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Pojo's Duel Masters Card of the Day

Image from Wizards Duel Master site

  Ouks, Vizier of Restoration

Card 14

Date Reviewed: 01.05.05

Constructed Average Rating: 1.25
Limited Average Rating: 1.5

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst. 3 ... average.
5 is the highest rating.

Lee Sandow

ďLight week of SuckageĒ continues now with another card that is mediocre at best, but I think itís a LITTLE better than yesterdays card.  Today, we have a vizier, who wasnít blessed by Hanusa like all the others were.  Hanusa thinks you suck too.  I hereby change your name to Ouks, Vizier of Suckage.


Ouks, Vizier of Restoration

Cost:  5

Civilization:  Light

Card Type:  Creature
Creature Class:  Initiate

  • When this creature would be destroyed, add it to your shields face down instead. 

Flavor Text:  ďLaser web?  Check.  Laser spider?  Still on order.Ē

Power: 1000

Mana Generated: 1

Rarity:  Rare

Card Number:  14/55


In addition to having a funny name (say Ouks out loud.  Youíll get stared at), he is weak.  He is also a rare, so I pity the fool who opens him in the pack they spent $3.50 on to find this guy waiting there.


Civilization/Race:  Heís Light (as are all of this weekís cards), and heís also an initiate.  That isnít too bad, since he can evolve into a decent evo creature, but why would you want to evolve from a creature that costs more than the evolution does?  Also, why would you evolve him if that would cause him to lose his (lackluster) ability?


Cost:  Five mana in Light is reserved for Diamond Cutter. Diamond Cutter, this card isnít.  In fact, worth his weight in cardboard, this guy isnít.  See where this review is going?


Abilities:  When this guy dies (shouldnít be hard with 1000 power), he becomes a shield.  Which will then get broken, returning this already useless card to your hand, for you to waste five mana on again.  Iíd rather that extra shield be a decent card when it hits my hand, or have it be Holy Awe or splashed Terror Pit to REALLY help me. 


Power:   1000 power is the weakest that any card in the game has ever been.  If Iím paying five mana for a creature, it better not be able to be killed by any creature in the game.  It had also better not be able to be Crimson Hammered if I paid five mana for it (unless itís name is Corile).  I know he likes dying, since it nets you a shield, but REALLY.  Your opponent WONíT kill it if they are smart, since it poses NO threat to their creatures. 


Ok, now that Iíve reviewed these stats, letís see how they stack up. 


Constructed overview:  In case you didnít get the gist above, I donít like this guy.  I do not like him Sam-I-Am.  I would not use him in a deck; I would not use him if his name were beck.  I would not play him here or there, I would not play him anywhere.  His final ranking is 1/5, cause I do not like him Sam-I-Am.


Limited overview:  I would not play him in a draft, I would not play him fore or aft, I would not play him here or there, I will not play him anywhere.  1/5


Conclusion?  Use him as kindling in your fireplace, as toilet paper, or eat him to see what a Duel Masters card tastes like (they have a kind of bitter taste at first, but they are nice and chewy, and they melt in your mouth, not in your hand).  This guy is AWEFUL


It canít get any worse than him.


(Top 4 at
2004 GenCon - Indy
Ouks, Vizier of Restoration
I like the idea behind creature recursion involving the shield zone, but I'm not a fan of the current selection of creatures with this capability.

1. When this creature would be destroyed, add it to your shields face down instead.

Who can say no to an extra shield? If you know my winning decks, then you know that I can't (read: I'm a Mana Nexus lover)! But even I won't endorse Ouks. Perhaps somewhere there's a place for creatures like Ouks, but you'd could probably count them on one hand. Still, there's something intriguing going on with Ouks. If you used Ouks in a deck with mana gain you could get it out early. That's really the only deck setup where I see creatures like this being decked (trust me, you won't see me decking this creature anytime soon). I'm talking about using cards like Bronze Arm Tribe, Ultimate Force, Fighter Dual Fang--so you're making mana with immediate effects (as opposed to Mighty Shouter) and you have the mana base to support Ouks' sneaky endeavors. An abundance of mana is there not only to get Ouks into play faster, but it's needed to help you play other cards on the turns you'd be inclined to keep re-summoning Okus or summon more than one Ouks. You do want your field to see effective drops like Fang as opposed to just summoning Ouks.

Truth be told, what was intended with Ouks and creatures of its ilk was the chance to send your opponent into a "constant having to break this same shield" setup. That's fine and dandy if you can pull it off, even for just a few turns. One problem is if your opponent saves this creature for the last shield break and his field outnumbers your shields, then you're toast. This 'constant shield' thing sort of works when your opponent doesn't know how to plan around known shields, his deck just isn't capable of doing much of anything effective to seal a win, or you have more control over when the effect kicks in. Any good player will see what you're trying to do from the starting line and will plan accordingly. Any player decking Snare can stop to Ouks' shennigans (tho, I must admit that I hate Snaring little guys) if he chooses to waste the spell on it. Yet more problem are your opponent won't kill Okus unless it's down to the wire and you'll have a hard time finding creatures to ram it into once the late game rolls around unless you're facing weenie power decks.

Even with the narrow possibility of perpetual shielding there are better ways to reap new shields, create shield chains or put a creature into the shield zone. With Ouk--at best--you're only prolonging your duels. It's a hefty mana investment when you consider what else to deck at its cost--in the case of Raza it's just too darn costly. Sure, prolonging the duel is part and parcel to creating extra shields, but with other shield creation cards at least you're setting down something that immediately can muck up your opponent's plans, think Holy Awe.

