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Pojo's Duel Masters Card of the Day

Image from Wizards Duel Master site

  Bolmeteus Steel Dragon

Card #S7

Date Reviewed: 04.18.05

Constructed Average Rating: 3.25
Limited Average Rating: 4

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst. 3 ... average.
5 is the highest rating.

Lee Sandow
Today we are reviewing Bolmeteus Steel dragon, and i'm in WAY to big a hurry to type out a lengthy report for him.  Go here's the VERY basic review for him today.
7 for 7000 isn't bad
Armored Dragons have lots of support (Fire birds)
Double breaker
Destroyed shields are sent to GRAVE (no shield trigger)
7 is kinda expensive...
He's an in demand Super Rare, so getting him will be hard
Now that we've reviewed these stats, let's see how they stack up!
Constructed:  In a deck that uses fire and can summon this guy, use him.  He's a great card for an Armored Dragon deck or a deck with lots of Dragon support.  Mana accel doesn't hurt this guy at all.  He's really good in the right deck.  4/5
Limited:  If you draft this and don't use it, I will find you and burn your house down.  I'll take him from you, THEN I'll burn it down.  This guy is a GODLY card here.  5/5
I'll elaborate in tomorrow's review, but here's what you need for today!

Hey, hey, pojo! I took a short break from the COTD for the last 2 review days. I had some tests to do and some SAT studying to work on, but it’s all good now.


I didn’t want to miss the last review. Pyrofighter is my new little buddy. :)


Anyway, today, we got one cool new card to review. Hold on. I want you to close your eyes, and imagine a world without shield triggers. Nice huh? What card does that? Well, it’s definit…no not Alcadeias…It’s


Bolmeteus Steel Dragon

Civilization: Fire

Type: Armored Dragon

Mana Cost: 7

Power: 7000

Ability: Double Breaker

When this card breaks a shield, it goes to the graveyard instead.


The Rundown


I need this card to finish the set. And it’s a super? *sigh*

I really can’t say too much about this card. I haven’t seen it in play or do anything yet. Only 1 person has pulled it, and he hasn’t used it yet. So…



The Positive Side


Fire gets another huge-overpowered dragon to add to their library to dragons. I thought they learned their lesson with the disaster that Billion-Degree brought about…


BSD is completely different. It’s good!!!


This guy is a 7 cost DB for 7000, which isn’t up to the standard, but still very decent. 7000 is a very nice, big number, and I should be.


The true strength, of course, lies in the ability. The card destroys shields to the graveyard instead of to the opponent’s hand. That is amazing for many reasons.


One: Your opponent doesn’t gain that card advantage that they always get when shields are broken. You really never know what could lie in those shields. A speed attacker? A evo-base? A strong spell? You just don’t know…you’ll have a better chance to become a barber shop quartet than predicting the card in the shields…


Two: Cards are sent to the graveyard instead of the hand. Now, read the text to a shield trigger. It says that the card must get into the opponent’s hand to be activated. So if BSD attacks 2 shield triggers, you get nothing but a lot of heartache and contemplation of your life…


Three: It’s a “dragon”. There is a new fire bird that helps reduce the mana cost of a dragon named type card by 2, and the ability is assumed to be stackable. Meaning you could end up playing this card for only 1 mana. Braids been eatin his Wheaties!


The card is very, very exceptional for an attacker. I would play him only in a deck based around it, or a deck using green.


The Negative Side


As crazy as the card seems, there is the everyday cons to the card.


There is the energizer bunny threat of Staple card bait and death smokes and other things that kills. You know? The threat keeps going and going and going…


The 7 cost is very high. It can be lowered with good ol’ Cocco Lupia,  but that still takes up some mana.


One of the more significant problems I see with the card is that it doesn’t really fit in with the whole Fire scene. Right now, red decks focus on one main idealization, and that is speed, supersonic style. The last time I checked my math-bone, 7 is not that low and not that fast. I could be, but generally, no.


The card has more positives than it has negatives. There really is no con toward the card itself, only besides the cons that almost every card faces.


Finally, here’s “what else can you use?” Dragon Edition!!!

- Bolshack?

- Garkago?

- Billion Degree?

- Bolzard?

- Astrocomet?

- Boltail?


Not much better, now is there?...


The Limited Side


DB’s work wonders in limited. The effect will see less significance here, but it does guarantee the chance of no shield triggers. There are some that could show up, so you really never know. 7000 power is good enough to take down several monsters and get through a myriad of blockers. I say nay!...I mean play!


The Recap


Here’s the + and – recap



+ Doesn’t activate broken shields triggers

+ sends shields to graveyard

+ Double Breaker

+ helped by Cocco Lupia



- Liable to get hit with the T.Pit, Snare, and other death cards

- 7000 is not that strong

- Doesn’t fit in with the speed theme for Fire


Constructed (using Cocco Lupias or nature mana-producers)-3.5/5- use this card with that Cocco Lupia and we see very strong combos with this card. Besides that, I don’t really know on its playability, but it definitely goes down. Without CL’s or Nature, then I would say it’s a 2.5/5.

Limited-3/5- Double Breakers are good in limited. Especially one that can destroy shield triggers. 7000 power is ok, nothing stellar. I say use it.

Art-4.5/5- Holy Crap…Am I going to die?...


That’s it for Bolmeteus Steel Dragon. If any one has a Q, triple-C, or just wants to speak their mind, E-mail me at:


Later Days…


Steven Cantrell
Bolmeteus Steel Dragon
Type: Creature
Civilization: Fire
Race: Armored Dragon
Mana Cost: Seven
Rules Text:
Double breaker (This creature breaks 2 shields.)
Whenever this creature would break a shield, your opponent puts that shield into his graveyard instead.
Flavor Text:
Part robot. Part Dragon. All robo-Dragon.
Power: 7000
Rarity: Super Rare
Set: Stompatrons of Invincible Wrath
Power/Cost: Bolmeteus supplies a 7k body that can rip through most commonly played creatures. But power is not everything. Seven mana represents a significant investment. Your entire turn will usually be spent to summon Bolmeteus. This late in the game, a 1:1 power to cost ratio is not worth it. The effect must make up for it…
Civilization/Race: The Armored Dragon race has some support. The Fire Birds (namely Cocco Lupia) protect them from harm or provide some other boost. They make for a cool theme too.
Effects: Bolmeteus Steel Dragon has one of the best effects in all of Duel Masters. Double Breakage is good. When your opponent doesn’t get the shields, it becomes even better. He fits well into aggressive decks that swing away without fear. You can also blow by Shield Triggers. What’s more fun than seeing the look on your opponent’s face when you hit a Terror Pt or Holy Awe that doesn’t even activate?
Limited Ranking: 4/5
Fatties work better in this format. Drafts often provide less kill spells or board control to stop your creatures. Use this guy if you’re lucky enough to pull it.
Constructed Ranking: 3/5
Control decks are everywhere in Constructed. Bolmeteus will not stay alive very long. Decks that are not control usually have a good bit of blockers or some other way to combat big, expensive creatures. Support like Cocco Lupia does help though.

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