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Pojo's Duel Masters Card of the Day

Lost Soul
Image from Wizards Duel Master site

  Lost Soul
Evo Crushinators of Doom

Card # DM31

Date Reviewed: 08.19.05

Constructed Average Rating: 4.37
Limited Average Rating: 4.12

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst. 3 ... average.
5 is the highest rating.

Lee Sandow Somebody who plays a control deck obviously chose the cards for this week. They were all WONDERFUL cards. Today's card is one of my personal favorites, and can change the course of a duel with one fell swoop. Problem is... I forget what it is!

Lost Soul
Cost: 7
Civilization: Darkness
Card Type: Spell
• Your opponent discards all cards from his hand.
Flavor Text: "Looks like you're getting forgetful!"
Mana Generated: 1
Rarity: Uncommon
Card Number: X/55

This thing is scary good. Most of you use this card or have had it used against you before. Still, I'm going to try to review this card to the best of my ability, even though this review is fairly pointless since we all know how good it is....

Civilization: This is a darkness card. It's effect fits with the theme of the darkness civilization, so it gets a good score here. It is expensive for a dark card though, so you might want to run this in a deck featuring some mana accel.

Cost: It costs seven mana. That's quite expensive, but the effect is worth it. Sometimes. I'll discuss this when I finally give the rating.

Abilities: Your opponent discards his hand. Very to the point. Let's review why discarding your opponent's hand is good. More cards in a hand = more options. Fewer cards = fewer options. You don't want your opponent to have more options than you. ALSO, if your opponent has just searched their deck for a specific card they plan to use next turn, or if they just used a pyrofighter this turn, you can use this to get rid of this specific threat.

Ok, now that I've reviewed these stats, let's see how they stack up.

Constructed overview: This card is great for when you are trying to control your opponent. Seven mana is a hefty cost, but it is worth is IMO so long as you get rid of at least three cards. Sometimes it costs too much, but usually, you will nail a good number of cards. With merfolk and other forms of drawpower being so popular right now, as well as that nuisance that is pyrofighter on the rampage, this card is exceptional. 5/5 in a control deck.

Limited overview: There is less draw power in this format, which means it will be harder to bounce back from this. However, mana accel is also more scarce, so this will take a while to cast. By the time you do, your opponent might not have much of a hand. Still, this card is still great in this format. 4/5

Next week: Useful(?) effect week!
Christian  Hey, I'm back with another CotD review! Today it's a card found in most darkness decks, Lost Soul!

Name: Lost Soul
Cost: 7
Civilization: Darkness
Type: Spell
Rules Text:
Your opponent discards all cards from his hand.
Flavor Text:
"Looks like you're getting forgetful."
Mana Number: 1
Artist: Tomofumi Ogasawara
Rarity: U
Collector Number: 31
Set: Evo Crushinators of Doom

Okay, this card has found a home in most darkness decks, and for good reason. Darkness is famous for 2 things: removal and hand control. This card is a prime example of hand control at it's finest. In decks running blue and black, a good strategy is to bounce an annoying creature, and then make your opponent discard it. This card does that very well, while even destroying some other cards your opponent might have wanted to keep. Wow! What more could you want? Well, hold on a minute, I'm getting to that...

A lower mana cost, perhaps? Really, seven mana...whoo. That's tough. Normally, by the seventh turn your opponent could have already exhausted his hand so a simple Ghost Touch or Locomotiver would have done the trick. And Locomotiver can be considerably more appealing in some instances, because of the lower mana cost and the fact that it's a hitter. But hey, no card is perfect.

Constructed: 4/5 (A little to high where there are other choices that could be better.)

Limited: 4.5/5 (Better, as hand discard is more important and there are less options in evo.)
Steven Cantrell

Got a quick review today. For anyone who cares, the DCI ratings have updated. I am now first in Georgia with 1838 points. You can check out my tourny report from the Five Civs event too. Now onto the actual CotD...


Lost Soul

Type: Spell

Civilization: Darkness

Mana Cost: Seven (7)

Rules Text:

Your opponent discards all cards from his hand.

Flavor Text:

"Looks like you're getting forgetful."

Rarity: Uncommon

Set: Evo-Crushinators of Doom


Lost Soul was first evaluated on July 13, 2004. Most of the reviewers gave a pessimistic rating, citing a high casting cost and lack of draw power in the environment as major downsides. Things have changed some since then.


Now Lost Soul is feared as the ultimate hand killer. “Oh, you just played Merfolk? Well go ahead and forget about that massive hand.” Obviously the more cards you can nail the better. Forcing your opponent to discard three or more cards is normally worth the price of Lost Soul. But in certain instances, Soul is still the right play even if the opponent only holds a card or two. Now you may be asking, why is hand destruction so important? Because without cards, your opponent can not do anything! Topdecking will almost always lead to a loss. After you play Soul, the opponent will be relying on a blind draw. Combine this with Corile and things could get nasty...


Limited: 3/5

Lost Soul is not as useful in drafts simply because hands are usually not as large. Still worth running a copy of in most decks.


Constructed: 4/5

Anything with Darkness control should consider this as a primary form of hand destruction. Nature’s mana acceleration only makes Lost Soul sweeter, as you could quite possibly pull it off on turn five. Solid.

Elk Elk is back with another review. Lost Soul. A card you hate and love.
Here are the stats.

Card Name: Lost Soul
Card Type: Spell
Color: Dark
CastingCost: 7
Mana Value: 1
Effect: Your opponent discards all cards from his hand.

This card is pretty good. It all depends on how you use it. Usually the opponent will have 0 or 1 card in his/her hand by turn 7. But if not then this one pwns. I've had this use against me and when it was used I suffered a very hard duel. But I never seem to get to use it correctly. I guess it's just me. If you are using the Darkness civi without it being a splash card then you should definately consider using this one. If the opponent has no cards then what can they do?
Yes it is expensive but hey, it's worh it.

Constructed- 4.5/5(I took off .5 because of whenever I try to use it)
Limited- 5/5
Art- 3/5

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