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Pojo's Duel Masters Card of the Day

Image from Wizards Duel Master site

  Wyn the Oracle
Evo-Crushinators of Doom

Card # DM11

Date Reviewed: 12.09.05

Constructed Average Rating: 2.6
Limited Average Rating: 2

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst. 3 ... average.
5 is the highest rating.

Wyn the Oracle
Cost: 2
Civilization: Light
Card Type: Spell
. Whenever this creature attacks, you may look at one of your opponent's
shields. Then put it back where it was.
Power: 1500

Civilization: Light also holds a small collection of cards that "shield
gaze" but the glory of the Light Civilization still holds within their draw
power, blockers, shield triggers, and tap ability. Oracles hold no evolution

creatures and will see most play in Limited Format events. Power wise they
only hit the 2500 mark and all fall victim to Searing Wave or Vampire

Cost/Power: 2 mana for 1500 power isn't too bad given the ability to shield
gaze whenever Wyn, the Oracle attacks. This can help avoid shield triggers
that could hurt you early/mid game (Burst Shot in rush decks or Ghost
Touch/Locomotiver when your hand is low in cards.

Abilities: Whenever Wyn, the Oracle attacks you get a change to look at one
of your opponent's shields. This can be used to find out what your opponent
swapped with Emeral's effect or placed from the effect of Sundrop Armor.
Another benefit to this is you can attack shield #1 and look at shield #2 to deside if you should attack it or not.I'm sure a few people wouldn't mind
sacrifising Wyn, the Oracle to find out if that last shield is a Holy Awe or not.

Card Efficiency: Wyn, the Oracle will only suprass standard efficiency if it can get successfully get an attack and effect off without being destroyed by a blocker.

Constructed: There are just better options to use in a format plagued with
Searing Waves and Volcano Chargers. .5/5

Limited: At least in Limited Format Wyn, the Oracle can help to avoid giving your opponent powerful creatures to use against you. One of many standard
low cost creatures abused in Limited. 1/5

Sengoku the Buddha

Hi Everyone, I'm Anh Do and this is my first post for COTD. I've been playing since the beginning of duel masters so I hope my comments are useful and wish everyone good luck with their awesome duels. And if anyone needs help with the game just give me a howler (only if your tired of waiting for the deck doctor to pick your deck, although I attend UCI I have the time so chill =)




Too begin I'm going to review a rather unique and many times discarded card that almost never enters the battle zone.


Name: Wyn, the Oracle
Cost: 2
Race: Light Bringer
Civilization: Light
Type: Creature
Rules Text:
Whenever this creature attacks, you may look at one of your opponent's shields. Then put it back where it was.
Flavor Text:
As the oracles disappeared one by one, they each proclaimed the dawn of a new era.
Power: 1500
Mana Number: 1
Artist: Kou1
Rarity: U
Collector Number: 11
Set: Evo Crushinators of Doom




Pretty average. Light civilization has a problem in which their monsters never round their attack power to the next level. Oh well, Two mana for 1500 sets this creature in a bid if your opponent plays any blocker, and since this creature power is too low it could only destroy blockers like marrow ooze the twister or weak nature/ fire monsters. However, Wyn's ability creates an exception to this rule and I'll discuss that later. It’s a terrible shame but this light creature has one other flaws. It is a major target for fire spells such as searing wave and volcano charger; although if you happen to be quick enough and your opponent doesn't spring a bloody squito on you then you might be able to break a shield before getting Wyn destroyed in the process.




Again Wyn gets no love. No evolutions for light bringers leaves Wyn hoping for a quick smash and steal with your opponents shield, and with out proper support this creature is doomed to a quick life with a 100% chance that it will disappear one by one.




Now things get interesting. Wyn happens to peak at you opponents shield when it attacks and for a measly two mana it is an amazingly cheap creature. Good so far, but in a mono light deck with no support this creature is doomed. However, help does arrive with the light civilization cards such as laser wing and sonic wind can back up Wyn allows him safe passage to attack a shield and continue to use its tricky ability. Also when teaming up with a water creature like Sopian and its amazing tap ability will allow Wyn to bypass blockers straight to you opponents shields and continue the onslaught. Looking at your opponents shields can give you the heads up to take out potentially hazardous shield with a Bolmetious and leave regular shields to your cryptic totem, and if you use cards that make Wyn unblockable you will not only have a leg up on your opponent but also valuable information that could potentially tip the game in you balance. Because knowing exactly what shields to knock out can help you should you manage to cast invincible cataclysm which could potentially send 3 shields triggers straight to the grave yard with a little help from Wyn. (assuming you scrapped up 10 mana, a task I have never done =(



Limited: 3


There’s no reason to pass up Wyn in the draft format. He is a low cost  and surprisingly reasonable because you get an cheap creature, possibly with insight into a safe attack or a pit fall that could potentially break it for you, and in return maybe someday he will get help in the form of maybe a powerful evolution. And I'm only stating this because a light bringer is like a cyber lord in its limited power and strong sturdy abilities, and since the cyber lords have an evo its only fair that light bringers with their vast numbers of creature (possibly almost 9 different types of light bringers so far) who knows when an evo might come out for it. But till then stay away because you won't have any cards that can allow you to negate the hazardous shields but rather delays the inevitable.


