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Pojo's Duel Masters Card of the Day

Image from Wizards Duel Master site

  Bladerush Skyterror Q

Card #4

Date Reviewed: 01.19.05

Constructed Average Rating:
Limited Average Rating:

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst. 3 ... average.
5 is the highest rating.

Lee Sandow

Todayís review is going to be really short, and not as full of Witty banter as my others.  I have been busy lately with school, so if I start missing some COTD reviews/ tournament reports, forgive me.  Speaking of, I wonít be writing one for this week, but I got schooled in case you were wondering.  Stupid draftÖ Anyways, todays card is a survivor, one which I drafted to good use.  Meet:


Bladerush Skyterror Q

Cost:  7

Civilization:  Fire

Card Type:  Creature
Race:  Survivor/Armored Wyvern

  • Survivor (Each of your Survivors has this creature's ability.)

Double breaker (This creature breaks 2 shields.)

Flavor Text:  Its war cry shreds the clouds. Its blades shred everything else.

Power: 5000

Mana Generated: 1

Rarity:  Very Rare

Card Number:  4/55


I got lucky to pull him, even luckier to summon him when I had two other survivors on the field. Moving right alongÖ


Civilization/Race:  Heís fire, heís an Armored Wyvern, and heís a SURVIVOR.  Heís also currently the beefiest one in the English game too.  Unfortunately, he runs expensive as far as fire creatures go, but youíll only use him in a survivors deck anyway, so it doesnít matter.


Cost:  Seven mana is expensive, but not unfeasible.  If you are running mana accel you can summon him fairly quickly.  He costs a bit much for his power, but Iíll get to why in a minute.


Power:  5000 power is in the mid-range.  It kills wimps and suicides most middle cards.  Look out for big evolutions and Triple Breakers (yeah, right) though. 


Abilities:  He is a survivor, so he gets the ability of every other survivor on the field.  That means he can have any number of abilities, but Iíll only judge the one he comes with.  He gives all survivors (including himself) double breaker.  That can make all you survivors on the field HUGE.  Blazosaur Q and friends are suddenly a WHOLE lot more deadly.  Combo this guy with the card that prevents your opponent from blocking for extra fun.


Ok, now that Iíve reviewed these stats, letís see how they stack up. 


Constructed overview:  Iím going to rate him for a Survivors themed deck.  Anywhere else, heís overcosted double breaker fodder.  Use someone else.  In a Survivor deck, however, he is almost a staple.  This guy can make ALL your wimpy, weaker survivors tanks.  Your opponent will not last long against a huge storm of double breakers.  Your opponent WILL probably try to kill this guy, so protect him as much as you can.  Heís good in a survivor deck, but skip him elsewhere.  4/5


Limited overview:  Same story here, assuming you draft a decent number of survivors.  In my draft, I did, and he allowed me to go on a killing spree (which would have killed Austin had he not Shield Triggered a Aqua Surfer at the dead last secondÖ).  Heís also harder to kill here, so heíll hang around longer.   3.5/5


Oh, and Kudos to Andrew Philips for his awesome report with my picture.  Loved it.  I will dedicate todayís final thought to you.


Taco Flavored Kisses! - Andrew Philips


(Top 4 at
2004 GenCon - Indy
Bladerush Skyterror Q
Bladerush is an effective "seal the win" creature for the S-deck archetype.
Players running Fire in their S-decks should consider Bladerush Q depending on their overall strategy--at least until the 9,000 power 6 mana Survivor Evolution creature, Sigma Tureito (that allows for even more shield breaking), is released in the 6th set. Both options in a deck might be killer.

1. Double Breaker. If Bladerush Skyterror Q wasn't a Survivor creature, then there would be no need to deck it. Double Breaker is much more effective on Evolution and Speed Attacker creatures, especially when you have to invest more than 5 mana for 1 creature.

2. Survivor. Now here's the reason Bladerush isn't junk in its namesake deck. Since Bladerush shares it's Double Breaker effect with the other Survivors, you have the chance to turn other creatures into double breakers and slam more shields. In that regard, waiting a turn to hit with Bladerush isn't a huge problem.

7 mana for 5000 power bites. Other Skyterrors rocking the DB status for 7 mana have at least 6000 power. But the loss in 1000-2000 power rolls over into Bladerush's ability to make all your other Survivor creatures hack away at your opponent for 2 to the dome. In other words, Bladerush's effect in an S-deck makes up for his cost and lack of power.

[Where To Deck]
Only in a S-deck. Just deck some Survivors creatures with it--duh. For fun, here's a Bladerush Q S-deck that I'm tweaking at the moment (I have several S-decks that I'm testing). The deck NEEDS WORK, but you can nab a few ideas from it as a starting point for your Survivors deck:

~~4 Marrow Ooze, the Twister~~
~~4 Blazosaur Q~~
~~4 Smash Horn Q~~
~~4 Dimension Gate~~
~~4 Ballonshroom Q~~
~~4 Skullsweeper Q~~
~~4 Searing Wave~~
~~4 Terror Pit~~
~~4 Natural Snare~~
~~2 Bladerush Skyterror Q~~
~~2 Twin-Cannon Skyterror~~

I'm going to test Brutal Charge, Brain Serum, Spikestrike Ichthys Q, Corile, Lost Soul, more destruction and some stuff for Blocker decks.

