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Pojo's Duel Masters Card of the Day

Image from Wizards Duel Master site

  Volcano Charger
Epic Dragons of Hyperchaos

Card # DM45

Date Reviewed: 12.12.05

Constructed Average Rating: 3.1
Limited Average Rating: 3.75

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst. 3 ... average.
5 is the highest rating.



(Top 4 at
2004 GenCon - Indy

Volcano Charger


Hello Pojoers! I’m back in full force for the Pojo COTD and articles. I hope folks aren’t tired of me yet, as I’ll likely be everywhere there’s Duel Masters coverage. The spell on tap for today is one of the best Chargers, Volcano Charger. Along with Corpse and Eureka, it forms what I’ve dubbed at my store as the “Holy Charger Trinity.” I give them that goofy nickname because those Chargers are, imho, the best ones, as they are card and mana advantage oriented two for ones. Using them allows any build running their respective civs to jump tempo, which can have rather profound applications on deck construction. Upon its inception in the Japanese meta Volcano Charger was a big hit, it’s been popularized and championed in the US meta by Tom Capor, and is a ton of fun in my Armored Dragon Control and Essence Elf Control decks (more on them later). Let’s check it out:



1. Destroy one of your opponent's creatures that has power 2000 or less.


It’s a cheaper Meteosaur without legs, a more costly Crimson Hammer, a Phantom Dragon’s Flame with a different mana advantage oriented effect. Well, to a certain extent. Like all of those other options it can only nuke one 2000 power or below target of your choice. It allows you to exercise greater control over exactly what types of creatures your opponent has access to in his battle zone. When that benefit isn’t overcosted or symmetrical it’s usually worth a test drive. At 4 mana, Volcano Charger can come online to disrupt the attacking, combo, and evolving plans of your opponent by nuking creatures like Horrid Worm, Emeral, and BAT. But, unlike those aforementioned choices, it’s mana advantage orientation makes it a 2 for one in resources trades. Sure, it’s slower than some of the similarly oriented choices, but it compensates for that fact by providing a way to jump tempo with its Charger effect.


2. Charger (After you cast this spell, put it into your mana zone instead of your graveyard.)


There are five important things to note about the Charger effect. First, Volcano leaves you with untapped mana on the turn you play it by placing itself into your mana zone. Sure, for many decks on turn 4 that one extra mana can’t be readily exploited, and it may be more desirable to go for a mana advantage oriented effect that simply makes it easier to field plays via coming for free of the trigger. But, when combined with earlier mana acceleration like BAT, Faerie Life or even Essence Elf you might be able to immediately transform that extra Fire mana into another play. Second, it’s never going to be a  “completely wasted” resource because it goes from your hand to your mana zone, possibly after having taken away one of your opponent’s options. Third, as a mana accelerator it can help you get your more expensive plays online sooner. That’s a thing of beauty when you consider that it also disrupts your opponent’s plays by nuking a creature. Fourth, it allows you to retain hand advantage. You don’t have to expend as many cards from your hand to achieve your ideal mana supply, which leaves you with more playing options and a way to get them into play faster. Lastly, the Charger ability is wonderfully synergistic with mana zone manipulation tools such as Thrash Crawler. Reclaiming Volcano Charger with Thrash Crawler not only allows you to re-use its effect, but also it decreases the need to draw more copies of the card to have access to removal and allows you to run less copies of the card to fit in other options. Plus, you’ll gain that card back as mana when re-cast. Delicious!


[Where To Deck]

IMHO Volcano Charger performs better and is a greater asset to Control strategies, and to a lesser extent it’s generally an acceptable option for Aggro-Control decks that are more Control oriented than they are Aggro. It has absolutely no place in a Rush deck, and is not really desirable in Aggro decks. My reasoning is this: Control decks have game plans mapped out for the long haul. They are designed to win card advantage wars, and are almost always in need of mana advantage to help them achieve that end. Many exact mana advantage from their shield triggers, but we aren’t guaranteed that luxury with shield negation and some degree of randomness in the equation. And, not everyone wants to run Nature to have the benefits of tempo gains form BAT. A Control strategy could create more time for it to fully abuse Volcano Charger, and is used to having options that can only deal with one target in the early game as well as not needing to use mana early on to build a rushing field. Its early mana is dedicated to defense, and Volcano Charger gives defense plus a way to get Searing Wave off sooner without having to use Nature. Volcano Charger helps Control by adorning that single target point-point removal option greater benefit to the deck on more permanent basis than say packing Phantom Dragons’ Flame for the mana advantage trigger action. In terms of its most common home, DWF, it gives that build more turn 4 plays besides Locomotiver or Cranium Clamp that don’t disrupt its tempo (ala Thrash Crawler). Basically, I apply the same line of reasoning to certain Aggro-Control decks that have room for the card, although my personal preference is Crimson Hammer due to needing a higher threat density than pure Control, needing less mana to operate, and wanting the option of fielding a threat and killing one for four mana (i.e. Crimson Hammer + Emeral).


