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Pojo's Duel Masters Card of the Day

Image from Wizards Duel Master site

  Twin Cannon Skyterror

Card #45

Date Reviewed: 01.24.05

Constructed Average Rating: 5
Limited Average Rating: 5

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst. 3 ... average.
5 is the highest rating.

Lee Sandow

Once again, I find myself in a hurry to type this blasted thing, simply because as usual, I'm writing this at six in the morning because I have no other time.  I've been majorly stresssed lately, so if I've been short with anyone on AIM I appologize.  Anyways, on to today's card.  It's my least favorite card ever.  This guy schooled me in the draft, and I just haven't been able to get over him.  Personally, I think he's the best card in the set...  Say hello to:


 Twin-Cannon Skyterror

Cost:  7

Civilization:  Fire

Card Type:  Creature
Race:  Armored Wyvern

          Speed attacker (This creature doesnít get summoning sickness.)

          Double breaker (This creature breaks 2 shields.)

Flavor Text:  The first cannon blasts your flesh. The second cannon blasts your soul.

Flavor Text Two:  "I'm broken!"

Power: 7000

Mana Generated: 1

Rarity:  Rare

Card Number:  45/55


Ok, so I threw that extra flavor text in for effect.  But seriously, this guy is BAD news when he hits the field.  Let me explain why.


Civilization/Race:  Heís fire, heís an Armored Wyvern, which are a very strong race.  They currently have no evolutions, and no support, but they tend to be big enough that they don't need it. This guy sure doesn't...


Cost:  Seven mana is expensive, but in this guy's case, it is the best seven mana you'll ever spend.  It's nice for it's power, and it's effects make this cost seem just plain CHEAP.  There is no reason to not run this guy because of his cost...


Power:  7000 power is very strong.  It can deal with nearly every small and mid-range creature, and can easily dispose of most evolutions.  Look out for other fatties, though.  They are the only things that can take this guy out.


Abilities:  He's got Double Breaker.  This means he breaks two shields.  For a seven-cost creature, this ability is pretty much a given.


He's got Speed Attacker.  OH SNAP.  The second this guy hits the field, he can (and will) swing for two shields.  Or he can swing into that fattie that has been bothering you.  He can overwhelm any blocker that see's alot of play, and this guy makes a great finisher.  Speed attacker and Double Breaker were NEVER supposed to meet.


Ok, now that Iíve reviewed these stats, letís see how they stack up. 


Constructed overview:  Fricking Insane.  I HATE THIS GUY.  He and the other speed attackers will mark a new shift in the game, and this guy WILL be seeing alot of play.  Expect to see a re-surgance of blockers in your environment, because nobody wants this thing to get to their shields.  This guy is metagame changing.  And I despise him.  4.75/5


Limited overview:  I had to go up against this guy in draft.  This guy SCHOOLED me in every game I met him, and is the reason I hate him so.  If you draft him, use him.  Nuff said.  5/5


Ladies and Gentlmen (and you roughmen too), this concludes today's report.  Stay tuned tomorrow for less broken cards!


Aint it kinda funny, at the dark end of the road, how someone lights the way with just a single ray of hope.



(Top 4 at
2004 GenCon - Indy
Twin-Cannon Skyterror

Twin-Cannon Skyterror = A Beast. He is hands down the best card from Survivors and easily one of the best hitters in the current metagame. You SHOULD be playing him. And if you aren't playing him, then you SHOULD be running a set of cheap blockers for him.

1. Double Breaker. Usually this is fluff on a creature you have to wait a turn to use. On an Evolution it's great because there's no summoning sickness. Want to know why this effect is absolutely sick on Twin-Cannon? No

summoning sickness + no need for evo bait = you got owned.

2. Speed Attacker. Twin-Cannon is the prime example of why the SA effect can

be game breaking in both Constructed and Limited. Why? Twin-Cannon has maximum utility. It doesn't require another card to be effective (like how an Evo does), it circumvents one of the 'grand equalizers' of this game--summoning sickness, bounce is neglible to Twin-Cannon, and he's a total wrecking ball the sooner he sees the field. Plain and simple:
Twin-Cannon is the definition of a deadly threat. Instant advantage. It's the reason why he's darn near-perfect in both formats.

7 for 7000 is great on a Speed Attacker with Double Breaker. You're either hitting for two, slamming a 7000 or below body, or getting rid of a blocker.

But, 7000 isn't perfection, somewhere there's a player packing Gran to halt his damage or a Fighter Dual Fang that can slam him after he's done his thing on the field.

[Where To Deck]
Twin-Cannon Skyterror is a great fit in every deck running Fire that is not pure uber-Rush. It truly shines in aggro and aggro-control decks that prepare for the lategame. Most of those decks usually have the means to accelerate the deck (like Bronze-Arm Tribe and Poisonous Mushroom) so Twin-Cannon poses a threat earlier. In my humble opinion, Twin's also very sweet in Survivor decks, even more so than Bladerush Skyterror Q.

Speaking of S-decks, I'm still messing around with them. (Aren't you?) I present to you my latest build featuring Twin-Cannon Skyterror. The deck is still heavily being tested. Soon I'll toss this into the ring versus some very stiff online competition who will undoubtedly help me get this puppy ready for my local meta.

* Water *
Hunter Fish x4
Aqua Hulcus x4
Spilt-Head Hydroturtle Q x3
Spikestrike Ichthys Q x3
Brain Serum x2

* Fire *
Blazosaur Q x4
Twin-Cannon Skyterror x3
Searing Wave x3

* Nature *
Smash Horn Q x4
Bronze-Arm Tribe x4
Avalanche Giant x2
Natural Snare x4

I'm going to test Tornado Flame, Poisonous Mushroom, Corile, and a different

angle for the deck using Darkenss for discard and removal. Regardless of test changes, Twin-Cannon Skyterror will remain in the deck.

