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Pojo's Duel Masters Card of the Day

Image from Wizards Duel Master site

  Pulsar Tree

Card # DM12

Date Reviewed: 08.22.05

Constructed Average Rating: 1.25
Limited Average Rating: 1.75

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst. 3 ... average.
5 is the highest rating.

Steven Cantrell

Hey guys. No report coming from this weekend, sorry. I did win the tournament though with my usual BUG deck. Went undefeated all day, beating Slack in the finals. Yay for my DCI ranking...Now onto the review. This week we’re covering cards with “questionably useful” effects. Unfortunately I may not have time to check in other than today’s review.


Pulsar Tree

Type: Creature

Civilization: Light

Race: StarLight Tree

Mana Cost: Five (5)

Rules Text:

When one of your shields would be broken, you may destroy this creature instead.

Flavor Text:

They are the generators that power the Light civilization's floating fortresses. But did they grow into the cities, or did the cities grow out of them?

Power: 1000

Rarity: Rare

Set: Thundercharge of Ultra Destruction


Power/Cost: Pulsar Tree is about as bad as it gets. Nobody wants to invest five mana on a single card for a return of just 1000 power. If only the power was higher or the cost were lower, it might stand a chance. As is, Pulsar Tree can only suicide with other weenies or break shields. Not good.


Civilization/Race: StarLight Trees, how exciting. There are only nine total. They do not currently have any evolutions, support, or above average creatures. Pulsar Tree is also a Light card, which doesn’t mean much. It does fit in with the theme of a few other cards which also involve shields, such as Razorpine Tree and Raza Vega. Nothing spectacular so far.


Effects: Sack a high-cost creature to save a lone shield. This ability does not do anything immediately, nor does it provide hand or field advantage. That already means Pulsar Tree probably won’t be seeing play in any normal control deck. The only time I could see Pulsar Tree having some usefulness is if you’re opponent is trying to break a set shield like Holy Awe before you want them too. Situational cards normally have little utility (aka value). Not to mention Pulsar is huge Corile bait...


Limited: 1/5

I pity those who find Pulsar Tree sitting in their four dollar pack. He has little value in drafts mainly because there much better, and cheaper, options available.


Constructed: 1.5/5

Like I said before, there are other cards that have shield-manipulating abilities. So the only place where this has any use would be a fun deck with Razorpine, Cannon Shell, Mana Nexus, etc. Stray away from using Pulsar Tree in normal control or aggro decks.

Christian Okay, time for another CotD report. This time it is the dismissed (and possibly for good reason) card Pulsar Tree.

Cost: 5
Race: StarLight Tree
Civilization: Light
Type: Creature
Rules Text:
When one of your shields would be broken, you may destroy this creature instead.
Flavor Text:
They are the generators that power the Light civilization's floating fortresses. But did they grow into the cities, or did the cities grow out of them?
Power: 1000
Mana Number: 1
Artist: Naoki Saito
Rarity: R
Collector Number: 12

Well, lets start with the basics. 5 mana...1000 hitter...Stop! Now this thing must have some GODLY effect to get by with those stats. Even Corile and his mighty bounce is'nt that bad...and being a starlight tree dosen't help at all either. The effect? It essentially replaces a broken shield. It's okay, but geez, haven't you heard of Emeral, Nexus or Sundrop? There's already quite enough shield manipulation to go around.

Basically, it's an okay effect, but light shield manipulation goes to Sundrop Armor. It's not a hitter, but you'll be able to choose a good shield trigger for one less mana. That's the key. Also, I don't see why it;s a rare, while Sundrop is a lowly common.

