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Pojo's Duel Masters Card of the Day

Image from Wizards Duel Master site

  Enchanted Soil

Card #51

Date Reviewed: 02.18.05

Constructed Average Rating:
Limited Average Rating:

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst. 3 ... average.
5 is the highest rating.

Lee Sandow

Putting high-cost triple breakers aside for now, let us review an interesting spell card.  This is a mana accel card in it’s truest form, and it will easily replace Ultimate Force.  This card also gives us a bit more insight into how the Duel Masters world (as in, the world within the cards) works.  I always love cards like that.


Enchanted Soil
Cost: 4

Civilization: Nature

Card Type:  Spell

  • Put up to 2 creatures from your graveyard into your mana zone.

Flavor Text:  "Souls don't truly depart this world. They merely rest for a time." -Fighter Dual Fang

Mana Generated: 1

Rarity:  Uncommon

Card Number:  51/55


So, when creatures die, their souls linger and become mana.  It sounds like the circle of life all over again.  When a Horned Beast dies, it’s body becomes the grass, and other Horned Beasts eat the grass, so we are all connected in the great circle of cannibalism.  Yes, that was straight from ‘The Lion King.’


Civilization/Race:  It’s a nature spell, go figure.  Only nature seems to have any mana accel cards. 


Cost:  Four mana is a perfectly reasonable amount for a spell like this to cost, especially since it nets you two mana immediately after you use it.  So if you look at it that way, you are only paying two mana for it.


Abilities:  It takes two monsters of your choice from the graveyard and places them into the mana zone.  Obviously, this card is most effective when you have at least two creatures in the graveyard.  It gives you mana, which is always a plus, and it does NOT require you to kill a creature, it mearly requires said creature to already be dead.  Mid-game, it’s a good bet you will have at LEAST one dead creature.


Ok, now that I’ve reviewed these stats, let’s see how they stack up. 


Constructed overview:  Mid-game, this card is nuts.  Say on turn four you have two creatures in the graveyard (your opponent Rothused a Barkwhip, let’s pretend).  You use this to have SIX mana.  Two extra mana is a HUGE amount, and combined with all the other accel Nature has to offer, this card can easily help you shoot by your opponent.  This card’s only downside is that is useless until you get creatures in the Graveyard.  Still, it’s easy to use, and it puts those deceased creatures to good use.  Combine it with Mana Nexus, if you wish, and use it on shield trigger creatures.  Or simply use it for mana accel.  The choice is yours.  I give this puppy a solid 4.3/5


Limited overview:  Mana advantage is priceless in this format.  There’s a good bet you WILL have two dead creatures in this environment.  It’s an uncommon, so odds are you will pull one.  I would DEFINITELY take this card if it were offered to me.  4/5




Knives101 Enchanted Soil

Gaining two mana for the cost of four mana is good. But on turn four you probably won't have any creatures in the graveyard anyway. Not unless you focus your deck on making your opponent kill your own creatures. You could do this by packing Horrid Worms, and Marrow Oozes. Opponent's love to kill Horrid Worm, and Ooze dies on it's own. I really don't see what good two extra mana on turn four will do you. Instead of going through all the trouble for Enchanted Soil why not play Bronze Arm Tribe, and P. Shroom. If you get both cards in your early hand, then you get the two extra mana much easier. You can also just wait another turn if you like, and cast Ultimate Force. Or you can wait till turn six and play Fighter Dual Fang. Enchanted Soil would combo nicely wih Obsidian Scarab, but that still doesn't warrant running four copies of it in a deck.

Rating: 3
Largo 991 Todays card is enchanted soil, it's a 4 drop spell with a reasonable effect...

Here are the specs

Card Type: Spell
Color: Nature
CastingCost: 4
Mana Value: 1
Effect: Put up to 2 creatures from your graveyard into your mana zone.

Hmm, that's not a bad effect, but in my opinion, nature has better mana excel (in the form of BAT for
starters) AND better spells (Brutal charge, Natural snare, mana nexus, etc)

It's a bit better in draft, but not alot better.

I'm sorry about the short review, there just isn't much to say about this card. It's not bad, it's just overshadowed by better cards.

So, the final verdict is:
Constructed: 3.0
Draft: 3.5
Art. 1.0 (dirt and stuff... Woohoo...)
Kaijudo Chris Enchanted Soil


/"Souls don't truly depart this world. They merely rest for a time." -Fighter Dual Fang/

We return with yet another one of Akifumi Yamamoto's masterpieces - as far as the art department is concerned. Enchanted Soil is a very unique card when in comes to mana generation - something we Pojo staffers were interested in immediately. Think of Brain Serum...but for Nature :D For 4 mana, you get 2 mana directly from your graveyard! In other words, tap two of your mana and you're two turns ahead of your opponent mana wise! In my opinion, this ranks up there right aside Brain Serum. Why? Because this card doesn't drain your deck - keeping you from decking out. Unfortunitly, there are a couple mentionable downsides when using this card. First of all, it restricts you to selecting creatures from your graveyard - relinquishing those wonderful Mana Nexus combos or related moves. Second of all, it's shield triggerless! Such a dissapointment - but I guess Wizards didn't want us chaining our Enchanted Soils together one after another in a rapid succession using Mana Nexus. In any mana-crazy deck (such as a Bronze-Arm Tribe- or Fighter Dual Fang-themed deck), Enchanted Soil will feel right at home. It defenitly helps when trying to summon a monsterous creature - such as King Tsunami (last Wednesday's review). Overall, for general mana acceleration and minor flaws, Enchanted Soil gets a medium 3/5.


+ A nice one-turn, two-mana boost.
+ Sucks graveyard, not deck.
+ Considerably affordable.

- Lacks shield trigger qualities.
- Limits you to choosing creatures only :(


Kettou Da!
Christopher "Kaijudo Chris" Thomas
Contact: webmaster@duelmastersn.com

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