[Format Ratings]

Constructed: 4/5 for Control decks, though I find Phal Control to be one of the Control decks that actually benefits from having one of the other “2000 or less” single target removals over it, like Crimson Hammer.


Limited: Sealed: 4.5/5. Removal is at a premium here because it is so scarce and creatures tend to stay in the field longer as most focus on busting shields ASAP. This sucker helps you retain a hand—very crucial in Limited as you don’t have juicy draw engines—kill something sporting a deadly Turbo Rush effect, and accelerate that bomb fattie. Draft: 4.5/5 Same reasons as Sealed.


defiranth Hi all, this is defiranth and the card, Volcano Charger.

Well, just talking about Charger, for fire its quite good, as some decks are Mana Destruction and it might help, as most fire mana destruction cards do to both players.

But look at the card itself, and you see that it is grossly overpriced. For 4 ,mana, you get a 2000 destroyer and a mana. But just add 1 more mana and you get Tornado Flame! And by the 4th mana, people are already playing stuff like P{yro, and this doesn't stand a Chance.

Modified: 1/5 Nope. Stck to Mulch Charger for mana.

Limited:1.5/5 Its okay in this format.

Volcano Charger


Hello everyone my name is Darian ('Ricardo' is my nickname) and I'm a Duelmasters player from Australia and this is my first CotD.


Today we are reviewing the card 'Volcano Charger', lets have a look at what this card does.


Name: Volcano Charger
Cost: 4
Civilization: Fire
Type: Spell
Rules Text:
Destroy one of your opponent's creatures that has power 2000 or less.
Charger (After you cast this spell, put it into your mana zone instead of your graveyard.)
Flavor Text:
Crimson petals scar the earth, sowing the seeds for the next eruptions.
Mana Number: 1
Artist: Mikumo
Rarity: U
Collector Number: 45
Set: Epic Dragons of Hyperchaos

Chargers seem to be very popular at the moment especially in control decks, lets have a look why this card is used.



This card is from the Fire Civilisation so it has the theme of destruction, however this card then has to compete with the Fire Civilisations other destructive cards.



This card costs 4 to cast, which is a spot that most hand advantage and field control cards are played.



This card has 2 effects:

1: Destroy one of your opponent's creatures that has power 2000 or less.

This effect is the same as Crimson Hammer, but this one costs 4 to cast, you are probably thinking why would I pay double the cost for the same effect, however this is not the case for this card.


2: Charger (After you cast this spell, put it into your mana zone instead of your graveyard.)

This effect makes up for it's high cost as you can cast this and then turn 5 you can cast your turn 6 cards, which puts you one turn ahead of your opponent and makes it easier to summon your big creatures and cast your high costing spells.


Limited: In this format try to take any destruction cards available to you and this happens to be a weenie killer which is good in this format.

Rating: 4/5


Constructed: This card can be very powerful when abused by casting it again with certain cards, this card is also lethal as it can get out your big cards sooner, no opponent wants to have an Apocalypse Vice or Bazagazeal Dragon set on them one turn earlier.

Rating: 4/5

Matrixzero Name: Volcano Charger
Cost: 4
Civilization: Fire
Type: Spell
Rules Text:
Destroy one of your opponent's creatures that has power 2000 or less.
Charger (After you cast this spell, put it into your mana zone instead of your graveyard.)
Flavor Text:
Crimson petals scar the earth, sowing the seeds for the next eruptions.
Mana Number: 1
Artist: Mikumo
Rarity: U
Collector Number: 45
Set: Epic Dragons of Hyperchaos

Civilization- Fire is best known for rushing, speedy attacks, and mass kill of everything little, and this card pretty much follows fires tradition of the little kill.

