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Pojo's Duel Masters Card of the Day

Image from Wizards Duel Master site

  Natural Snare

DM01- 66

Date Reviewed: 9.07.04

Constructed Average Rating: 4.66
Limited Average Rating: 4

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst. 3 ... average.
5 is the highest rating.

(Top 4 -
2004 GenCon
Natural Snare

I like this card.  It’s nature’s version of Terror Pit, only this time the creature gets blasted senseless into the mana zone.  While this may seem like a disadvantage giving your opponent more mana, the Snare has its uses.  For example, it gets around that annoying “When this creature is destroyed do this,” because it technically doesn’t kill the creature; the Snare just sends it to a better place.  Another plus for the Snare: it’s a shield trigger, and those are good for Mana Nexus and for screwing up your opponent’s strategy.  Take my word for it.  I run 4 of these in every nature deck.

Constructed: 5/5
Limited: 5/5


(Top 4 at
2004 GenCon
You've all heard the agrument: Natural Snare isn't good because it gives your opponent mana. True, it gives your opponent mana and this can help him.

But think of that mana-gain along these lines: Crystal Lancer is much better

for your shields if it's 2 sources of mana for your opponent." Many players who run Natural Snare view it something liek this: "creature's out of sight,

creature's out of mind." At one time Natural Snare was the only permenant removal without the possibility of creature recovery. Snare's not that way now because of cards like Flood Valve, but it's still praise-worthy.

#1. Creature Removal. It can get rid of an opponent's creature? Yes, I'll have more please. This is the only removal option for mono-Nature in spell form. The only other means is through direct creature attacking. Snare is like 4 chances at a 5 minute snack break for Mono-Nature.

#2. Shield Trigger. 6 mana can be hefty--but is usually not a huge thing for

Nature's mana production to tackle early. Still, getting something for free in this game is sweet. Love to run Snare in conjunction with Mana Nexus and Terror Pit/Holy Awe.

#3. Hits those bouncing freaks. Yes, guys like Solider and Knight are going somewhere other than their owner's hand. Sw33t.

#1. Gives your opponent mana. Makes it a bit easier for his threats to hit the field.

#2. Costs 6 mana if not off the trigger. Not a big issue in mono-Nature where the mana can fly. In multi-civ decks might freeze up a fattie drop.

I've always loved Natural Snare. Yes, even before mono-Nature was top tier.
i'm talking back in Base Set when it played second fiddle to Terror Pit in B/U/G (Darkness/Water/Nature).

Mono-Nature: 5/5. Duh! Pack 4 and give your shield zone something cool to do.
Multi-Civ: 5/5. If you're running Nature adds more removal options. Pack in Nexus too for some silly-shield setting fun.
Limited: 4/5 Like removal here. If it clears off something good it's worth the drop.

The Antman
Natural Snare - Rare - #66 (base set)

Well today we have a (IMO) a nature staple, Natural Snare.

Ahhh the beuty of nature... able to to give wonders or to grab you and turn you into mana with out notice, which is exatly what Natural Snare does.
This is greens main answer to the enemies over sized fatties who come out of the distance, and one of natures few answers too. When nature fails in its attempt to out speed the opponet it will have to try a differant tactic.
That is where Natural Snare comes in. I think the best thing about this card is its shield trigger, because who would want to pay six to turn a enemy monster into mana food? not me ^.^ I would much rather pay 1 shield to munch the monster into mana food. 6 may seem a lot for the effect but by the time the you have six mana your opponet should have a big fatty out so all that you have to do it tap six and its mana food^.^

constructed- 4/5 very nice here but needs a good green deck to go with it
limited- 2/5 not as useful, sure removal is nice but its made to go on big dudes and those are harder to come by in draft.

final thought- its Greens version of Terror Pit.
Knives101 Today we are reviewing Nature's only removal card. (Pouch Shell doesn't count lol.) Back in base set I remember a lot of people hating this card for one reason. It sends your opponent's creatures to the mana zone, and not the grave. So you are giving your opponent extra mana. My response to that: Who cares? I'd rather remove one of my opponent's more annoying creatures than let it sit in play. Mana Nexus makes Natural Snare even better. Now you can chain a Nexus and a Snare together to really annoy your opponent. Sometimes sending your opponent's creature to the mana zone is better than sending it to the grave. Anyway Natural Snare is obv. good.

Rating: 5



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