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Pojo's Duel Masters Card of the Day


  Valentine's Day Special

Reviewers pick and rate the card they love most.

Date Reviewed: 02.14.05


Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst. 3 ... average.
5 is the highest rating.



(Top 4 at
2004 GenCon - Indy
I'd like to say Happy Birthday to my little bro, who's 25 today and 6'5".
So, yeah, he's not so little. Well, bro, live it up! Your gift is in the mail...starting tomorrow. ;)

Usually I write very lengthy strategy-filled COTD reviews, but today I'm going to plainly state why I love a certain card. Come on, guess what it is...okay, enough suspense it's:

TERROR PIT!!!!!! Mwuahahaha!!!!!

When have I not mentioned my undying love and darn-near unhealthy dependency on Terror Pit? Well, there was that period when all I talked about was Mana Nexus, but I did that because of the extra love it gave Terror Pit. Here's why things rarely come between me and my 4 Pits:

For 6 mana or for free you get pure and uncut creature destruction, provided Alcadeias is not on the board and it's not a psuedo-unkillable (Pit would be an overcosted Spiral Gate in that case). Pit is one of the Control player's key weapons as it's all about limiting the options your opponent has at his disposal. Unlike Death Smoke, Darkness other mainstay kill (until set 6 when Death Sentence is poised to outshine Smoke for some players) Pit's utility did not tank with the arrival of Evos or Speed Attackers. Pit will have solid utility for ions to come, and that's judging the lot of cards thru Japan's 12th set were the creatures get hella nasty (some negate Pit like Big Al). Pit is prime fattie kill, and one of two "clearance" spells that is often splashed (the other is Holy Awe). If top players are willing to toss this spell into decks that have no other Darkness representation, then it's got to be good, right? You freakin' bet.

Jumping off the "it's all good wagon" for a second, 6 mana is a lot to spend on 1 card that can only deal with one threat. It won't reap crazy card advantage like Searing or Awe (if you use it to take out 2 or more hitters), but it's worth hard casting it, especially if you've dwindled your opponent's field and hand down to something manageable or you're in a tight bind and have nothing else at your disposal (like you've top decked it). Of course, hitting a creature for free is devilishly good, and the shield trigger ability increases the utility of this spell. Mana advantage is
sweet: your opponent expends 7 mana and two cards from his hand to bring out Guard & Lancer and you expend zero mana and zero cards from your hand to kill it. Pit's potential to be free can be especially beneficial to decks that have shield setting strategies. Have to drop a Pit into your mana zone from your opening hand? No worries, there's Mana Nexus. Have a Pit in your hand that you don't want to drop as mana, don't want to lose mana, and want to nab another draw? Turn to Emeral Pit can fit in a multitude of decks despite its hefty cost.

Constructed: 4.8/5. If only it weren't 6 mana to hard cast. Still, we wants it. My precious.
Limited: 5/5. Hits the fattie bomb. Worth every penny.
Lee Sandow

Happy Valentine’s Day!  Today we get to review the card we love most.  Who came up with this stupid idea?  I DID.  This is MY COTD week!  BWAHAHAHA! 


Anyways, the COTD staff gets to each review the cards they love the most today in honor of Valentine’s Day.  I chose to review that lovable little Cyber Lord who just got a SWEET new look this weekend at the tournament of the five civilizations.  That’s right!  Today I will be reviewing Corile!



Cost:  5

Civilization:  Light

Card Type:  Creature
Creature Class:  Cyber Lord

  • When you put this creature into the battle zone, choose one of your opponent’s creatures in the battle zone and put it on top of his deck.

Flavor Text:  When the Cataclysm struck, all the science of the Cyber Lords couldn’t prevent the collapse of their underwater city.

Power: 2000

Mana Generated: 1

Rarity:  Common

Card Number:  14/55


I love this card.  How much do I love it?  I’ll write a Sonnet to Corile real quick.


Corile, my blessed Cyber Lord, how good

You look these days.  Your new art, ability

Still intact, makes me wonder how one could

Pass you up.  Those fools, they I will pity.


To the top of the deck, that is where their

Creatures will go.  Not to the hand, oh no!

Their next draw, well it will get them nowhere,

For you have left them nowhere else to go.


Your mana cost is five, one must be blue

And power of two thousand, don’t scoff at that.

Your field will be cleared, then he’ll come for you

Atop the deck is where your card is at.


Field control, well ‘tis your middle name

And why you are the best card in the game.


Civilization/Race:  He’s a water card, which really doesn’t mean jack squat, but he is a CYBER LORD.  This means he plays well with Illusionary Merfolk, who is quite rapidly becoming broken.  To know why I think this, see my 5 civs report later this week.  Corile is a great Cyber Lord, who sees a lot of play.


