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Pojo's Duel Masters Card of the Day

Image from Wizards Duel Master site

  Soul Gulp


Date Reviewed: 10.11.04

Constructed Average Rating: 2
Limited Average Rating: 1.25

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst. 3 ... average.
5 is the highest rating.


(Top 4 at
2004 GenCon
Soul Gulp
Who doesn't like seeing his opponent lose cards from his hand? Seriously, who? Entering the hand discard lineup is another of Shadowclash's anti-Light offerings from the Darkness civilization, Soul Gulp.

#1. Fairly affordable discard versus Light based decks--that can be good for taking shots at crippling Light's best plays--power blockers, Cutter, Awe, searchers

#1. Narrow application: tailored made for Light-heavy metas & better suited as tech against mono-Light decks

#2. Number of cards discarded depends on the number of Light creatures in your opponent's battle zone. No Light creatures, no discard.

#3. Your opponent chooses the cards to discard if he's not made to lose his whole hand—how much are you willing to bet that he won’t choose Holy Awe?

1/5 mono-Light is a popular build in many metas thanks in large part to the Gen Con Indy winning deck. But I doubt that you're setting across only mono-Light decks. And if you are, due to some serious net-decking or whatnot, then slap Crystal Paladin or Scarlet Skyterror in your deck with more versatile hand rob. I'd rather pack Lost Soul, Ghost Touch, or hand discard creatures like Horrid Worm since they have wider application. But, hey, that's me. I'm crazy like that.

The Antman
Soul Gulp- Uncommon-#30(DM-04)

Hey everyone today we have Soul Gulp, a good card but it has very limited uses.

Well as most of you know Light is leading the current meda game with dimond cutter making it appear a lot =/. Which gives this card some use, but even so I think all these cards that work specificly against one deck will realy kill you if you play a non-light deck =/. I am personaly playing a darkness deck with jack viper/mongrel man and no where in the deck does it have "anti-light" cards because not everyone plays light, and maybe sure it is the best deck, it might not be for long. Eventualy some deck that is better will come out and all these "anti-light" cards will be near useless =/.

constructed- 3/5 it would have gotten a 1 but since light is currently the best deck it gets a higher rating
limited- 1.5/5 a lot less likely that a deck will play light

final thought- If around you everyone plays light that you might want to try this and cards like this, but if not keep this in your binder=/.
Knives101 Soul Gulp is a card that is utterly useless unless your opponent is running Light Creatures. I would not recommend this card. It is a dead draw unless you are facing a Light deck. Many people will say that this is good in a Light heavy meta. It is, but if you need a silver bullet to kill a Light deck with, then something is wrong with your build. More than just a Light deck will exploit whatever flaw is allowing you to lose to Light decks.

Rating: 1



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