Cost- at first I was questioning the cost of this card, but after using this card a bit found that, its cost wasn't a problem. Comparing with other cards we get 2 of the mana cost from Crimson hammer and the other 2 form the charger ability, which is average for the cost of a charger ability.

Effect- In short, it's a crimson hammer with a bonus mana growth effect. This makes it possible to speed up slower decks with out having to splash nature and you also get to kill an annoying little creature with out having to put your own at risk. While it it doesn't seem like much it is, it is. it gives you that extra field control and jumps you from turn 4 to turn 6, which is very nice.

Combos- the only one that comes to mind is playing it turn 4, and then later in the duel brining it back with thrash crawler, or something among those lines, and reusing it. Very helpful for keeping control of your opponents field.

Constructed- If your playing fire, your playing this, they're no better way for fire to build up it's mana. 4/5

Limited- If you pull it, someone must like you. It's the best way to take care of the 3 drop turbo rushers that you know others will pull, and gain mana. 5/5

Comments, Questions, Complants?

Volcano Charger


The chargers broke onto the tournament scene with relatively mixed reviews. While many players saw great potential in many of these cards, nearly the same amount of nay-sayers pointed to their increased casting cost for already existing effects and cried foul. Now enough time has passed including two of the truly greatest test – the 2005 North American Continental Championship and the 2005 British National Championship.


Focusing specifically on Volcano Charger we saw some great showings at both of these events. Both Lee Paker (3rd place 2005 British Nationals) and Tom Capor (1st place 2005 NACC) choose to run four in their Water/Darkness/Fire decks. The future for Volcano Charger looks to be good.



On the surface Volcano Charger is a limited, pin-point removal spell. This means you will only be able to play it to remove one creature from play and even then it will have to be a small creature. While it sounds like I am degrading this card you must not misunderstand me. True, there is a limited amount of targets this spell is able to take out, however many decks require this early game removal or else risk certain defeat before they ever have the chance to establish their own field. This is where Volcano Charger fits in, right along with the classics such as Crimson Hammer.


Volcano Charger goes beyond removal, though. Like all the chargers, Volcano Charger is a mana accelerator, granting you the potential to field more powerful creatures and spells than you might otherwise be capable. In fact, with the likes of Volcano Charger and some other early nature mana acceleration you could easily be looking at playing hefty casting cost cards such as Bagagazeal Dragon as early as turn five!


Combining Volcano Charger with cards which return mana to your hand has rapidly become a popular strategy. With these cards you can play the Volcano Charger again and again so long as you can continue to return it from the mana zone. Example of this function can be found in the likes of Shtra and Mystic Dreamscape, however it is likely no other mana recycling card is a popular or as easily potent as Thrash Crawler has proved to be.


Type of Decks:


Volcano Charger is a rather poor choice for rush style decks as they are typically not going to be very concerned with possessing much in the way of mana – especially not five mana! Lesser casting cost fire removal cards such as Spastic Missile and Crimson Hammer take priority over Volcano Charger in any rush style deck. These alternatives will not force the rush player to drop that fourth mana thus allowing that card to be played as yet another pressing threat to the opponent!



The use of this card in an agro is purely a personal preference. Likely this choice will depend on whether the agro deck leans more toward the rush or the control side of pendulum. I believe, for the most part, Volcano Charger is a good addition for many agro decks. While a rush decks should require little mana to function, agro decks will often need to build up to five, six and occasionally even seven mana. Volcano Charger is a clear asset in such an occasion as it does not force you to drop yet another needed weapon into your mana zone.



Volcano Charger clearly shines in control decks. A large part of playing control is maintaining a hand advantage while still being able to drop mana turn after turn, thus allowing you will be able to truly dominate in the late game. Chargers in general contribute to this and Volcano Charger goes a long way to being at the top of the list. While destroying creatures with a mere 2000 power may not seem all that powerful this is enough to take out a number of thorns in controls side such as your opponents rushing Kooc Pollon or that cyberlord in waiting (for an Illusionary Merfolk). 





A strong constructed card so long as Volcano Charger is played in the right style of deck. While the casting cost can be a little bit of a draw back, like with many of the chargers, this card quickly makes up for it by contributing to your mana acceleration. 3.75 out of 5.