[Format Ratings Overall]
Contructed: 4/5. Turning the cheaper Survivors into a double breakers will surely hurt your opponent if he doesn't have a way to deal with them. Brings more pain to that whole "sharing is caring...err winning" Survivor deck theme.

Limited: Medium. Pack some Survivors with it, and blockers if you can help to stall for it. On its own Bladerush a competent lategame hitter.

I have a chicken on my head. Just kidding.
Knives101 Bladerush Skyterror

This card has quite a bit of potential. It could work in a Fire/Nature deck that runs all the cheap survivors. Just drop this guy while you have other survivors in play. Poof! Instant Double Breaking! Survivors are a little hard to keep into play. Right now you gotta either protect them greatly, or just play more survivors than your opponent can deal with. Bladerush will be better in upcoming sets. Right now he's decent.

Rating: 4
Mohamed Alhendy Todayís card is Bladerush Skyterror. Itís also our first survivor card! Survivors are some of the greatest creatures in this game, because the combinations of these cards are endless. In our first set with survivors, there are 10 survivors available to use. Thatís a pretty good starting number to mess around with. However, in later sets, weíll get to use even more survivors with better effects. Now onto the Review!

Bladerush Skyterror is the only Very Rare survivor in the Survivors of the Megapocalypse. So naturally, itís got a pretty good effect. Bladerush makes all your survivors double breaker. So, if you can keep your survivors alive in till turn 7 (or earlier if youíve got mana acceleration) then you probably just have to slam this down to win. Double Breakers are never a bad thing, as long as youíre the one using them. Use this card with miracle quest or brutal charge for even more advantage.

However, like every card, Bladerush has its disadvantages. Like I said earlier, this card will normally come out on turn 7. By that time, its highly likely you wonít need a double breaker to end the game. Also, this card has summoning sickness, so if you manage to use win on turn 7, then Bladerush would just end up being a 7 cost spell that makes all survivors double breakers. You might be better of using mega detonator or snake attack. Also, 7 mana for 5000 power doesnít provide that great of a power to cost ratio. The other survivors come in mid-game and usually have game breaking abilities, so they have a reason to have a uneven power to cost ratio.

Overall, this card has potential in a survivor deck. However, I find most of the other survivors better than this one, so I usually pass it up.

Constructed: 3.5/5 in Survivor-Based Deck (This guy is just the bomb you need in a deck like this, especially if you donít win right away after playing it)

2.5/5 in Partial Survivor Deck (Even a few weenie double breakers should quickly get the game over with. Might be harder to accomplish double breaker overkill here though)

1/5 Non-Survivor Deck (It obviously is just an underpowered fatty in a deck without other survivors. Very unlikely youíll get two of these on the field, and even then, effects wonít stack)

Limited: 4.5/5 (Fatties are always good here. Double Breakers are always good here. And sharing double breaking effects in a tournament with few to none blockers is great! If you manage to pull other survivors this card is great, and if you donít, itís still good)
Kaijudo Chris Overview:
The fith expansion the the duel masters trading card game has introduced many new abilities, but none more potent than the "survivor." A great example of this is Bladerush Skyterror Q. With this survivor ability, as you may know, Bladerush Skyterror Q has the power to share his double breaker with other survivors on his side of the battle zone. In addition, he gains the same powers of other survivors on his side of the battle zone. Though, survivors don't come cheap. On average, they cost 2 more than a typical 1 to 1000 creature. Bladerush Skyterror Q here is a hefty 7 mana creature for 5000 power. 7 mana is just past that costly border line we try to stay behind. So, if you're going to invest 7 mana on any given turn, you must be sure to suck every reward out of Bladerush Skyterror Q. A way of doing this would be to throw in other survivors into your deck. I don't reccomend adding costly survivors such as Bladerush here, rather some affordable ones (ie Blazesaur Q & Balloonshroom Q). Aside from recieving a possible ability from a fellow survivor, Bladerush Skyterror Q has the double breaker effect. If it weren't for this nice shield-breaking touch, I'd render this card too pricey. If you're to run this card, I strongly urge you to revolve it around a Survivor Deck or somewhere along those lines. Otherwise, there are plenty of other cards out there where you can get more bang for your buck. Bladerush Skyterror Q gets a low 2/5.


+ Survivor - Pass it on, get some more!
+ Double breaker - Two shields too many!
+ 5000 Power - Not too low, not too high!


- 7 Mana - Invest Cautiously!


Note: Many wonder why Survivors end their names with "Q", this is explained to-the-point on Ballus, Dogfight Enforcer Q's flavor text - "To indicate the telepathic link shared by all Survivors, scientists added a code letter to their names."



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