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Pojo's Duel Masters Card of the Day

Image from Wizards Duel Master site

  Billion-Degree Dragon

Card #S4

Date Reviewed: 02.21.05

Constructed Average Rating: 1.2
Limited Average Rating: 1

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst. 3 ... average.
5 is the highest rating.

Lee Sandow

OMFG!!!!  Today’s card is the single most godly card in all of Duel Masters!  His power is unrivaled, he breaks THREE shields, and he will ownzor j00!!!1!!!1!one!!!!SHIFT+1


Billion-Degree Dragon

Cost:  10

Civilization:  Fire

Card Type:  Creature
Race:  Armored Dragon

  • Triple breaker (This creature breaks 3 shields.)

Flavor Text:  The Megapocalypse woke it from its slumber deep within the molten core of the planet. It is the avenger of the world. It is legendary. And it is very, very cranky.

Power: 15000

Mana Generated: 1

Rarity:  Super Rare

Card Number:  S4/S5


I’ll get serious now.  I think this guy is so overhyped that it isn’t even funny.  Sure, he has more power than any other card in the current English game, but power means nothing.  Let me tell you about a conversation I had recently.


Little Kid:  “I’ve got Billion-Degree Dragon, you might as well surrender!!!”

Me:  “Great.  I’ve got a Terror Pit.  Wanna fight?”


Justin Florio (he writes reports sometimes) had this conversation with another kid.


Kid:  I tap ten mana to summon my ultimate creature! (goes into laughing jig)

Justin:  Great, I’ll tap four to use Death Smoke.  Then I’ll follow up with something else cause I have the mana!


So, do you see what I’m kind of poking at here.  Power isn’t everything.  But let’s get on with the review.


Civilization/Race:  He’s fire, which is known for either being low-cost and fast or high-cost and HUGE, and this guy is definitely huge.  He’s an armored dragon, which actually has a lot of support these days.  Kip Chippoto can protect this guy.  He gets extra power (that he doesn’t need) for Starcry Dragon.  This guy has no lack of support.


Cost:  Ten mana.  0_o  This is very expensive for one creature.  Especially when it doesn’t have a kick-butt effect to go with it (like King Tsunami).  This is very expensive, so I’d advise running mana accel with him.


Abilities:  His only ability is that he is a Triple Breaker.  Breaking three shields with one strike is nice, but I really don’t have much more to say about that.


Power:   His power is unrivaled by any other card in the CURRENT game.   15000 power can trample right over any blocker or tapped creature your opponent will have.  But power isn’t everything, and even the smallest of slayers can kill this bad boy.  I’ve got to give it to this guy though:  he can’t be Crimson Hammered ;)


Ok, now that I’ve reviewed these stats, let’s see how they stack up. 


Constructed overview:  Well, I’ve pretty much said everything there is to say about this guy already.  He’s too expensive to summon, your opponent WILL go out of their way to kill him, and he’s not worth the trouble you’ll go through to summon him.  I really can’t recommend using this guy.  1/5


Limited overview:  Well, if you are drafting for rarity, by all means take him.  If you are not, then I’d pass on him.  He’s too expensive to summon most of the time, but if you DO get him out, your opponent will probably die to it.  I’ve said this before in this category, but “are you feeling lucky?”  1.5/5




Hey, everyone, and happy President’s day!! I hope everyone is enjoying their day of complete laziness and no school. God bless America…. I’m about ready to finish off Starfox: Assault for the G-Cube, so I’m happy. Too bad for the rest of you, you get this card for your COTD.


Billion Degree Dragon

Cost: 10

Civilization: Fire


Type: Armored Dragon

Ability: Triple Breaker


Well, what do I have to say about this card?...it’s freakin’ huge, that’s for sure. 15000 is nothing to shake your tail at. I’ll save the negative stuff for later…


The Plus Side


This card is strong…and it’s red…and it triple breaks. That’s really it. I can’t see anything else good about it, (unless you say that it’s saved by a Kip Chipotto from anything, basically). Strength is always a good thing, (not to me, though), and it can determine the situation. No blocker can really stop it, excluding Alek. It’s a monster. And it triple breaks. Triple Breakers are nice. More than half of your opponent’s shields are gone and you’re basically half way there, what’s not to like?


The Negative Side


Ok, now that is over with, I can start bashing on this card like gangbusters ;)


This card is really a big, over-powered, over-expensive piece of k-rap. I really cannot imagine anyone being able to play this card. Where should I start?...


