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Pojo's Duel Masters Card of the Day

Image from Wizards Duel Master site

  Alek, Solidity Enforcer

Card 1

Date Reviewed: 01.07.05

Constructed Average Rating: 2
Limited Average Rating: 2

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst. 3 ... average.
5 is the highest rating.

Lee Sandow

This week of awful light cards has FINALLY come to an end, and today we are reviewing the best of the bunch.  Today, we have a potentially big creature that can rival the power of anything your opponent can summon.  Then again, it could also be the biggest waste of seven mana youíll ever pay.  Todayís card is a solid card (get it?):


Alek, Solidity Enforcer

Cost:  7

Civilization:  Light

Card Type:  Creature
Creature Class:  Berserker

  • Blocker (When your opponent announces an attack, tap this creature to stop the attack.  Then the 2 creatures battle.)
  • This creature gets +1000 power for each of your other light creatures in the battle zone.

Flavor Text:  ďHey, you!  Get Solid!Ē

Power: 4000+

Mana Generated: 1

Rarity:  Rare

Card Number:  1/55


Solid was a joke.  Heís not that great at all.  He has potential to be great, but he is quite expensive and (eek) situational.  We all know how I feel about that.  Will this one be good enough to earn my good review?  Let us review so we can find out!


Civilization/Race:  Heís Light (as are all of this weekís cards), and heís a Berserker, a race that doesnít receive a lot of attention.  Being a Berserker, he has no evolutions and no support cards (aside from other light creatures, that is).  He is more of a support card himself, though, but he can also be a big hitter.


Cost:  Seven Mana is a LOT to spend on one card.  Other cards that cost that much are wicked powerful double breakers, or other cards will good abilities.  This guy CAN get big enough to warrant the cost, but his lackluster ability makes him a bit over-costed.


Abilities:  He is a Blocker, and one with decent strength too, which means he will be able to stop some powerful attacks.  With one other light creature on the field, he can stop most early evos, and with more on the field he can stop nearly anything.  Unfortunately, since he is a blocker he has a nasty weakness to Scarlet Skyterror and Crystal Paladin. 


His other ability gives him extra power for each light creature you have on the field.  If you summon this guy with a full line up of Light creatures on the field, this guy will have an uncool amount of power, which can be used for both offensive and defensive purposes.  If you summon it on an empty field however, you have just paid way too much for a weak creature.  Again, it becomes too situational for my tastes.


Power:   His base power of 4000 is Ok, since it can take out most early drop cards, but it canít hold itís own against Barkwhip or most other evos without the aid of other creatures.  His power can be raised to that level by summoning more Light creatures, but you still need to be cautious about Paladin.  His power is random, and I just donít like random. 


Ok, now that Iíve reviewed these stats, letís see how they stack up. 


Constructed overview:  A great concept, but in my opinion he is too little, too late.  By turn seven, most Light decks have used Diamond Cutter to pillage the opponent, and are preparing to do it again.  By the time this guy hits the field, your opponent might already be dead.  Additionally, why use this if you can just summon Gran Gure for a mana less, and have a whopping 9000 power to block with?  Iíd run Gran Gure over this guy, but if you donít have any Gran Gure, this guy could do the same job, just not as well.  2/5


Limited overview:  Heís REALLY expensive here, and thereís a good bet you might not have any other light creatures on the field by the time you summon him.  Rampage does suffer from a severe lack of blockers, and this guy can defeat many creatures that will see a lot of play.  The problem is, you might be dead before he is ever summoned.  Iíd pass on him here, but he isnít TOO badÖ  2/5


The week is finally over!
Knives101 Alec

Ok. This creature costs seven mana. But it doesn't even have a whole lot of power, unless you have a ton of Light creatures in play. Any creature that costs seven mana to play should have a good effect tagged onto it. Vampire Silphy for example is well worth paying eight mana for. So is Scarlett Skyterror. Alec has no effect whatsoever. So it's just a big blocker....Err...Make that a blocker that can be big, if things go your way.
Big creatures with summoning sickness are bad enough. Big creatures with Summoning Sickness AND blocker are even worse. It's sad to see your Seven Mana investment be hit by Scarlett Skyterror, Critical Blade, or even Crystal Paladin.

Rating: 1 (Never use this unless you have no other cards to use.)


Alek, Solidity Enforcer


It SOO desperately wants to be Skyforce.


7 for 4000 is bad, and while this creature is an attacking blocker, even with a lot of light creatures, it still isnít a double breaker.


It isnít completely useless though. If you swarm with your light creatures, making this a 10000/11000 blocker would make quite a solid defense. It could run over most creatures, to.


No support in itís creature type sucks though.






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