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Pojo's Duel Masters Card of the Day

Image from Wizards Duel Master site

Horned Protector

Card S5

Date Reviewed: 11.26.04

Constructed Average Rating: 3.63
Limited Average Rating: 1.00

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst. 3 ... average.
5 is the highest rating.


(Top 4 at
2004 GenCon
Niofa, Horned Protector
Niofa is a bigger Rumbling Terahorn with less search versatility that can slam for 2.

1. Double Breaker. Niofa's double breaker effect is useful because it lacks summoning sickness. It can be hard to combat for some decks, especially when its appearance is accelerated.

2. Search your deck for 1 Nature creature. This ability means at least four
things: 1. Niofa thins your deck by 1 card, 2. It maintains your hand size by fishing out its creature replacement provided you don't cast other cards on the same turn, 3. The creature you need the most when you play it had better be a Nature creature, and 4. Your opponent knows which creature he's going to see soon. Now that Niofa joins the creature search ranks and is itself a creature, a nifty field-filling creature search loop can be had via Niofa and Rumbling Terahorn: play Rumbling and search for Niofa. Next turn evo Rumbling into Niofa and search for Rumbling. Next turn play Rumbling...well you get the point--happens so long as there aren't things stopping it (ie. evo bait gets toasted). You can also get things rolling with Dimension Gate.

Effect Ratings:
Constructed: 3.5/4. Niofa's effects are solid for the price. You net a formidible threat and another Nature creature.

Limited: Not enough evo bait or copies of this creature are going to show in your pulls to bring it to the field consistently, but it nabs another Nature guy--although that creature is probably going to be a ho-hum creature. It's Double Breaker ability without summoning sickness is a plus in a format where Control & Stall strategies cannot be optimally fleshed out.

Six mana for a 9000 creature without summoning sickness is great. Only things like big walls, big creatures, some choice removal like Terror Pit, and bounce like Corile will put the brakes on this thing once it's out.
Niofa adds to the madness that is green beatdown. What hurts Niofa's chances for stardom is its evo line.

Power Ratings:
Constructed: 4/5. 9000 power at the 6 spot is hard for many decks to deal with, which pretty much means decks not running Light's blockers or ample fattie kill.

Limited: If you could make this evo see the field, then it will kill.

[Other Considerations]
Evolution Line: It's evo line is choppy. Only 1 of its potential evo bait comes in the early game, Leaping Tornado Horn, and the bulk are mid game drops hovering at 5 mana. The good news is that some of the Horned Beasts are very playable like Raging Dash-Horn and Rumbling Terahorn. The other Horned Beasts don't offer much unless you want to run a predominantly Horned Beasts deck or have no other options.

Evo Rating: 2.5/5. Niofa is a solid creature that can bring even more firepower and creature search to a build that's big on creatures and one that's designed for massive beats. Its evo line isn't terribly slow or completely unimpressive.

[Where To Deck]
Mono-Nature. In that build you have room to run Horned Beasts and Beast Folk without making too many concessions. Niofa can only search out Nature creatures, and in a mono-Nature deck that means any creature. With mana gain Niofa and its evo bait could hit the field sooner. Nature/Light. Having a choppy evo line can be offset via time & protection afforded through blocker stall, and Light has the added bonuses of an anti-blocker drop in Larba Geer and ways to draw cards. Other builds will likely stick with the Beast Folk evolutions for mana acceleration and pumped beats and just run Dimension Gate/Rumbling Terahorn/Crystal Memory for creature search.

[Some Cards To Deck With It]
You'll want mana gain to bring out Raging, Rumbling, and Niofa faster.
Therefore, it fits nicely with Beast Folk creatures like Bronze-Arm Tribe and perhaps with spells like Ultimate Force (just watch the number of cards you run at the 5 spot if you deck Rumbling and Raging). Since Niofa and its evo bait Rumbling Terahorn can re-fill the hand with a creature, Poisonous Mushroom wouldn't be too bad to deck. Larba Geer is a nice card to run in a Light/Nature deck with Niofa so Nature's aggro elements have an answer to walls. Other search creatures are also good to pair with Niofa--and it has an evo bait that does it to boot.

