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Pojo's Duel Masters Card of the Day

Image from Wizards Duel Master site

  Chaos Fish
Rampage of the Super Warriors

Card # DMS2

Date Reviewed: 12.28.05

Constructed Average Rating: 1.3
Limited Average Rating: 1.75

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst. 3 ... average.
5 is the highest rating.


Chaos Fish

Water Civilization,

7 mana,

1000+ attack,

This creature gets +1000 power for each other water creature you have in the battle zone. Whenever this creature attacks, you may draw a card for each of your other water creatures in the battle zone.

Personally I don't like this card.

Civilization: Water draws, and this draws, that's about all the 2 have in common.

Effect: He gets bigger based on the number of other water creatures you have in the battle zone. So If you have 3 he's 4000, 20 water creatures? Then he s a whooping 21000 attack. But thats a lot of work maintaining all those creatures just so he can attack and live to see another turn, and is going to become harder after a certain spell from the next set hits. But I digress he also has a second effect, the one that one would mainly look at, when ever he attacks you may draw a card from your deck for each other water creatures in the battle zone. So have 3 water other creatures when he attacks? Then go ahead and draw up to 3 cards, Huzzah, but the bad news is he died in battle to a thrash crawler. But now that you have you extra cards you cant use them yet, this leaves your opponent to discard your now plumb hand.

His effect just comes out to late in the game, and you won't always get you what you need out of him. And water just has better ways of drawing cards.
But if you do some how manage to get a little swarm going with him out, then good for you.

Cost: For the cost I will be comparing his draw ability to that of plasma chaser.

P.C cost 6 for 4000 power (4 mana) and the effect (2 mana)

So if we want to get the same thing out of Chaos fish then we must make him gain a power of 5000 to satisfy 5 of his cost, leaving the other 2 of his cost for the effect, which means getting and keeping at least 4 other creature out on the battle field to make him cost efficient. This is not always easy to do, especially with todays metagame. So this thing is not worth what you pay for him, unless you can some how bring out and matain a small army for creatures late game.

Constructed: 1/5 there are better cards out there to both attack with and draw with

Limited: 1/5 Again he's not worth it here as well.
Ferret Mage Chaos Fish
Cost: 7
Race: Gel Fish
Power: 1000+

This creature gets +1000 power for each other water creature you have in the battle zone.

Whenever this creature attacks, you may draw a card for each other water creatures in the battle zone.
Rampage brought us this card in the early days of Duel Masters, back when mono Civ. decks were more used than they are today. Yet not much has changed in the amount of time since this card was released. It sucks today almost worse than it did back in the day.

Race: First of the bat, it's a Gel Fish. There a 16 Gel Fish in the game, with only a couple that I would really recommend to anyone. Gel Fish also don't have any evos, so there is no real reason why you would need to run a Gel Fish in your deck.

Cost: Seven mana is quite a bit in the DM so if a card is going to cost this much than it better be one hell of a card to cost this much. Sadly, this card cost waaaaaayyyyy too much for what it does and it's power, even if it does gain power.

Power: 1000. 1000 power for 7 mana with the potential of gaining 1000 for each other Water creature in your battle zone. By the time you have 7 mana you probably have a few creatures in the battle zone so this power should be raised by a few 1000 points. Of course this also means that it's power will decrease with each other creature that is destroyed, or if you have no creatures in the battle zone then it means that this creature will be destroyed be every kill spell out there.

Effect: As said above, this creatures power will be raised 1000 points for every Water creature in the battle zone. What you may have missed is that for when this creature attacks you may draw cards equal to the amount of other water creatures in your battle zone. But this effect can only be used on your next turn after you summon this creature, which mean effectly you have a 1000+ creature that won't net you any hand advantage until next turn. 8 mana later means you could play any number of Water's great card drawing cards instead of using this card that doesn't even have double breaker.....

Thus this card can only be used based on whether or whether not you have a good number of creatures in the battle zone. IMHO you should never have cards in your deck that can't be used in a certain situation, which means this creature fails....horribly.

Constructed: 2/5 If you have a bunch of cheap water creatures I imagine you might get some use, but not alot.
Limited: 1/5 Skip it.
Art: 3/5 It's not a ferret......

Sengoku the Buddha
Name: Chaos Fish
Cost: 7
Race: Gel Fish
Civilization: Water
Type: Creature
Rules Text:
This creature gets +1000 power for each other water creature you have in the battle zone.
Whenever this creature attacks, you may draw a card for each of your other water creatures in the battle zone.
Power: 1000+
Mana Number: 1
Artist: Akifumi Yamamoto
Rarity: S
Collector Number: S2
Set: Rampage of the Super Warriors

A creature such as this breaks the previous barrier that other secret rares had, and the reason for this is the vast difference with this creature's cost: attack ratio. This is a serous problem, and if your going to summon this creature whom isn't a speed attacker and can potentially die from spells and untapped attackers is not the greatest use of 7 mana. However, thanks to this cards effect that difference turns out to be its saving grace.

Water civilization pulls stunts like this all the time, and Chaos fish is no exception. Take for example aqua fencer or aqua grappler, and even aqua ranger attack to mana cost vary by leaps. Having mana exceed attacks power isn't always a huge draw back if you happen to be playing water nature; however, there are conflicts since you will be able to summon it fast but no chance of increasing this creatures attack power, and with no evos this creature is still looking surprisingly poor.

Effect (strategy):
Since the release of Rampage tons of new cards have come forward, and I still see no battle action from this creature. The reason for this? Its ability is both saving it and harming it again. The proof lies with the fact that almost no advance plays have been made with solo civilization decks; however, I'm all for creating a strategy that works but this creature just doesn't make the cut, and here's why:

1) You have the ability to stock your hand with an abundance of cards( cards=options=victory)

2) Potential to make this creature literally invincible against fire spells (exception is darkness) by raising its attack points sky high.

1) Aqua grappler does the same card drawing effect except its for tapped creatures with only 5 mana and 3000 attack. And survivors have Q-tronic hypermind also card drawing powers.

2) Water have much more cheap drawing cards that don't risk losing a seven drop creature. Spells such as energy stream & brain serum allow you to draw 2 cards for sure unless Alcadais is on the field.

3) To risky to fill you field with water creatures most of whom are too weak and essentially targets for fires mass destruction spells. And risking an attack with Chaos fish might result in its destruction if you don't manage to summon enough creatures to make it strong enough to attack yet live through your opponents much cheaper and stronger blockers.
Ex: You summon chaos fish and have 4 creatures on the field of whom all are water so that raises your attack to 5,000 woooow, and then for 6 mana your opponent summons Gran Gran you would need another 5!!! creatures to penetrate that fortress. Unless your willing to sacrifice chaos to draw four card of which your could have trapped 6 mana to play energy stream, and accomplished the same task.

In the end there are tradeoffs, so be careful in picking a strategy with this card.

Limited: 1
Way too much mana for limited and with the few more strong blockers that came out in rampage if you summon chaos and it dies after on attack you really will get rampage on; however, your opponent will have the pleasure to do so.

Constructed: 2
Card has some faint potential; however, I really don't see how it will get much play unless either an evo comes out for it or mono civilization decks start making a come back with the next few boosters. But I just don’t see it happening

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