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Pojo's Duel Masters Card of the Day

Image from Wizards Duel Master site

  King Tsunami

Card #S2

Date Reviewed: 02.16.05

Constructed Average Rating: 2
Limited Average Rating: 1.25

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst. 3 ... average.
5 is the highest rating.

Lee Sandow

Today we get to review the most expensive card in the game (Until the invincible cards from stomp-a-trons anyway).  He might be expensive, bit I’ll be darned if his ability isn’t top notch and his power isn’t brutally high.  WotC released this guys flavor text at the WRONG time though…


King Tsunami

Cost:  12 (!)

Civilization:  Water

Card Type:  Creature
Race:  Leviathan

  • When you put this creature into the battle zone, return all other creatures from the battle zone to their owners' hands. (!!!)
  • Triple breaker (This creature breaks 3 shields.)

Flavor Text:  The last time it did a backflip, the resulting tidal waves sank three islands.

Power: 12000  (!)

Mana Generated: 1

Rarity:  Super Rare

Card Number:  S2/S5


Yeah, this card came out only a week or so after the Tsunamis struck Asia, so this seemed pretty inappropriate at the time.  Still, that doesn’t stop it from being one awesome card.


Civilization/Race:  He’s water, obviously, and he’s a Leviathan.  Currently, Leviathans have no real support, and he has no evos.  That’s all I have to say about that.


Cost:  As with all Leviathans, his cost is quite high.  Guess it comes with the territory.

Actually, twelve mana is a TON of mana.  This guy is worth all twelve, but a cost that high means he won’t see play in just any deck.  He’ll need a deck with mana accel, or a deck built around him. 


Power:   He has 12000 power.  This is a very redeeming quality.  There are currently only a handful of monsters that will best this guy in a straight fight, so spells or slayers are the best ways do deal with this guy.  Expect your opponent to try to deal with this guy, as he’s sure not to want it to hang around.


Abilities:  Firstly, I’ll review his triple breaker ability.  One attack by this guy will break THREE of your opponent’s shields.  There goes half of their “life” with one swing.  Since this guy probably bounced the majority of their defense last turn, there’s a good bet this attack will go through.


The second ability is what makes Tsunami playable.  When he is placed into the mana zone, each and every card in the battle zone, except this guy, returns to its owner’s hand.  Did your opponent have a small army of creatures?  Bounce em!  Got a ton of blockers?  Bounce em!  This guy is field control embodied, as you instantly take control of the battle zone when he is summoned.  This effect is making “waves” in the environment (*dodges rotting fruit*). 


Ok, now that I’ve reviewed these stats, let’s see how they stack up. 


Constructed overview:  Build a deck around him, and he will rock.  Stick him in any old deck, and it will be very shiny mana.  It’s that simple.  His effect is incredible, his power is in the elite category, but he’s very expensive.  If you can get him out though, he’ll be VERY worth it.  Assuming this guy survives your opponent’s next turn, follow up with Divine Riptide.  They’ll have a small field, and no mana, and they’ll be up against a 12000 power Triple Breaker.  Fun stuff.  In a deck built around him, he gets a 4/5.


Limited overview:  Don’t even think about it.  You will NEVER get twelve mana.  If you somehow do summon this guy, you pretty much win, but I still wouldn’t even bother trying.  1/5, or UNUSABLE


Try “Splashing” Him!  (*Dodges more fruit*)


Knives101 King Tsunami

Twelve mana to bounce every card back into all players hands, and get a triple breaker. Well if your side of the board is clean, and your opponent has a bunch of high cost hitters this is just what you need to play. The problem is getting that hefty Twelve mana. Well only two decks could possibly use this card. They are Nature/Water, and Nature/Water/Darkness.
Unfortunatly this guy costs way too much for his effect which makes him really bad. Also bounce isn't the greatest thing anymore. Ok. Bounce my creatures. See if I care. *Plays an evolution, and a speed attacker*. This guy could work in a strange deck, but I doubt it.

Rating: 3
Largo 991 First and foremost, happy belated v-day!
I trust your ex's didn't im you just to gloat on v-day...
Long story. :P

Anyway, todays card is King Tsunami, he's a triple breaker, with a godly bounce effect. But is he good?
Lets look at his specs...

