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Pojo's Duel Masters Card of the Day

Image from Wizards Duel Master site

  Sieg Balicula,
the Intense


Date Reviewed: 9.10.04

Constructed Average Rating: 3.33
Limited Average Rating: 3.5

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst. 3 ... average.
5 is the highest rating.

* Game Store owner in CA, ShuffleAndCut

Multiple M:TG Pro Tour Appearances


Oh lordy, this guy is good. No - he's really, really good. Giving blocker to everything is ridiculous, and even evolving up to a 5k for 3 is nothing to sneeze at. If you play enough initiates and enough non-blockers in your deck, give this guy a whirl.

In limited, he's an evolution. Same rule with all evolutions - if you can play it, do. If you can't, and you usually can't, don't.

Constructed: 4.5
Limited: 3.5


Knives101 Well Sieg has a few good combos. The best combo is to use Urth to attack, and then block. There are a few good initiates out there to evolve from. It's just that any control deck is going to remove Sieg before it has a chance of doing damage. Plus turning all your creatures into blockers isn't the best idea out there. Yay!! Now I get to use my Paladin/Scarlet/Critical Blade/Larba Geer on all of your creatures!! Having blockers that can attack is great. Unfortunatly a better way to do this would be to throw some Diamond Cutters into your deck. You can't exactly make a deck around Sieg and expect to have Seig out all the time turning your attackers into blockers. Once your opponent removes Sieg then it's open season on your sheilds. So you can't make a deck with no way to block except using Sieg.

Rating: 3

Stegyman Sieg Blicula, the Intense

..awesome picture! XD

Okay, 3-Mana for a 5000 evolution creature is very, very good. Cards like Sieg Blicula are making Light a powerful civilization to run (yeah, what won GenCon? =P). Most Light creatures have Blocker anyway, so playing Sieg would almost be pointless--almost. An evolution that has 5000 Attack Power and costs only 3-Mana is nothing to sneeze at. Dropping this creature turn 3/4 would be devastating for your opponent. Heck, you could play TWO of these on one turn and the other one would have Blocker(I think.. not sure about that one).

Overall, I would play this card in a mono-Light deck. You could possibly give a few non-Blocker cards Blocker (probably a few Initiates that may be on the board) and have a cheap 5000 Attack creature on the board. Not bad, not bad.

Tournament: 4/5

Limited: 4/5 (good luck drafting it XD)

Might as well call this card Sieg, Emperor Qin. Just like the Chinese Emperor who built the Great Wall of China to protect his newly united land, Sieg is synonmous with 'defense.' Sieg turns all of your other Light creatures into a force of blockers. A Great Wall of Blockers. Wouldn't it be nice to have all your other Light creatures double as blockers? Well, yes and no...

#1. Blockers, blockers, everywhere! All of your other Light creatures in the zone can now take one for the team by blocking an annoying threat. Fills in the cracks in your defense.

#2. 3 mana for 5000. Mid-sized power for cheap. Can come out early enough to overrun some blockers, provide you with more defense, and hit something good like Barkwhip or a shield.

#3. Relatively quick evo line. Quickest appearance on the field is turn 4 after a Miele or Iere drop. Other good evo bait are Toel & Magris.

#1. Blocker removal is the bane of a Sieg drop. Water players are going to love when you drop Sieg in mono-Light. They'll slap down a Paladin and watch your whole field bounce to your hand. Fire players will love you too--Scarlett Skyterror will demolish your field down to the lone Sieg.
Darkness doesn't leave this stone unturned either--Critical Blade now has even more targets. Even the mirror Light running Larba will rejoice. Brings to mind that classic Daffy Duck & Bugs Bunny argument: It's duck season. No, rabbit season. Duck season! Rabbit season! No, it's your shield zone season!

#2. Is Sieg needed? Am I mistaken or is Light not in short supply of blockers at every cost level from 1 to 6--and with insanely high powered ones to boot? Then why do I need to potentially lose my field versus the bad match up just to turn underpowered guys like Miele, Toel, Laguna and Phal into blockers? Is Senatine Jade Tree alsleep at the job? Are the 'real'
blocker creatures on strike? If I need a quick evo drop packing 5000 why not just drop Larba? If I need some quick defense, why not just run a bunch of cheap blocker creatures?

#3 Easy to deal with. Many evos at its casting speed have same power--trade off shots. With two on the field--widespread blocker-hate drop effects them both. Oouchies.

Sieg requires careful play. Good for metas not dominated by blocker-hate.
Use with caution.

Constructed: 3/5. I'd rather run blocker creatures and Larba, but Seig is still playable.



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