Cost:  He costs five mana, which is quite reasonable.  Blue decks don’t have many cards that can be dropped fifth turn anyways (except a Merfolk IF you already have a Cyber Lord out or a one turn Paladin drop), so this guy fits into the mana curve quite nicely. 


Power:   He only has 2000 power.  It can suicide most other early creatures like Hulcus or Horrid Worm, and it can kill a Torcon or Bronze-Arm Tribe flat out.  Still, it is vulnerable to Crimson Hammer, which isn’t something I want my 5 drop creature to be.  His ability had better make up for this.  Oh, it does.  It does…


Abilities:  Corile has IMO the nastiest effect in the game.  This was the effect that effectively made Unicorn Fish obsolete.  You take one of their creatures, and place it ON TOP OF THEIR DECK.  In addition to stripping your opponent of some field advantage, you are also depriving them of their next draw, since they are doomed to draw the card you bounced.  You might be saying “But what if the card was an Aqua Hulcus?  I’ll be letting him draw an extra card!”  I say, “look at it this way.”  He now has to pay three mana to draw the card he normally would have been able to draw for free.  In a control deck, where your opponent will probably be near topdecking anyway, this ability is sweet. 


“What if it’s a Bronze-Arm Tribe?  He’ll get extra mana!”  So?  If he can’t keep a creature on the field and you keep destroying his hand, it doesn’t MATTER how much mana he has. 


If you bounce an evolution creature, your opponent will essentially miss their next TWO draws.  If you bounce a useless creature to the top of their deck, they will be in trouble, because now they can’t turn the tables by drawing a card that could change the tide of the duel. 


For added fun, Corile your opponent several turns in a row.  The look on his face gets more interesting every time.


Having just mentioned a FRACTION of the potential combos this card has, I’ll leave it at this.  He has an AWESOME ability.


Ok, now that I’ve reviewed these stats, let’s see how they stack up. 


Constructed overview:  I think you probably know what I am going to say here.  This card is one of, if not the best, card in all of Duel Masters.  It IS my all time favorite.  I love this guy.  His ability is unrivaled, and his cost power ratio is right on considering how great his ability is.  He’s of a great race, since he lends support to Merfolk, and his cost fits right in to the mana curve of a blue/black control deck or mono water deck.  I have a little experience running blue/black (*wins understatement of the year award with that comment*), and I can tell you this is the single most annoying card in it.  The only card more effective than it is Terror Pit.  I love this guy.  In a mono-blue deck, a Merfolk deck, or a Blue/Black control deck, I give this guy 5/5.  He is seriously THAT good.


Limited overview:  This guy is a tank in limited too.  In this format, drawing cards is vital, and there aren’t many ways to kill creatures in evo.  This guy provides nice field advantage, and he then restricts your opponent’s next move by ensuring he gets the same creature back.  There is nothing more annoying in this format than a Corile.  4.5/5


Happy Valentine’s Day everybody.  Later this week we’ll actually get to review some interesting cards.


Corile, will you marry me?
Gregory Scere Today's Valentine's Day, so I've picked my all time favorite Spell in Duel Masters. It's Searing Wave, but is it any good. The answer - HELL YEAH!!!

Searing Wave is in my opinion the most powerful Spell in Duel Masters. No card rivals it's sheer destructivity other than Ballom, but because Ballom has such a high cost, this leaves Searing Wave being the most powerful Weenie Removing spell in the game.

This card is so br0ken. Why? 5 mana to blow up your opponent's entire field in the first few turns of the game. "That's not that game-breaking!" some say. Well, think of it this way. On turn 1, they play a mana. Their hand size is either 5 or 4, depending on who went first. If they play a creature, it's even lower. Next turn, they play another mana. They may play another creature, or may even cast a spell. Either way, the hand size drops again. The same thing happens 2 more turns. Turn 5 comes around, and their hand size is probobly 1-2 cards. You play Searing Wave. The only creature that could survive Searing Wave (this is if you go first) is Bloody Squito or Fighter Dual Fang (that's if they played BAT). If not, they now have no field and have very little cards in their hand.

This card is that game breaking, and is usually tEcH'd in all my decks for this sheer factor of the game-winning it can accomplish.

Constructed: 9/10 - that br0ken.