The efficiency behind setting shields/creating extra shields is that you can reap mana or field advantage by setting down a devastating shield trigger spell or creature. Ouks does none of that. When Okus is broken, it goes to your hand. On your next turn you have to re-invest 5 mana to cast Ouks so you can wait a turn to ram it into something so that it becomes a shield again. This sort of effect is better on Raza because it's a blocker, although that creature is...well there's simply better things to play than both those creatures.

If you want creatures that can end up as shields, turn to shield trigger creatures. If you want to create extra shields, then turn to Mana Nexus or Sundrop Armor. If you want to set your shields and nab some draw, then go for Emeral. If you have a weird meta or a deck with super mana gain, then you might get away with making Mystic Inscription work for an extra shield--and it might plop down a trigger.

[Effect Ratings]
Contructed: 1/5. There's a deck for this card, let's call it Mr. Casual Deck.

Limited: 1/5. I don't know about you, but I pass up cards like this for solid hitters.

5 mana for 1000. The power bites, but the low power helps facilitate this ending up as a shield if there's widespread creature kill targeting weenies or something to ram it into. Otherwise, you're fishing for new shields with a broken net.

Power Ratings
Constructed: 1/5. This card just isn't playable.

Limited: 1/5. Bites. It can take out a fair amount of creatures, but at 5 mana you want something with at least 3000 power or a really cool effect. An extra shield is a cool effect, but I'm not convinced it's worth it.

[Other Considerations]
Evo Bait: It can be evolved into Sieg Balicula. But, why when you have Miele & Iere? Seriously, with all the blocker hate going around now you seldom see anyone decking Sieg. So, for the most part, the playable Initates have dwindled down to Miele & Magris.

[Where To Deck]
I guess you could try it out in a Light/Nature deck. But, it just doesn't fit what most Light/Nature decks try to accomplish. With Sundrop Armor, Kolon, Mana Nexus, Mystic, Torcon--you have a selection of cards that can creature extra shields and creatures that can end up as shields that are far better choices. In mono-Light, why bother?

[Some Cards To Deck Instead Of It]
Everything I've named thus far.

[Format Ratings Overall]
Constructed: 1/5. There are much better ways to reap more use out of your shield zone.

Limited: 1/5. I wouldn't bother.

Survey Says: 9 out of 10 people agree that cecillbill's card reviews are killer. The one naysayer answered the survey: "Hey, what's a card review?"

The Antman
Ouks, Vizier of Restoration- Rare-#14(DM-04)
well peoples today we have the over costed yet good power  Ouks, Vizier of Restoration.
Man.. if only this dude had shield trigger and blocker he would be the ultimate card... and light would always win because of him..., but he doesn't so we have to review the crappy version of him,  Ouks, Vizier of Restoration is a non-shield trigger, non-blocker reuseable monster.  seriously? who would be stupid enough to destroy this dude unless they really had to? like if they had 1 shield left or something...
constructed- 1/5 light realy doesn't need this it already has sundrop armor
limited- 3.5/5 i was split on this card, cuz i have never played/played against this card in limited on one hand its a reuseable shield, on the other its a overcosted junkie...
Final Thought- *thinking* there that was it. ^.^
Knives101 Ooks

When this creature dies it becomes a sheild. Well that's a decent effect.
But Ooks only has 1000 power. If this creature had more power then it could slam into an opponent's creature, and become a sheild in one move.
Unfortunatly it gets 1000 power. Which makes it pretty useless unless you have some way to power it up. With this card you gotta wait a turn until you can even gain your extra sheild too. If your opponent never taps his own creatures, and never destroys Ooks then you've just wasted five mana.
Overall this card is pretty horrible.

Rating: 2

Ouks, Vizier of Restoration


Iíve had a hard time deciding if this thing is any good. While I wouldnít play it, itís the cheapest monster that turns into a shield yet. 5 for 1000 is incredibly bad, and while gaining an extra shield sounds nice, having this as that extra shield is pretty pointless.


He can be evolved, and when youíre using Initiates, having a blocker that can turn into a shield isnít completely useless.


2/5, he stalls andÖ oh, thatís all. =/

Mohamed Alhendy

Ouks, Vizier of Magnetism is another card to help the theme known as Shield Manipulation. Its brother, Aless the Oracle, made back in Rampage of the Super Warriors, was horrible, as it belonged to a currently useless people, the light bringers. It also costed 6 mana, which was is a spot reserve for high quality spells like Terror Pit, Natural Snare, Holy Awe, and even Hydro Hurricane.


However, Ouks is a little better. Heís not a huge improvement, and isnít a great card, but is still much better than its brother. First of all, this guy costs one less mana. This still puts him with cards much better than him, but he has less competition here. He also belongs to a race that actually has an evo, the intiates, so he can be used as bait for Sieg Bacula, or even made into a blocker. This allows him to get his effect more easily, and puts your opponent in tough situations.


Still, Ouks is a pretty pathetic creature. He costs 5 mana and has 1000 power, which gives a horrible mana to cost ratio. Also, his effect is in complete control of your opponent. Unless, you get him to become a blocker by using Sieg Bacula, Full Defensor, or some other blocker making card, your opponent will never have to kill him. You could also try to suicide him into another 1000-powered creature, but itís unlikely an opponent will lay out a tapped 1000-powered creature for you to attack.


This card basically needs in own deck with other shield makers to even be remotely playable. However, even there, there are better shield giving options. Mystical Inscription and Mana Nexus offer much more direct forms of shield giving. Even Sundrop Armor is better than this card. It could take you many turns to turn ouks into a shield, while these cards give you shields directly.


This card should only ever be used in casual play, but never used for an actual constructed event.




1.5/5 for shield-making and/or manipulating deck

1/5 for regular deck

0.5/5 for limited (This card is gonna be one of those cards you should only use if you have no choice)




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