[Format Ratings Overall]
Constructed: 3/5. Niofa is soild, but it's hindered by a choppy evo line and a search ability that nabs only Nature creatures. Dimension Gate and Rumbling Terahorn are cheaper and more versatile creature search options.
Many duelists will favor Fighter Dual Fang because for 1000 less power it brings double breaker pain and 2 mana for the same price--and has a more fleshed out evo line.

Limited: If you can snag some evo bait, which is on the short supply. Your opponent might snag all the evo bait in Draft, and you'll barely see enough of Niofa's evo bait in Sealed. If it hits, then it will make your opponent cry.
Knives101 Niofa, Horned Protetor

Well this card already has quite a few good evo baits for it. You've got Tornado Horn, Raging Dash Horn, and Rumbling Terahorn. Searcing your deck for a creature is a nice effect. I already like using Rumbling Terahorn, so I might try this card out someday. I think I might wait until another 3 cost evo bait comes out though. Anyway makes for a nice seacher and an evolution all in one.

Rating: 4

Niofa, Horned Protector

A Six for 9000 double breaker with a built in Dimension Gate? Cool!

Heís one of the new Shadowclash evos, this time for Horned Beasts. You donít see them played often, but there are some decent ones to support Niofa. Leaping Tornado Horn, Rumbling Terahorn and Raging Dash-Horn are all nice targets for this creature. Rumbling Terahorn can even search for him for a quick turn 6 double breaker.

The search effect has to be used on a Nature creature, which really isnít that bad. Mononature is the type of deck Iíd be using this guy in anyway.

In limited, NEVER choose this guy. There is NO support for him.

Constructed: 3.5/5, decent evo bait leads to a 9000 double breaker, turn six. Nice.

Limited: 1/5, no support, literally.

Me = here to review. You = here to read. Simple enough? I think that's enough introduction for today. Today's review is on another Shadowclash SR and it's the nature one - my personal favorite.

He's a Horned Beast, not exactly a rampant race with only 5 other types avaliable in English yet, and fewer less that are usable. The only card I use competitvly is Rumbling Terahorn, and when not in a tournament I use Raging Dash-Horn for his amazing power-up ability. His effect is also close to Rumbling Terahorn, with it letting you search through your deck for any nature creature and add it to your hand. Thus, you can cycle your deck by playing another Niofa on another little Horned Beast.

He's a major competitor against Dual Fang at a whopping 9000 power, only Ballom, Alcadeis, Terror Pit and Ladia Bale are the only major playble cards that will stand in this guys way. He dosen't really have the convenience of speed like Barkwhip at being at 6 mana, but his effect makes up for it.

Once more nature creatures that can be used for evolution in the Horned Beast division then this guy will see some more serious play. At this time this card will need a deck at least semi built around him, just like Jack Viper. He is certainly playable though.

CONSTRUCTED: 3.0/5.0 - In a deck around it, it will be a bit of powerhouse.
And a higher rating.
LIMITED: 0/5.0 - There are no other Horned Beasts! Take it for it's rarity, then leave it out.
ARTWORK: 4.5/5.0 - It's not perfect, but a love the design and symmetry to it.
Fish & Chips
Niofa, Horned Protector
Hey Everyone! Sorry for the long pause again. I like this card. It's a good asset to mono-nature decks with Raging Dash-Horn in them. There's not really an abundance of Horned Beasts, but this card is playable. I'm sure a good nature player with Dimension Gate will be able to use this card well. It's 9000 power assures that it won't go down without a fight, and 6 mana is pretty cheap. This card gets an above-average rating in constructed.
Constructed: 4/5
Limited: 3/5 Now, I'm not sure how many Horned Beasts are in Shadowclash, so I could be wrong, but if there aren't many, than this card won't go places.
The card today is Niofa, Horned Protector. Now this is an okay card. It's a evolution card so it can attack the turn it is played. It has 9000 for 6 which is good and it has Double Breaker. You can also search your deck for a nature card when this comes into play. It's a pretty good card.
Constructed: 4.5/5
Limited: 4/5



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