Constructed: 1


One word comes to mind ... No way. This card has perks; however, in a constructed deck with no evo backup and creature/ spells that could potentially obliterate it from existence I would stay way from this one for now.

Ferret Mage Wyn the Oracle
Cost: 2
Civilization: Light
Race: Light Bringer
- Whenever this creature attacks, you may look at one of your opponent's sheilds. Then put it back where it was.
Flavor: As the oracles disappeared one by one, they each proclaimed the dawn of a new era.

Well this is my first review and what do you know!!! One of my favorite Civs. Card is being reviewed today!! It's Alcadi.......oh wait, no it's "Wyn the Ora.....why do I try?"

Well as everyone knows, Light is about tapping, sheilds, some drawing power, and blocking. Light is also known for having it's fair share of good cards, this is not one of them.

Cost/Power: This card gets 1500 for 2 mana, which puts it 500 below 2000 and 500 above 1000...but did I really need to tell you that? Well it can beat up up on all the weak 1000 creatures without killing itself, but still being at 1500 makes him vurneable to all the kill spells out there at the present moment. Frankly there are better Light cards out there at the same cost and at the same power. Ho-Hum....

Race: Light Bringers have no evolutions and no support, so I don't feel any real need why one must have them in their deck. Better cards out there folks, just keep on moving.

Effect: "This must be where the card gets good!!" You must be saying to yourself. Well it's creepy to talk to yourself so please stop. When you attack with Wyn you can look at one of your opponent's sheilds. So if you use this card you can see if your going to hit a Terror Pit sometime soon. Sheild peeking isn't really popular and even if you use it, all you'll be able to do is look. No touching. You can avoid attacking that sheild, but sooner or later your going to have to attack it, and it's going to suck if it's a sheild trigger. What's more worse than seeing a Terror Pit lying in wake while you know you can't do anything about it?

Of course, if you have a Bazagazeal dragon then this could help. But then again if you have a Bazagazeal out then why are worried about Sheild triggers? Stupid!

Snooooorrrreeeeee, boring card, boring power, boring effect, does I really need to say anymore?

Constructed: 2/5
Limited: 1/5

Such a pitiful card for my very first review....why can't they make a Ferret type card....
Jason Scarborough My name is Jason Scarborough and I am from Kansas City, Missouri. I am a first time writer for Pojo and hope you enjoy my review.

Wyn, the Oracle

Cost: 2
Civilization: Light
Race: Light Bringer
Power: 1500
Ability: When this creature attacks, you may look at one of your opponent's shields. Then put it back where it was.

Flavor Text: as the oracles disappeared one by one, they each proclaimed the dawn of a new era.

A cost of 2 makes this guy a pretty cheap drop as far as attackers go. Wyn's ability can help you from hitting early shield triggers that can stop your attack cold.

Light bringers have no good evolutions at this point and none at all that I can think of for that matter.

The real deal breaker for me on this card is the very low power. A power of 1500 will not get him past any good blocker and he is easily taken down by your opponents attackers. Wyn dies to all removal commonly played as well. I would rather play one of light's 2000 attackers for 2 that have no ability and at least make my opponent trade with my guy to to take him out.

Wyn's downfall like all the other cheap light creatures is that light is far more defensive and has more to support your blockers than attackers. Wyn has no come into play ability that can generate card advantage. The ability Wyn has does not help it survive in combat unlike most cheap fire creatures who have decent to excellent combat abilities.

My opinion of speedy light decks will remain the same until the release of the tenth set for DM. That set has the 1 cost 500 power light creature with no drawback. That paves the way for a great light/fire rush deck type. Then maybe I will give Wyn a second look.

Constructed: I give Wyn a 1.5/5. I just don't see it going into a competitive deck and being effectively used as anything but mana.
Limited: I give Wyn a 3/5. Due to the limited number of blockers in in any limited format Wyn's cheap cost could give you a couple of free shots at your opponent before they can get rid of it.
Art/Flavor text:I give Wyn a 4/5. I like the art quite a bit and the quote is fairly good as well.

Anyone who wants to e-mail me to discuss DM strategy can e-mail me at:

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