Typically, any removal you can get your hands on in limited is a gift from God. Volcano Charger is no exception. The casting cost is a little less prohibitive in limited as decks are typically not going to have the potential for as strong of a rush as they do in constructed. The ability to add to your mana work very well as this allows you to field a fatty a little bit sooner, which can be critical in a limited stale mate where you and your opponent dare not attack thanks to a plethora of blockers on either side of the field. 4.25 out of 5.

Black Chaos Dragon Black_chaos_dragon here, doing my first CotD review.
Today's card is Volcano Charger from Epic Dragon.

Name: Volcano Charger
Cost: 4
Civilization: Fire
Type: Spell
Rules Text:
Destroy one of your opponent's creatures that has power 2000 or less.
Charger (After you cast this spell, put it into your mana zone instead of your graveyard.) Flavor Text:
Crimson petals scar the earth, sowing the seeds for the next eruptions.
Mana Number: 1
Rarity: Uncommon
Set: Epic Dragons of Hyperchaos

Effect: Volcano Charger is decent spell. I can destroy a creature and add 1 more mana to your zone.
Granted, the creature has to be 2000 or less in power.
You may thinking that Phantom Dragon’s Flame and
Crimson Hammer are better. They’re cheaper and can
destroys a 2000 or less creature. Heck, PDF is even
a shield trigger. Why use Volcano? If you need extra mana for later in the duel, Volcano's your card of
choice. If you want speed, use one of the other
spells. It all depends on your style of dueling, but I would recommend test playing with it before you decide.

Limited: 5/5
Definitely, use it. Creature destruction and mana resources are needed in limited formats.

Constructed: 3/5
There are other choices at your deposal, but it depends on what type of deck you play.
Ferret Mage Volcano Charger
Cost: 4
Civilization: Fire
Card Type: Spell

Destroy one of your opponent's creatures that has power 2000 or less.
Charger (After you cast this spell, put it into your mana zone instead of your graveyard.)
Flavor: Crimson petals scar the Earth, sowing the seeds for the next eruptions.

It's ch-ch-charger week at Pojo and we are Ch-Ch-charging things up with the charger spells that were released in Epic Dragons and Thundercharge. So lets ch-ch-charge things up with Ferret Mage's review of Volcano Ch-Ch-Charger!!!!

Civilization: It's the Fire Civilization, so these card fits in with the theme of destroying cards based on their attack power. Also, this card does the opposite of Fire's mana destruction by allowing you put this card in the mana zone when your done with it. But out of the ch-ch-charger cards and Fire cards this card isn't really great though in my humble opnion.

Cost: This little number will put you down about 4 mana, which isn't so bad considering that you put in a couple of other chargers into your deck. It gets even better if your running Nature along with Fire, but running Fire/Nature means that you'll have a deck without blockers. But even with the charger ability this card just cost way too much for it's ability. Their are plenty of other Fire cards that do the almost same exact thing minues the Ch-Ch-Charger, and they do quicker. Crimson Hammer, Searing Wave, Phantom Dragon's Flame, Spastic Missle, need I say more?

So with this card you'll have ask yourself, "Do I want speed or do I want mana?" With the recent addition of Dragons you might go for mana, but considering that your better off picking one of the other Ch-Ch-Chargers.

Final Thought: This card could've been better for a little less mana, too bad that it pales in comparison to some other Ch-Ch-Chargers.

Constructed: 2/5
Limited: 2/5
Art: 3/5 It's a Volcano...am I impressed?

We'll have to wait too see if some of the other Ch-Ch-Chargers are better.
Jason Scarborough Hello this is Jason Scarborough here to review the latest card of the day:

Volcano Charger

cost: 4
civilization: Fire
type: Spell
effect: Destroy one of your opponent's creatures that has power 2000 or lees.
Charger(After you cast this spell, put it into your mana zone instead of your graveyard.)

Review: Let me start out by saying that I play this card in my best tournament deck. It is a Fire/Water/Darkness control deck. No I did not net deck it but have been playing a variation of it for over a year.

This card is essentially an expensive crimson hammer that turns into an extra mana for you. You get a 2 for
1 but it is slower. Is it worth the wait; I think so.
It won't kill that braid claw in time to help but it is good versus every other 2000 or less dude. I switched out 2 of my crimson hammers for this because I just don't think pure rush is good enough to beat my variation of 3 color control. I wanted more card advantage in other control match ups and Volcano Charger has helped in that respect. I feel it is the best of the chargers at this time.

