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Pojo's Duel Masters Card of the Day

Image from Wizards Duel Master site

  Kachua, Keeper of the Icegate
Epic Dragons of Hyperchaos

Card # DM5

Date Reviewed: 12.01.05

Constructed Average Rating: 1
Limited Average Rating: 2.5

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst. 3 ... average.
5 is the highest rating.

Kachua, Keeper of the Icegate
Cost: 7
Civilization: Nature
Card Type: Creature
Race: Snow Faerie
• Instead of having this creature attack, you may tap it to use its "Tap"
ability. Search your deck. You may take a creature that has Dragon in its race from your deck and put it into the battle zone. Then shuffle your deck.
That creature has "speed attacker." At the end of the turn, destroy it.
Power: 3000

Civilization: Nature has several "Tap" abilities that pull cards from the deck, mana, or grave to make cards more useful elsewhere. Two perfect examples are Bliss Totem, Avatar of Luck and Charmilia, the Enticer. Also being the home of mana acceleration, Nature "Tap" ability cards have the potential of abusing their effects even more so.

Cost: 7 cost is just too high at first glance for this card. At this point in the game, its overall stats become a liability due to the massive amount of destruction spells that are usable between 6 and 8 mana.

Power: 3000 power is a big negative aspect for what this card attempts to achieve. Most players use spells that can kill more than the powers that Magmarex and Crimson Hammer destroy so Kachua is prime choice during hunting season.

Abilities: With the release of Epic Dragons of Hyperchaos many options opened up for the at the time rarely used hordes of Armored Dragons and Fire Birds. The exceptions to that were Bazagazeal Dragon and Bolmeteus Steel Dragon due to their massive control abilities. With Kachua, Keeper of the Icegate, you can create a catapault like effect with some of the most powerful creatures in the game. Tap Kachua and bring out any dragon that will simply rush at the opponent and try to take down shields or creatures with it. One of the best aspects is that you can use this ability to evolve a lesser dragon into something more powerful. Also you can always use this to have a Bolmeteus Steel Dragon sweep a few last shields so that you can attack for game or bring out a Magmadragon Jagalzor, hit a shield with another creature, and instantly make any creature you summoned into a speed attacker.

Card Efficiency: Kachua, Keeper of the Icegate is by itself inefficive but has the potential to be a part of 2 for 2, 2 for 3, or 3 for 5.

Constructed: Unless your area only plays destruction spells such as Volcano Charger or Crimson Hammer, this card should never be used unless there is an undiscovered use for him. 1/5

Limited: Kachua, Keeper of the Icegate does a bit better in limited format since in the Epic Dragons of Hyperchaos set, there are only a few effects that can destroy him. Also due to the low amount of blockers in the set, you can probably use its effect to sweep shields turn after turn. 2.5/5

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