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Pojo's Duel Masters Card of the Day

Image from Wizards Duel Master site

  Innocent Hunter,
Blade of All

Card #103

Date Reviewed: 04.13.05

Constructed Average Rating: 4.15
Limited Average Rating: 3.0

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst. 3 ... average.
5 is the highest rating.

Lee Sandow
Hello again, reviewers.  Continuing this weeks review of Stomp-a-Tron cards is (as I said Monday), the ULTIMATE evo bait.  Looking back, there are probably other cards that warrant using other than this guy, but when I was choosing this week, I chose monsters that had abilities that jumped out at me, and this was one of them. 
Innocent Hunter, Blade of All

Cost:  4

Civilization:  Nature

Card Type:  Creature
Race:  Beast Folk

  • You can put an evolution creature of any race on this creature.

Flavor Text:  His soul is so pure that anywhere he wanders accepts him as a native son. His infinite destinies lie just over the horizon.

Power: 1000

Mana Generated: 1

Rarity:  Uncommon

Card Number:  103/110
Set:  Stomp-a-Trons of Invincible Wrath
This makes me think that most Duel Masters creatures are rather racist.  This guy is like the Martin Luther King Jr. of the DM world.  There need to be more people that tolerant in the world...
Civilization/Race:  He's nature, and a Beast Folk.  And an Armored Dragon.  And a Liquid People.  AND an Initiate.  AND a Demon Command.  AND a Fish (if they ever get any evos).  Still, Beast Folk are a good race to be naturally (get it?  He's a NATURE creature). 
Cost:  Four mana is something that the nature civilization doesn't have very many drops for.  Aside from a one-turn Barkwhip or a Mana Nexus, there's not much competing for this slot.  Four mana isn't TOO much for a creature, but they'd better have decent power or a sweet effect. 
Power:  Oh god!  He's got 1000 power.  It's... so... HORRIBLE!!!  He can't kill any other creatures except in a suicide, and he's vulnerable to ANY destruction spell in the game that doesn't specify it being a blocker.  Let's just move on... it's not like we're using him for his power anyways...
Ability(s):  He can evolve into anything.  Some of you might be saying "what's so good about that?"  Well, think of it this way.  This guy fits EXCELLENTLY into any deck running multiple evo-lines.  His versatlity can be really useful.  I'll give some examples under the limited and constructed reviews.  This ability can be good in decks running multple evo lines, but in a deck only running one, then pass on him.
Now that we've looked at these stats, let's see how they stack up!
Constructed Overview:  Well, craptacular stats aside, this guy has his uses.  He's currently the only Four-drop Angel Command, which can make him useful for summoning Alcadieas.  Also useful for Ballom decks.  Any evo decks running green/anything could stand to use this guy, but since his cost is so high, it makes one turn drop evos less likely.  The concept is nice, but this guy really is only mediocre at best.  Heh, they can't all be gold.  2.8/5
Limited Overview:  Actually, I think he's better here.  This makes it easier to run your evolutions, because he allows you increased flexability in using your creatures.  Holding that Crystal Jouster?  You won't have to wait to draw your base Liquid Person now, since you can use this guy instead.  He makes evos more usable. 4/5 IF you get any evos.
Friday:  He hits AND runs!
Elk Innocent Hunter, Blade of All review

My second review. This one will be more detailed since I'm not being rushed my my brother to get off the computer.

Here are the stats for Innocent Hunter.

Innocent Hunter, Blade of All
Cost: 4
Civilization: Nature
Type: Creature
Race: Beast Folk
- You may put an evolution creature of any race on top of this creature
Power: 1000
Rarity: Uncommon

Ok, on first glance, this card can seem amazing to you, but to tell you the truth this card ain't all that. Sure you can put any evo-creature, but what are you gonna put on it?

Fighter Dual Fang -BAT and Torcon are enough.
Valdios -Vorg? Zyler? Gett?!?
Nofia -Turn 4 in a Nofia deck belongs to Elf-X.
Legendary Bynor -Uhh, well?

Well yeah, you could use it in a Legendary Bynor deck, but with using Nature

along with Water in a Bynor deck you can't reap all of the benefits of Bynor's effect using Nature cards too.

The reason his cost is 4 is because of its *glamourous* effect. His power is

1000 because of his *glamourous* effect. His power/cost ratio is good for his effect, but his effect isn't good, so....

Let's see what else you can use on turn four.

Elf-X (one of my favorites)
BAT and Barkwhip
2 Faerie Lifes
Mana Nexus.....

Yeah, I suggest you skip this guy.

In limited, skip this buddy. Or pull it and trade it to Timmy after the duel

Constructed 2/5
Limited 1/5
Art 5/5 (yeah!!)

If you have any questions or concerns about my post, then email me at i_luv_mimi33@hotmail.com.
See you guys later, and vote for me to be a featured article writer!
Drizer Innocent Hunter, Blade of All
Civilization: Nature
Race: Beast Folk
Mana Generated:1
Rules Text:
You can put an evolution creature of any race on this creature.
Power: 1000
Type: Creature
Artist: Syuichi Obata
Drizer's Flavor Text (For cards that don't have them):
Flavor Text: His soul is so pure that anywhere he wanders accepts him as a native son. His infinite destinies lie just over the horizon

Hey Y'all! This is my 10th card of the day here at Pojo. Man, just imagine, just a month ago I wasn't even doing anything. Now, I'm sending in tourny reports, doin' CotD and even doin' some deck work. Ok, to the review

Good Points of the Card

-Beast Folk
-Ability, Duh

Constructed Side

This card is totally awesome. It can evolve into anything! That means you can play a Crystal Lancer on this shiz. If you don't draw a card at any of the time, you can even evo to Barkwhip and FDF. Sorry, I know you all hate it, but another short review today

TO THE POINT: This card PWNS, I highly suggest playing this card

Limited Side

Not as good here, because in constructed it's totally broken

Bad Points of the card

-4 for 1k

Overall Standings:

Card is pretty good

Limited: 3.5
Art: 5.0 Awesome Blade!

Till Friday!

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