (Any Darkness Deck): 3/5
Limited: 2/5 (Well thereís less removal here, but thereís less blockers here too. Forcing your opponent into attacking might not be all that great.)
Kaijudo Chris  01-28-05: Slime Veil


Slime Veil - Sitting there is not an option! No one enjoys having to attacking when they don't have to, especially when the situation's screaming otherwise. Too many times has your Deadly Fighter Braid Claw been slammed into a beefy blocker...because it had to attack. Well, this card, Slime Veil, takes the fun out of tactical moves for your opponent and forces him to attack your defenses. Obviously, this card wouldn't suit you when you're wide open, rather when you have a hardy team of blockers. Though, this card does require a little bit of before-hand-planning and waiting for its effect to complete on the turn after its activated, there's little your opponent can muster in order to save his/her tail. A nice factor to point out is its incredibly low mana cost. 1 mana, especially during the mid-point of a game, is a sliver...sparing the mana for some hefty blockers your opponent will soon nail. Slime Veil's pretty simple when it comes to card text and tactics and recieves a high 4/5.


+ 1 Mana - Chump Change!
+ Forced Attack - Control 'em like puppets :)

Slops: - Top-Decking - Bad timing/No blockers.


Kettou Da!
Christopher "Kaijudo Chris" Thomas
Contact: webmaster@duelmastersn.com



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