Card Type: Creature
Creature Type: Leviathan
Color: Water
Summoning Cost: 12
Power: 12000
Mana Value: 1
Effect: [Triple Breaker], When you put this creature into the battle zone, return all other creatures from the battle zone to their owners' hands.

If you liked those stats, look again, and more closely.

Summoning Cost: 12


There isn't much else to say about him, 12 mana is just plain unreasonable, even for that effect.

I don't have much experience in draft, but it's pretty safe to say "pass" on this one.

So the final ratings are:
Constructed: 1.0
Draft: 1.0
Art: 4.0 (look at those teeth!)

Until next time, gg...
Mohamed Alhendy Today’s card is King Tsunami, our first triple breaker. This card has potential, but up to now, has proven useless for me. My decks using it have never been able to play it. This card is also a super rare, making it very hard to get. Let’s see if it’s any good overall:

This card costs 12, making it the most costly card of the set. It isn’t an evolution either, meaning you won’t be able to use its triple breaker or 12000 power till turn 13 unless you’ve got mana accel. Furthermore, the effect will hurt you too if you have anything on the field.

This card however, can do much with the right early game moves. If you play accelerating cards like P Mushroom, BAT, Enchanted Soil, FDF, and others, then King Tsunami might work. It’s got 12000 power, meaning it can easily kill most creatures right now, and has triple breaker, meaning it can easily end the game after being played on its own. It also greatly combos with Divine Riptide, cause that basically ends the game.

Overall, you’ll need to make a deck alone for this card to use it.


Constructed (Own Deck): 3/5 (Unknown Results, but could become the lockdown deck of DM.)

Constructed (Any other deck): 1/5 (You’ll rarely ever gonna get to use it.)

Limited: 1.5/5 (Well, games end pretty slowly here, bounce really hurts fields, and as usual, there is little removal and blockers to stop a triple breaker.)
White Wolf

King Tsunami

Today's COTD is IMO one of the better of the Super Rares from the Survivors set (that isn't saying much, as they all are really bad...).

Let's see, for 12 mana, you get a 12,000 TB and you send all of your opponent's creatures to their hand.  For 12 mana, I'd like something more gamebreaking than this, and something that doesn't have Summoning Sickness.  For 12 mana, you can do better things (like a Searing Wave/Awe and then kill them), or you could even summon ANOTHER entire FDF from the first stages.  You can summon 2 Bombats or a Rikabu and a TCS.

However, if you DO manage to summon this thing, it is usually game.  12,000 can toast everything but Alcadeieas, and he suicides with Ballom.  He could also just be used as a mini-raiegki, as you can hit your opponent with everything except him (you WILL be tapped out when he hits the field).

Constructed:  2/5 - the cost is just too much even with Mana Accelleration.

Limited:  3/5 - if the game lasts that long, which it most likely won't, you win.

Kaijudo Chris 02-16-05: King Tsunami


If King Tsunami can sink three islands with a single backflip, imagine the bounce power it offers in the battle zone! Okay, King Tsunami really does deliver on that level, bouncing every other creature in the battle zone to their owners' hands - but at what cost? Well, none of us want to hear anything above 8 mana, let alone 12! King Tsunami not only ensures a clear battlefield for you to work with, but also has a tripple breaker ability built in! Still, in this competitive meta, anything ranking up in the 12 mana range must be godly. King Tsunami, unfortunitly, is far from godly. First of all, he's cursed with summoning sickness! This limits his tripple breaking days another turn, allowing your opponent to cast a cheap Death Smoke (Spiral Gate, ect.). Second of all, by the time you cast, if you cast, this gargantuous Leviathan, you'll be bone dry of mana! This leaves you with one heck of a whale on your field and a clean slate for your foe to work to his advantage. King Tsunami is power, no doubt, but he's one too many mana cards too expensive for the game. On a casual note, if you can hold your own until turn 12 (depending on your mana production), King Tsunami's more fun than a barrel of monkies! Due to a lack of speed and mana cost, King Tsunami gets a low 2/5.


+ Nice hardy power under its belt.
+ Tripple breakage, baby!

+ Props go to Mr. Yamamoto for the outstanding art!

- Astonishingly expensive to summon. - Can't attack the turn it's summon. - Bounces your own beasts.


Kettou Da!
Christopher "Kaijudo Chris" Thomas
Contact: webmaster@duelmastersn.com

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