Constructed- 1/5 (I don't think so- much better choices)

Limited- 2.5/5 (Better when you're desperate, but still not great)
Lee Sandow
I chose the cards for this week.  Naturally, I chose to review cards that aren't too powerful, but may at the same time be under-rated.  That, and I like cards that have unique effects.  Today's card fits that bill nicely.  Say hello to Pulsar Tree, whom most of you have probably never met.
Pulsar Tree
Cost: 5
Civilization: Light
Card Type: Creature
Race:  Starlight Tree
• When one of your shields would be broken, you can destroy this creature instead.
Flavor Text: They are the generators that power the Light civilization's floating fortresses. But did they grow into the cities, or did the cities grow out of them?
Mana Generated: 1
Rarity: Rare
Card Number: 12/55

Yeah, I looked over him when I first saw the setlist for Thundercharge too.  He seems like he COULD be good.  Let's see if he really is.

Civilization/Race: He's a light monster, and he's a Starlight Tree.  His effect fits the theme of a light deck.  His race, though, isn't too helpful.  There are no Starlight Tree evos, nor any other support for them.  So, he's kinda useless here.

Cost: Five isn't too expensive.  It's now that cards like Mist Rias are summoned, or a late Magris hits the field.  The problem is, he might not be WORTH these five mana.
Power:  Oh, dear.  He only has 1000 power.  That's as weak as any card can get.  He will die easily in battle, and will likely also die to nearly all kill spells.  His effect also causes him to die.  Not good, not good at all...

Abilities: Instead of losing a shield, you can lose this guy.  For some reason, this effect isn't as good as it seems.  You can do the same thing with a chump blocker like La Ura Giga.  La Ura Giga and friends can also stop attacks on your tapped creatures.  This guy can't do that.  However, he CAN'T be hurt by blocker hate, and he can save your shields from unblockable cards like Crystal Lancer.

Ok, now that I've reviewed these stats, let's see how they stack up.

Constructed overview: Well, I won't sugarcoat it.  This guy isn't very good at all.  He's got his perks, and he IS different, but his effect is more of a novelty than a necessity.  For this same purpose, I'd just use a blocker.  For the same number of mana, you can summon a 6000 power blocker (Szubs Kin), or drop other, more useful cards.  I'd stay away.  2/5

Limited overview: This set has a lack of blockers, and there aren't so many removal cards here, but his power to cost ratio still scares me off.  He's a little better here, but he still wouldn't be my first choice.  3/5

This is gonna be an interesting week...
Elk Pulsar Tree

I'm back, with a review for Pulsar Tree. This card actually is suprisingly useful, but I haven't seen it in anybodies deck yet.

Card Name: Pulsar Tree
Card Type: Creature
Creature Type: Starlight Tree
Color: Light
Summoning Cost: 5
Power: 1000
Mana Value: 1
Effect: When one of your shields would be broken, you may destroy this creature instead.

I have doubts about this card, on how its effect would work if you were dealing with a double or triple breaker. That doesn't mean I can't review it though. Let's recap on the stats.

Creature Type: Starlight Tree
Starlight Trees have no support as of now. Maybe we'll get a tree evo in set 8 or 9!

Civ: Light
Well, Light civ doesn't have the most usable cards by most players, but that doesn't mean this isn't a good card. I mean, this could be the answer to most water creatures(Paladin, as this card isn't a blocker, and Lancer, as you could sac this for shields).

Cost: 5
Wow. 5. If you went first then next turn your opponent would prolly Corile it. Or if you went second, maybe they'll cast Burst Shot? If this card had a lower cost then I would maybe try it in a competitive deck. And I DON'T suggest using mana accel to bring it out earlier, as building a Light/Nature deck just to bring THIS card out is just plain retarted.(Yes, I sayed it)

Power: 1000
Man, those Light Bringers need to water their trees more. This would easily get trampled my ANYTHING!

Effect: When one of your shields would be broken, you may destroy this creature instead.

Ok, I understand this isn't the best effect in the world, but it's worth a shot. Try it at least before you say it sucks.

Constructed- 1.5/5

Limited- I'd say just try it. your opponent won't really have anything better anyways, lol.


Ok. If you need help with anything Duel Masters related, or want to duel(I need to test my deck.) Then email me at imarealog@gmail.com

Peace out trick.

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