Constructed: I give Volcano Charger 4/5. This is great card in my opinion.

Limited: I give Volcano Charger 4.5/5. You can't as for a better combination of than card advantage and removal in one card. this card really shines if you get one. A first pick in my opinion.

Art/Flavor Text: I give Volcano Charger a 2/5. I am not that fond of either.

If would like to discuss DM strategy you can e-mail me
Himura363 Name: Volcano Charger
Cost: 4
Civilization: Fire
Type: Spell
Rules Text:
Destroy one of your opponent's creatures that has power 2000 or less.
Charger (After you cast this spell, put it into your mana zone instead of your graveyard.)
Flavor Text:
Crimson petals scar the earth, sowing the seeds for the next eruptions.
Rarity: Uncommon
Set: Epic Dragons of Hyperchaos

Cost to Effect:

I am going to compare this card to Crimson Hammer. Crimson Hammer is a 2 cost 2000 killer. Volcano Charger is a 4 cost 2000 killer. Crimson Hammer is widely used to kill early weenies and small blockers like La Ura Giga and Aqua Guard. Volcano Charger is used mostly to kill early control things like Aqua Hulcus, Emeral, etc, and to gain mana, obviously. When you use Volcano Charger on Turn 4, you don't need to worry about having to put a good control card like Corile in your mana zone just to play another on Turn 5. These two cards are both good, so it is your choice whether you want to play an early red kill, or use it later for use against control stuff.


There are 17 creatures in Epic Dragons that you can kill with Volcano Charger, so it is worth it in my opinion. Kill is good in Limited, so use it if you can get it.



I kinda blabbed why you would want to use Volcano Charger in my 'Cost to Effect' section.


Over all, Volcano Charger is a good card, and a good choice to use along Searing Wave and Apocalypse Vise in your Red section. If you are using Thrash Crawler, it combos well with it.
The Englishman Volcano Charger
Cost: 4
Civilization: Fire
Card Type: Spell
- Destroy one of your opponent’s creatures that has power 2000 or less.
- Charger (After you cast this spell, put it into your mana zone instead of your graveyard.)
Set: Epic Dragons of Hyper Chaos (DM-08)

Hello, and welcome to my first COTD review. Some of you will know me as a prolific poster on Pojo Forums, helping as best I can, and some of you won’t; to those who don’t I hope you enjoy your first impression of me.

Civilization: It is no surprise to see a weenie kill spell like this in Fire’s spell roster. He is a great new addition to the weenie kill set. In Pure Control, he is in my opinion better than the likes of Phantom Dragon’s Flame and Crimson Hammer.

Cost: Again, compared to the rest of the weenie kill spells, this baby is a matter of preference, a matter of what attribute you are looking for: the cheapness of Crimson Hammer, the Shield Trigger ability within Phantom Dragons Flame, of the mana acceleration and recycling abilities of Volcano. I believe 4 to be a very economical choice for control based decks, a useful mid-game choice.

-Destroy one of your opponents creatures that has power 2000 or less. Field Control is one of the prime factors of control, and Volcano offers more targeted removal for a cheaper price than the likes of Terror Pit and Apocalypse Vise. He also strikes on Turn 4, or possibly Turn 3, the perfect way to disrupt the plans of an Illusionary Merfolk player.
-Charger (After you cast this spell, put it into your mana zone instead of your graveyard.) On first glance, this may appear to be simple mana acceleration, and it does serve this purpose well. Another way to utilize the abilities of this card is to use Thrash Crawler, and recycle this cards field control ability over again. In my control deck Thrash and the Chargers are a key control method, and recycling them is also great fun.

Card Efficiency: This is where the second effect comes into it’s own. He is a veritable 2-1, and due to its ability to recycle and use its field control over and over it becomes even more efficient. Another way that Charger creates efficiency is to accelerate to a Turn 6 Bomb, i.e. Lost Soul or Twin Cannon.

In Constructed: Volcano’s field control and recycling abilities as a charger make him a definite pick in less aggro Control decks that utilize Fire, such as RUB. With Thrash, it isn’t just a card; it is a formidable control plan.

In Limited: I have never played Limited, but have had enough fun games to know that in random pulls creature destruction is a godsend, up there with effective fatties. If you pull him, play him.

Remember to play conservatively, and to support the franchise of Charger Control!!!! Until next time.

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