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Pojo's Duel Masters Card of the Day

Image from Wizards Duel Master site

  Jack Viper,
Shadow of Doom


Date Reviewed: 9.15.04

Constructed Average Rating: 3.4
Limited Average Rating: 1.5

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst. 3 ... average.
5 is the highest rating.

The Antman
Jack Viper, Shadow of Doom - Very Rare - #29 (rampage)

Hey peoples today we have Jack Viper, Shadow of Doom wow that sounds sorta cool.. you know... "hes Jack Viper (du na nahhhh) Shadow of Doom... cool huh ^.^

anyways jack viper looks very good until you look at one detail... the fact that he is a ghost and incase you havnt noticed he is the best ghost out there =/ all the rest of them suck realy realy bad =/. they are either over costed and/or have a bad ability. but hopefully that will change in the future because Jack is neither over costed or bad, and I (IMO) would love to play this dude... heck if you manage to get 2 out you got a set of reacuring creatures well unless they change some ruling on this card... but anyways this card in a ghost deck will stink because ghost decks stink, but if you add him and some of the better ghosts (I.E. blakc feather and wailing
shadow) with some nice other black cards than you have a decent deck, heck all those 2 for 1000 black blockers are now useful.

constructed- 2.5/5 I would have given it 4/5 if it wasnt a ghost
limited- .000000001 there is only one other ghost in rampage and it is a over costed slayer =/

final thought- the fact that this card is a ghost realy limits its play use and it probably wont see any play in any good decks
& Chips
Hey everyone! Fish here reviewing Jack Viper, Shadow of Doom. This card is the best reason to run Ghosts in your deck. 3 mana for 4000 power is good enough, but the effect is better. Now, Ghosts aren't the best type, save for a few(Wailing Shadow Belbetphlo, Grey Ballon, Shadow of Greed). Of course, 4 of each and 4 of Jack will still set up a good evolutionary line. I fully recommend this card.

Constructed: 4.5/5 Your creatures will never die.

Limited: 1.5/5 You won't see many Ghosts.

Chips might be sending one later.

Bill Gill
(aka Pojo)
This is one of those cards that can be fun to play with. It's not very large for an evolution, but it is pretty solid. You aren't playing Viper for his size, you are playing him for his ability … as your black creatures come back to your hand, instead of the graveyard.

He is perfectly suited for mono-black decks. He can fit into a Fat Black deck, and a Suicide Black Deck.

Pojo's Rating = 3.5

The problem will be keeping him alive 


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