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Pojo's Duel Masters Card of the Day

Image from Wizards Duel Master site

  Apocalypse Vise
Thundercharge of Ultra Destruction

Card # DM36

Date Reviewed: 08.03.05

Constructed Average Rating: 4
Limited Average Rating: 3.5

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst. 3 ... average.
5 is the highest rating.

Justin Florio
I'm back! Hurray right? Yea, sure, I know you are all happy to see me again. I've been what you can say busy for a while with a little thing called Band Camp... Two weeks of 9AM - 9PM band practice. It is hell if you know what I mean, but it is well worth it. Well anywho, I'm back just in time before school starts. I'll do some tourny reports before then, but once school starts, I'll have to slow down again since I'm taking AP and Gifted classes. Homework is going to be IMMENSE! Anywho, enough of my life and back to Duel Masters! Today we review a personal favorite from the new set, Apocalypse Vise.
Apocalypse Vise
Type : Spell
Civilization : Fire
Mana Cost : 7
Text : Destroy any number of your opponent's creatures that have total power 8000 or less.
Flavor Text :"I've invented a fun new weight-loss machine! It's guaranteed to make you thinner, or your money back!"
                                -Rikabu, the Dismantler
Rarity : Rare
Set : Thundercharge of Ultra Destruction
The fire civilzation has been evolving and getting considerable boosts ever since Survivors of the Megapocalypse. Fire is formidable civilization. With the addition of Apocalypse Vise and Kooc Pollon, Fire is going to see even more play. This civilization is rocking the meta!
Cost and Ability
You might think seven is a lot of mana for a fire card. Well, what does it do? Get rid of a creature with 4000 or less? Nah. Sweep the field of all blockers? No way. Get rid of a single FDF or a BAT, Hulcus, Corile, and Rumbling Terrahorn at the same time? Hell yes! To get rid of an X amount of creatures with 8000 or less power is MORE than a decent effect for 7 mana. It is excellent. This baby one me a couple matches of the invitationals, mainly the ones that really counted. Apocalypse Vise should fit into any deck alongside Searing Wave.
What to use instead
Like I said. ALONGSIDE Searing Wave. I think this card is irreplacible. If you DO want to run something cheaper, you will want ro run Searing Wave. It can't take down a fatty, but it can still take out mini creatures. I prefer Apocalypse Vise because it has NO downside! Absolutely none! If you have the mana, use it!
Final Overview
This is definitely one of the better cards from Thundercharge. It has a great effect, decent price for it, and is from the fire civilzation. It rocked me in my Release tourny and it rocked in my deck at the Invites. Have fun with this card. USE IT!
Constructed - 4/5 - If you have the mana, use it well.
Limited - 3.5/5 - High mana cost makes it a LITTLE less playable. But if you do get it out, your opponent is screwed.
Well that's it. Contact me via email at darknessflame@charter.net or AIM me at StewieRoxUrSox.
Steven Cantrell
Apocalypse Vise
Type: Spell
Civilization: Fire
Mana Cost: Seven (7)
Rules Text:
Destroy any number of your opponent's creatures that have total power 8000 or less.
Flavor Text:
"I've invented a fun new weight-loss machine! It's guaranteed to make you thinner, or your money back!" -Rikabu, the Dismantler
Rarity: Rare
Set: Thundercharge of Ultra Destruction
Apocalypse Vise has already become one of the most feared cards in Duel Masters since the release of Thundercharge last month. The main reason why is versatility. Imagine what would happen if Searing Wave and Terror Pit fused together, and you get Apocalypse Vise. It can either sweep the field of several weak creatures or target one fatty like Crystal Lancer depending on the given situation. That’s just nice.
Limited: 4.5/5
Apocalypse Vise is probably the most powerful card in a Thundercharge draft. Pull two of these and everyone else might as well concede. The cost is only a very minor downside.
Constructed: 4.5/5
Not fun at all to be playing against Apocalypse Vise. With a field of weenie creatures, its like waiting for a bomb to go off every time your opponent draws a card that could be Vise.
Steven Cantrell
Horus Master lv8
Okay today's card is another great destruction card for fire...Its name, Apocalypse Vise...Let's get it started!!!!
Name: Apocalypse Vise
Cost: 7
Civilization: Fire
Type: Spell
Rules Text:
Destroy any number of your opponent's creatures that have total power 8000 or less.
Flavor Text:
"I've invented a fun new weight-loss machine! It's guaranteed to make you thinner, or your money back!" -Rikabu, the Dismantler
Mana Number: 1
Artist: Hisashi Momose
Rarity: R
Collector Number: 36
WotC Card Database
Okay on to the review:
Well if I had to say that there was a downside to this card it would either be that it costs 7 mana or it isn't a trigger...But come on people this card's effect makes that 7 mana be used for a good cause..
Well when it comes to destruction, the Fire Civilization offers Searing Wave, Crimson Hammer, and Spastic Missile to name a few.  This would be tied with Searing Wave in my opinion...This costs two more than SW but it can kill an 8000 power creature...SW can't do that now can it ;-)
Effect: You can destroy a maximum of eight creatures with this card, though if you destroyed eight creatures they would all have 1000 power and that situation is highly unlikely.  You can destroy any number as long as it doesn't go over 8000.  One creature, two creatures, however many you want to as long as it doesn't exceed 8000..  This card is great! I love its effect and the cost is a small price to pay for such a great effect. 
Constructed:4.5/5 If you run fire, definately consider this for you spell lineup...Though I suggest go 2/2 with it a Searing Wave. This is an Excellent choice.
Limited:5/5 If you pull some playable fire cards, you should have no doubt in your mind...Run this!!!
Overall:4.75 It is just that good.
Art:2/5 Meh, not interesting ;(
Flavor Text:4/5 This stuff is awesome xD
Want to comment on my CotD's, reach me by e-mail or MSN IM at danieljs@bellsouth.net .  Any type is accepted as I love negative critism.  'Till then, Happy Dueling!!

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