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Pojo's Duel Masters Card of the Day

Image from Wizards Duel Master site

  Dealer's Choice

Top Cards to Look for This Season

Date Reviewed: 04.29.05

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst. 3 ... average.
5 is the highest rating.


Hey Pojoers! It’s officially 24 hours until the 5 civ, so get psyched and get ready. I want to see pleanty of tourny reports coming next week. Cause if I don’t *shakes fist*…


Anyway, today, we review the most common, really the 4th, card that you’ll probably see at the 5 Civ. There’s really only 1 choice here I can think of… well 5 or 6. But they all fall under the same category. Go figure. I’ll review them all today.


Bronze-Arm Tribe, Barkwhip, Fighter Dual Fang, Torcon, etc… AKA Beast Folk Family

Civilization: Nature

Type: Beast Folk

Mana Cost: 2-6

Power: 1000-8000

Abilities: Shield trigger, DB, put cards from the top of the deck to the mana zone, etc…


The Positive Side


Another Short review. I’ll do better next week…maybe. AP Exams all next week. I’ll probably take a week off to, you know, study…


Ok, what do I have to say good about Beast Folk? I mean, I was never a really big fan of them to begin with….


In general, the family is arguably the most common type played, and for very good reason. Let’s face it. Even if you don’t like Beast Folks, like me, and the very sight of them want to make you rip out your eyeballs, you still have to say they are strong.


Beast folks can do almost everything that Green can do. They have mana producers, power-ups, shield triggers, power attackers, it’s almost scary.


The good thing about them is that even with their comparatively high costs, they make up for it for their mana production power. So, when I get out a Valdios, chances are that the Green/Blue Deck I’m facing is already at 6 mana.


Basically, Beast Folk is the green version of rush decks. They are really fast, strong, and pretty hard to stop.


The Negative Side


There are bad things about the Beast Folks.

nope, nothing…


really though, there are some bad things about Beast Folks, but none of them really affect the play of beast folks.


For 1, there are no blocker Beast Folks or in green period. That forces you to use another color with Beast Folks. Not really that big of a deal…


For 2, Beast Folk decks and heavy evo ratios means 2 words…Evo Locked. Nothing is worse than having a bunch of evolutions in your hand with no base monsters to play them on…


And for 3, Green mana production decks with blue searchability tends to deck out fairly easily. I mean, I made someone deck out before with my deck…a rush deck…


That’s really the only negs I can think of. There’s probably more, but I can’t think to well…


The Limited Side


Beast Folks are crazy in limited play as well. They are relatively cheap, can be helpful in mana production and power attacking. I  see no real reason to not use them…unless you don’t have another source of green cards to your arsenal…


The Recap


Here’s the + and – Review


+mana produces, power attacks, power-up, and shield trigger

+Rush in green form

+ Very hard not to say that they aren’t strong…


-      evo lock danger

-          no blockers

-          no real negs anyway. Think they’re so fancy with their only 3 negatives….let’s riot!


Constructed- 5/5- As much as I hate it, they deserve a perfect rating

Limited- 4/5- Evos are harder to hit, not as much selection with Beast Folks. Still strong though.

Art- 5/5- It’s like I’m going to get rabies from these things…


That’s it for the beast folks. If anyone has a Q, triple C, or just wants to speak their mind, E-mail me at

nimbly@gmail.com or pt_1bc_2@yahoo.com

Later Days…

1 day to the 5 Civ. Expect a huge tourny report by me :D


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