Limited: 10/10 - weenie's rule the meta. Kill them all, then replenish it with a Mana Nexus or something.
Knives101 Hmmm. The card that I love the most huh? I guess I would have to say Horrid Worm. I almost said Crimson Hammer. I use both cards a LOT. Dark/Fire decks just seem to fit my style. Horrid Worm is a control deck's best friend. It is good because you can chip away at your opponent's sheilds without making his hand bigger. A good deck with Horrid Worm will chip away the first few sheilds with Horrid/Horrids, and then build up a ton of creatures to finish the opponent in one fell swoop. Attacking with Horrid Worm has saved me from tons of things. It's taken out evolutions by discarding the evo from their hand before they could evolve a creature. It's made mana nexus a pain for my opponent, because I can always attack nexus and make my opponent lose one card in their hand plus one mana. It works the same way for Holy Awe, after it's been placed by emeral/nexus. Horrid Worm can evolve into the deadly Chaos worm too. Oh and there's more. Horrid Worm is the best bait card in the game. Need to keep a creature out? First place Horrid Worm into play.
Now your opponent must kill it with that Terror Pit that they were saving for Fighter Dual Fang.

Rating: 5

Hey everyone. This is my first shot at a COTD and I hope you enjoy my analysis of my favorite card:


Armored Blaster Valdios

Civilization – Fire

Cost – 4

Power – 6000

Effect – Evolution (Humans)

Each one of your other humans in the battle zone get +1000

Double Breaker


Ah, good ol’ Valdios. This guy got me through some hard times in this game.


The Plus Side:


Ok, here is, in my opinion, one of the best evolutions in the game, and the best red one at that. The card only costs 4, which really isn’t that much. By the time a red deck even reaches 4, they are bound to have a titan or brawler or immortal baron out, ready to be evo-ed. The average red deck focuses on speed and rushing, or at least the red decks that I’m familiar with. Having a DB on fourth turn is amazing, as chances are, your opponent has nothing to stop it the next turn, except an angler cluster or slayer perhaps. The second effect is also helpful, and often overlooked. All playable humans, except vorg and explosive dude Joe, have power attacker, making it weaker as it taps, so this card gives it a little boost to help it prevent being killed by an attack by some weak monster.

In a speed deck, possibly with darkness or water, this card works wonders. I use a red/ black, and I see Valdios just beat up the field like crazy. This card is basically a necessity for any speed deck, as it’s older brother, Armored Groblav, is 1 mana higher and less speedy, and it’s younger brother, Armored Cannon Balbaro, which…really isn’t too good at all, anyway.


The Minus Side:


            This card does have its disadvantages. It is highly prone to high blockers. Cards like Angler Cluster in a mono-blue and Szubs Kin stop Valdios in its tracks, which is really lame. Armored Blaster Valdios isn’t the strongest evo in the game. With only 6000 power, it’s dwarfed by alcadeias, ballom, FDF, Crystal Lancer, UberDragon, the list goes on and on. The other problem with Valdios is that it doesn’t fit with all types of red decks. If you use speed like a red/black or so, then Valdios should probably be used, unless your using one of those Blasto/Shadow moon Decks. However, if you can support your deck with mana, then you may want to go with Groblav, as he has the potential to be very strong when attacking. The last problem I see is that humans are not reliable to live long enough for you to actually draw valdios, compared to Aeris or Photocide, who will probably live to see Ballom or Alcadeias. Humans are commonly knocked off quick with blockers or decent attackers, so you need to have Valdios in your hand early to pull it off.


The Limited Side:


This card should always be drafted. There is a decent 3-cost or less human in every set, excluding the Survivor set, since all humans apparently died in the Megapocalypse.

Base- Brawler, Vorg, Horvath, etc.

Evo- Mini Titan

Rampage- Explosive Dude Joe

Shadowclash- Missile Boy


In draft, speed is amazing, as now the drafters probably do not have the mass swarm of blockers to stop you as efficiently. Having him out early means death in most matches, unless the opponent drafted amazing stuff.




- 4-cost 6000 evo-monster. Amazing? Aww, Yea…

- Cheapest DB in the game, if you exclude the ever popular, Magma-Gazered Braid Claw

- Powers up all of your other humans, so they won’t die as easily

- Hands down one of the best red cards in the game, behind Rikabu and DFBC



- Weak for an evo Double Breaker.

- Groblav can be better in certain situations

- Too dependent on unreliable humans. That’s probably its weak point


Constructed(Speed) – 4.5/5- In a deck revolved around speed, it’s amazing. Run it

Constructed(Non-Speed)-3/5- It can turn your game around slightly, but I just think that in long term matches, Armored Groblav has more of a use.

Limited – 4.5/5 – Speed is amazing in draft. Plus, it’s good trade bait!

Art- 4/5 – Huge missile launchers and cannons and fire…what more can you ask for in art?...


Well that’s it for Armored Blaster Valdios. If you have any questions, comments, concerns, or complaints, e-mail me at


Later Days…


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