First, the mana cost. 10. Those who play this game at all would know that 10 is not that easy to get. Those who use red know that it is almost impossible to get 10 in the mana zone without using green with it. Red is primarily used for speed, but it does focus on strength and power ups a lot, but this card is just ridiculous.


Second, this card is 10. I can’t really stress this enough. Add it up, what could you play for 10?

2 Bombats?

Any human then a Valdios or Groblav?

3 Rikabus?

3 Brawler Zylers and 2 Mini Titans?

There are a lot of better things a person with red can do with 10 mana. This is just a waste. Plus, it doesn’t get the speed attacker thing, so it sits there for a turn, which it will probably die in a minute or two.


Third, what the hell kind of name is “Billion-Degree Dragon”??!!! Seriously, that has to be the worst name of any card so far.

“Armored Blaster Valdios”- Genius

“Aqua Sniper”- Great

“Explosive Dude Joe”- Simply Amazing.

But Billion-Degree Dragon? I think you get the point.


The Limited Side


If you can get this guy out on the field in limited, and win the tournament, I will personally eat my deck, box included!!! J/k


Yea, don’t take it, unless you want the trade bait. That’s really all its good for. Grabbing the attention of little kids and they’ll trade almost anything they have for one.


The Recap

 Let’s go over the + and – again



+ It’s strong

+ It triple breaks

+ It gets saved by Kip Chipotto!!!!!



- It really sucks

- Waste of mana

- Waste of space in your deck

- will probably die next turn.

- I would rather have 3 rikabus. I’d settle for a Twin-Cannon..

- Worst name in the game. Period


Constructed(Red+Green Mana production)-1.5/5- I gave it a decent score. If you can get it out by 6th turn, I see it’s pluses, but besides that, it blows

Constructed(Red+any other color or none)-1/5- I’d give it worse, but…

Limited-2/5- It’s red mana at least…That’s good, right?

Art-2.5/5-The only good thing about the card, and that it has monster trade bait value.


Ok, that’s it for the disaster formally known as Billion-Degree Dragon. If anyone has any questions, comments, concerns, or complaints, e-mail me at


Later Days…

Knives101 Billion-Degree Dragon

Ok. Any good player knows that creatures that cost over six mana and have summoning sickness stink. This dragon is even worse. You will never ever ever get up to ten mana. And even if you do your opponent will play something like Death Smoke, Corile, Spiral Gate, Terror Pit, Natural Snare or Chains of Sacrafice to make your use of ten mana useless. Never run this creature. It is no good at all. At least Bolshock Dragon is a reasonable Six mana for 6000 power and Double Breaker. Even Urth (the biggest Timmy Card during base set) is better than Billion Degree. Urth was a really big timmy card during the base set because everybody overestimated it's "untap"
ability. Even really good players ran Urth for some reason. To this day I don't know why. IMO Urth is just as bad as Bolshock. Anyway...

Rating: 1/5
Kaijudo Chris 02-21-05: Billion-Degree Dragon


Monday's review is defenitly one lacking no explosive power! Today, Billion-Degree Dragon comes knocking on our door. Wanted by many, and feared by many more, Billion-Degree has been a popular favorite among the collectees out there, but does it hold its title on the battle zone? Let's see, for a flabbergasting 10 mana, you get an even more insane power (15,000) and the outstanding tripple breaker ability. So...is it worth it? Some might disagree, but I say it's a little too far out of reach. The most you could hope for from this brute would be to sack an opponent's similar, insane brute or bust a few shields...but its lack of speed (whether it be speed attacker or evolution), makes it a sitting duck for Spiral Gate, Death Smoke, Natural Snare, ect.! No creature's expected to live long on the front, but let's make sure we don't dish out all our mana only to have your beauty hit the graveyard, mana zone, or hand :/ Don't get me wrong, Billion-Degree's nothing to underestimate, especially when having a fun duel against your buddy, but think twice before decking this Dragon into a tournament or competitive arena. Overall, it's a big, powerful, costly, straight-to-the-point beatstick...ranking a low 2/5.


+ King of Power!
+ Tripple Breakage!
+ Huge Collector's Card/Trade Bait!


- Costs waaay too much >_<
- Slow around the edges...vulnerable investment!


Kettou Da!
Christopher "Kaijudo Chris" Thomas
Contact: webmaster@duelmastersn.com

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