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Pojo's Duel Masters Card of the Day

Sorry, we don't have this card.

  Proclamation of Death


Date Reviewed: 04.01.05

Constructed Average Rating: 4
Limited Average Rating: 4

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst. 3 ... average.
5 is the highest rating.

Drizer Name: Proclomation of Death
Civilization: Darkness
Race: -
Mana Generated:1
Rules Text:
Sheild Trigger
When you play this card, your opponents chooses one of his creatures in the battle zone and puts it into his graveyard
Power: -
Type: Spell
Drizer's Flavor Text (For cards that don't have them): "Oh no, not again!!"-Fear Fang Flavor Text:~Not Available~

Sorry no reviews have been sent in awhile. I've been doing them, but for some reason pojo isn't gettin em. Oh well.

Good Points of the Card
-Creature Kill
-Low Cost for creature kill

Constructed Side
Oh great! As if Darkness didn't have enough creature kill, they go and get this. Oh well, I guess this is a last-ditch attempt to get Darkness decks back into my meta (every1 stopped). I'm guessing Darkness decks will come back with a bang. All I have to say is "RUN!!" lol. I don't have any experience at all the with S.A.T. stuff yet so I don't have much to say

Limited Side
In Limited, this card PWNS. I hereby dedicate this slogan when you play this on your opponent in draft (Like taste the rainbow when you are playing 5 colors and u win) " I just PWNED you!"

Bad Points of the card

-Opponent chooses card.... :(

Overall Standings:
I unno what to think of this card yet, I wanna see what happens when I'm up against it first, until then, here are my ratings:

Constructed:4.0 Creature kill will always rate high
Limited: 4.5 " I just PWNED you"
Art: 2.0 ah, not WotC's best art

Till Monday!

We gots a great card for you guys today, the final day of your Sneek Peek at Stomp-a-trons. Not that it matters much. The release is in a little over a week. But how can you at all contain your excitement. I use the PSP, but you…


That aside, our last card for Friday is…Proclamation of Death.


Proclamation of Death

Civilization: Darkness

Type: Spell

Mana Cost: 4

Ability: Shield Trigger

Your opponent destroys one of their monsters.


The Rundown


This for me is one of the 5 most anticipated cards of the set. The others being comet missile, Pyrofighter magnus, Choya, the Unheeding, and the Invincible Family.

I’m waiting to get at least 3 of these. I only have 1 so far…I need some luck if I want to avoid buying a box or 2…


The Positive Side


If you look at the card, you almost automatically think Terror Pit, just weaker and cheaper. That’s really what it is. It’s truly no different from Terror Pit except for one big problem. You have no choice in what dies. For most people, it really doesn’t matter. If your opponent has only 1 monster, then who really gives a flying squirrel which of the death cards you use…


Why is this good? When I see this card, I see a dark version of the Rothus effect, without the you-losing-a-monster bit. For people like me, your decks are very deprived of shield triggers. I only have 3 types, for a total of 11 cards. Terror Pit, Holy Awe, and Critical Blade. With these guys, your deck goes up by 3-4. Now it’s 14-15. Look at the shield trigger average curve. With 11, my curve is 4.09, meaning I get a shield trigger every 4.09 cards. Now, with 15, it’s a solid 3. A hell of a lot better than 4.09. I gotta get out of Statistics Class…


I see this card has one big competition spell. Death Smoke. You know, Death Smoke? The card that’s been with us for 5 sets now? The question is, which is better? We need this Jeopardy Champion guy to answer this one…


The edge this card has over Death Smoke is the…shield trigger effect and the fact that the monster can be tapped and be destroyed. Death smoke is limited to untapped creatures and has no shield trigger ability. I can’t count the times I saw Death Smoke in the shields. It’s like seeing Starbucks in a major city…


Those traits alone make this a very playable card. Shield trigger only helps out darkness more, especially since the card is very decent in it’s ability.


The Negative Side


Is it truly better than Death Smoke? I don’t know. Let’s do a card face-off…(why do I keep adding these sections?)


Death Smoke vs. Proclamation of Death


DS is better than PoD

+ You get to select the monster

+ More game changing in your choice

+ Classic over New Age


PoD is better than DS

+ Shield Trigger

+ Not limited to untapped monsters

+ not that much different than DS when 1 monster is on the field

+ Increases shield trigger probability

+ referred to as the “baby Terror Pit”


DS is not any different from PoD and vice versa.

- both do the same thing when 1 monster is present

- same cost

- same civilization

- Both really do have their pluses and minuses.


Final Verdict- PoD is better than DS


Why did I pick Proclamation of Death? 2 words. Light…Bulb…

Ok, really, it’s because it’s a shield Trigger. Maybe I’m a little one-sided, but I detest the sight of Death Smoke in the shields, and I’m getting really sick of it.


In the big picture, PoD and DS both get rid of one monster. The problem with PoD is that, obviously, an opponent would be forced to lose the weaker monster first. So if your opponent has a Torcon and a Fighter Dual Fang on the field and they hit this card…then your gonna see Torcon get an early grave…or prove your opponent is a moron.


Another problem with the card is that when you need a crazy last minute card to stop your opponent with an attack, this doesn’t help. Think about it. Let’s say I have no monsters, my opponent has 3 attackers, and I have only 2 shields, let’s say they’re both PoD. Now the first one attacks, hits the first PoD. Guess which monster gets the axe…


Correct! It’s the attacking monster. Since it’s gonna be tapped, it has no more use for your opponent at the final attack of the game, so in that scenario, it is completely useless to have this card in the shields, but most of the time, this card should be helpful in the game. Having PoD in the shields is a lot better than having a Death Smoke…


Finally…we really don’t need to do “what else could you use?”. You know the argument. Death Smoke or Proclamation of Death. Plus, I gave you the face-off section already. Those are rare! It’s like pulling 10 Ballom, Master of Death…in the same pack…


The Limited Side


Ok class. We all should know the rules of Limited Play. Speed is amazingly strong…Blockers are almost staples in saving you…Fatties become a lot more playable…and Death cards that get rid of your opponent’s monsters become automatic staples that should be taken and used. This card would only work wonders, as I see it. Sure, your opponent gets to choose, but it’s still one threat less than you had before.


The Recap


Here’s the + and – Recap



+ Shield Trigger

+ Not limited to tapped monsters

+ More destruction to the darkness family



- You have to chose which is better. Death Smoke or This.

- You have no choice in what monster gets the axe.


Constructed-4/5- It’s gonna see a lot of play, especially by me and my meta. It’s very playable. Can our veteran, Death Smoke, out live his brother? It’s not looking good for it.

Limited-4/5- Death cards are staples in limited. It takes out those monsters that you can’t take out through battle. However, this one isn’t as supreme as other death cards, but still nice to have. Not that many decent Shield triggers in existence.

Art-3.5/5- I always thought Aqua Hulcus lived a nice life…


That’s it for the Proclamation of Death. If anyone has any questions, comments, concerns, or complaints, E-Mail me at:


Later Days…Back to PSP world…


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