When you play Twin-Cannon in any format you've got to use him has the tool he's crafted to be--force your opponent to make tough choices or press for the win. If you don't face many blockers, then Twin-Cannon is going to cause

a lot of trouble. But, don't stick just one copy of Twin-Cannon in a deck with a bunch of low utility cards and expect it to win games for you.

[Format Ratings Overall]
Contructed: 5/5. You are short-changing yourself if you don't construct at least one deck for this guy as the "complete package" finisher. Expect to see players--even the ones who ahbor blockers to no end--run a set of cheap blockers just to deal with this behemoth, and to a lesser extent, the other Speed Attackers.

Limited: High. Twin-Cannon is an automatic pick for Limited, despite the need to keep Sealed decks within the 1-6 mana card choice range. Twin-Cannon

Skyterror is what a "bomb" should be--it's fat, it packs double breaker, it's reasonably costed, it doesn't require evo bait--and most importantly--it's a hitter the moment it sees the battle zone. Lack of summoning sickness is, well, sick in Limited. If for no other reason (say that I was crazy and didn't want to use Twin-Cannon in Limited), I'd Draft Twin-Cannon simply to keep it out of my opponent's hands.

Knives101 Twin Cannon Skyterror

Well this week we are reviewing three insane cards. The first of them is what I believe to be the best card in the set. Twin Cannon Skyterror.
Normally it would take two cards from your hand (and 6 to 9 mana) to get a double breaker to hit the field all at once. For example:In order go from having no creatures in play to having a Crystal Lancer you need to cast Aqua Guard, and then cast Crystal Lancer on top of Aqua Guard. With Twin Cannon Skyterror on the other hand you just cast seven mana, and use up one card from your hand. Let's say that you need to break three sheilds, and attack one last time to win the game. Your opponent has no blockers out. You have two creatures in play, and no sheilds. Your opponent has three creatures in play. Looks hopeless huh? Well guess what? It's not. Just play Twin Cannon Skyterror. With a little luck you should be able to win in the very turn that you play Twin Cannon. Another great reason to run Twin Cannon is that Corile doesn't do very much to him at all. Your opponent plays Corile. Then you put Twin Cannon back on top of your deck. But guess what? Twin Cannon just comes back out next turn. Evil huh? Twin Cannon can also be used to kill a tapped creature instantly. Just cast Twin Cannon and attack the Barkwhip/Chaos Worm/Valdios/Larba Geer. The best part about Twin Cannon is that he can be used as early as turn five. How? Just play Poisonous Mushroom, and Bronze Arm Tribe to get mana faster. People hate, and fear Dash Horn hitting play on turn five. Twin Cannon is even worse though, because he attacks right away.

So let's do a quick review of Twin Cannon SKyterror's pros.

He gives hand advantage (because he requires no evo bait).

He can surprise your opponent, and break two sheilds out of nowhere.

He cannot be coriled.

He can take out big creatures instantly.

He can hit play on turn five if you want him to.

He looks cool.


Rating: 10/5 (One of the best cards to ever come into this game.)
Mohamed Alhendy Todayís card, Twin Cannon Skyterror, is, in my opinion, the best card in the set. It is also the best of the Skyterror race. Gatling, Scarlet, Metalwing and definitely Chaotic donít come close to being as good as Twin Cannon. And, surprisingly, some of them are harder to get than Twin Cannon. Anyway, letís get on with the review.

Twin Cannon Skyterror is an amazing card. To start things off, its not one of those horrible cards with horrible mana to cost ratios. It costs 7 for 7000. But thatís not all! Not only does it have the benefit of being the strongest of the speed attackers, itís got Double Breaker to boot! That means that on Turn 7, there is a high chance youíll be able to double break your opponents shields, and quite likely end the game. This card is also only a rare, excellent IMO for a card with such great stats. Itís even got great art, and a super cool promo form that looks awesome.

I canít think of anything bad for this card. Sure itís a bad draw in your opening hand, but what high-costing card isnít? If you run fire, make sure to use this card,

Constructed: 5/5 (A must for ANY deck using fire)

Limited: 5/5 (Again, a must for ANY deck using fire, even more so here. Iíd give it a 10/5, but I canít really do that)

Artwork: 5/5 (Some of the finest artwork of Duel Masters, and the holo form makes the picture look even better!)
Kaijudo Chris Twin-Cannon Skyterror


Twin-Cannon Skyterror - One who fears no sickness. This card introduces another new ability in the Survivors of the Megapocalypse expansion: Speed attacker. The name says it all, giving this fast-paced creature some instant satisfaction. Okay, okay, so he's a on the pricey edge of the game...but there's such a benefit behind it. With 7 mana under his belt, you expect a decent attack...right? Well you get just that, 7000, and more! Not only is Twin-Cannon Skyterror a nicely rounded creature in terms of cost and attack, but he packs a punch with his second effect - Double breaker! A possible first-turn, double-breaking powerhouse. Twin-Cannon Skyterror is undoubtably, if not, the best speed attack in the set. By turn seven, when all chaos unleashes, you'll have a nice power to push back with and knock out a couple shields in the process. This card belongs in any fire-based deck which needs a little spicing up with speed and power. Twin-Cannon Skyterror suffers no serious flaw and recieves a high 4/5.


+ 7000 Power - Excellent backup power.
+ Speed attacker - The sooner the better!
+ Double breaker - Two shields too many!


- 7 Mana - A turn's worth of mana...but well spent!


Kettou Da!
Christopher "Kaijudo Chris" Thomas
Contact: webmaster@duelmastersn.com



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