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Pojo's Duel Masters Card of the Day

divine riptide
Image from Wizards Duel Master site

  Divine Riptide

Card #17

Date Reviewed: 02.09.05

Constructed Average Rating: 2.5
Limited Average Rating: 1

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst. 3 ... average.
5 is the highest rating.

Lee Sandow

Before I write today's review, I just want to say something.  I could have SWORN I'd chosen this card to review, but it looks like someone else decided to use it instead...  That being said, let's go ahead and review a card that just BEGS to have a deck built around it.


Divine Riptide

Cost:  9

Civilization:  Water

Card Type:  Spell

  • Return all cards in both players mana zones to their hands.

Flavor Text:  "No idea."

Mana Generated: 1

Rarity:  Rare

Card Number:  23/55


This can be a NICE card if it is used in the right deck.  By that I mean a deck based around it.  Let's review!


Civilization:  It's a water spell.  Obviously, it would need to go in a water deck or a water/something else deck.  A deck with alot of mana accel would be perfect for this card...


Cost:  This spell costs NINE mana.  That is a LOT of mana.  I rarely get nine mana in my games, but I don't run mana accel either.  A deck using a bunch of mana accel cards with this would work great.  Otherwise, don't expect to get nine mana very often. 


Abilities:  This card has an ability unparraleled by any other card.  It completely resets the mana zone, thus causing both players to have to start from scratch in their mana zones.  This COMPLETELY throws off the tempo of your game, since you are literally back to square one in the mana zone.  However, if you have several creatures on the field (and your opponent few or none), when you drop this, you pretty much win.  Your opponent will NOT be able to deal with your army becasue they will not have the mana to do so.  Unless they have some KILLER shields, they won't be able to stem the slaughter.


Oh, and this is fun to use if your opponent has several mana nexuses in the shields.  Use this, then break their shields.  Watch them get mad. ;)


Ok, now that I’ve reviewed these stats, let’s see how they stack up. 


Constructed overview:  Don't use this unless you build the deck to focus on this card.  Expect to play it as mana if you draw it early on, so you'd probably do well to use several copies.  Build the deck to get creatures out, clean your opponents field, then use the riptide.  This also makes a great move to drop AFTER you summon King Tsunami (We'll get to him next week).  Heck, if you amass 21 mana, you can do both in one turn.  4/5 in a deck based around it, 1/5 anywhere else.


Limited overview:  Don't even think about it.  0/5 (but since I can't put 0, 1/5)


The Tournament of the Five Civilizations Approaches.  My Revenge is at Hand!!!


The Antman
Divine Riptide - Rare - #17 (DM-05)

Hey peoples sorry I havn't been doing any reviews lately. I've been buisy with school work and such so i took a little break from CotDs (darn u Deutsch II). Anyways im back and ready for some reviews for the new set.

Well today we have Divine Riptide. Now when I first looked at this card I saw one thing and one thing only, and when i saw that thing I said one thing (or phrase) HOLY FRIGGIN HALABALOU THAT THING IS FREAKEN EXPENSIVE!! and it is. Sure it isnt as expensive as say, the tripple breakers, but it is still up there. Now imagine this: your sitting there with nine mana open and you could do almost what ever in the world with at, and what do u decide to do? you decide to make the opponet get mad and punch you in the face cuz you just returned all his precious mana. Sounds juicy doesn't it? Well not when the opponet beats you next turn... anyways the basic point im saying is that by the time you get 9 mana out someone will have either won the game or you would have the chance to use better choices.

constructed- 1/5 blah too expensive
limited- .5/5 no use here

final thought- well this isnt a final thought, it is more of a P.S., anyways I have gotten a few emails on my challenge for a good ballom deck and I will be making a article for it soon, so be on the look out on those few who has emailed me about it.

First of all I'd like to say hello to all you dm fans,
this is my first day on the cotd team and i'm very
(that's 2 ppl from GA on the team)!

Divine riptide is an odd card, but does that mean it's
worth playing?
We'll find out today...

Here are the specs

Card Type: Spell
Color: Water
CastingCost: 9
Mana Value: 1
Effect: Each player returns all cards from his mana
zone to his hand.

Well, i don't really see the point, it's a bit of a
"fiber jar effect", meaning it resets the game except
the shields, but not really, as it doesn't take care
of creatures.

I really expect more for 9 mana. This does plenty to
the field, but why affect yourself as well as your
opponent when other, better cards can damage mana?

This card is even worse in draft, as you will rarely
need, or even have 9 mana!

Well, unless I missed something, this card is one to
pass on, here's the rating:

Constructed: 1.5
Draft: 1.0
Art: 2.0 (pretty unexciting.)

Until next time, gg...

White Wolf Divine Riptide, a card that seems too expensive, or is it really?!

Divine Riptide
Water, Spell, 9
Effect: Both players send all cards in their Mana Zone to their hand.

Personally, if I'm using nine mana, I want something REALLY gamebreaking. This effect just doesn’t appeal to me. Sure, it sends both players back to start, but only their Mana Zone, and not the Field. Thus, your opponent still has those blockers, still has his T-CSkyterror, and he still has that FDF that needs to be dealt with before it kills you. Knowing the blockers in today's environment, they normally can't stand up to that kind of power. This leaves you sitting there with no mana, a hand full of 9 additional cards, and other cards in your hand that are quite useless now.

Constructed: 3/10 - sorry, but I'd rather do something more productive with my 9 mana.

Limited: 2/10 - if you pull it, you will probobly just use it as Mana. There are much better options.
Knives101 Divine Riptude

Well this is an interesting spell. Sends all the mana back to everybody's hand. I've tested it out once. I think it could work in a deck with Blockers and Diamond Cutter. Just get up to that nine mana, and then cast Riptide to buy time. Then build your field for a winning Cutter-Run. There's not much else to say. The card has potential. That's all though.

Rating: 3
Mohamed Alhendy Meet the next card of my week, Divine Riptide. This card is card is one of the most interesting cards in the Survivors set, and it’s a personal favorite too. It’s a Rare, so its somewhat hard to get many of, but when used correctly, its devastating. It’s also the most effective and direct form of mana removal.

Divine Riptide costs 9 mana, meaning it won’t be played any time near early or mid game. Furthermore, you’ll need an advantageous setup when you cast this card if you want it to help you. Casting it when your opponent’s got 2 FDFs and you’ve got an Aqua Hulcus won’t help you in any way. That means you’ll need at least 2 cards to work this card in an effective, beneficial way. You also probably need to make Divine Riptide its own deck for it to work.

Divine Riptide still has its uses. It has many combos. For example, if you combo Riptide with a card like King Tsunami, you’ve got a 99% chance of winning the game after casting Divine Riptide. It’s simple really, especially since King Tsunami’s a triple breaker. However, you’ll need high amounts of accel to pull off the combo.

Overall, this card is has amazing potential, but you’ll need to highly support this card for it to be effective

Constructed (In its own deck): 4.5/5 (Easy win when pulled off right)

Constructed (In any other deck) 1.5/5 (Unless the deck packs FDFs, you’ll probably never get to use this card, let alone correctly)

Limited: 2/5 (You’ll need all your mana here, but if you pull this card off, it’ll probably be easier to win than in constructed.)

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