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Pojo's Duel Masters Card of the Day

Image from Wizards Duel Master site

  Galklife Dragon

Card S4

Date Reviewed: 11.25.04

Constructed Average Rating: 2.5
Limited Average Rating: 2.6

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst. 3 ... average.
5 is the highest rating.


(Top 4 at
2004 GenCon
Galklife Dragon
In the right deck within the right meta Galklife Dragon can be a useful removal card.

1. Double Breaker. Not the most precious commodity for a creature except when tacked onto Evolutions like Crystal Lancer or ones with versatile effects, but it still can be handy because kill is not always readily available and you might have a clear shot to a player via Galklife Dragon's effect or other means.

2. Destroys all Light creatures with power 4000 or less. Its widespread "low-power anti-Light kill" is the reason to play Galklife Dragon if your meta sees a lot of Light creatures and you aren't running any in your deck.
There are over 25 Light creatures with 4000 or less power, and 2 can come unexpectedly as shield triggers. Several of those creatures are Blockers, the bane of any deck built with constant aggression in mind, which is Fire's hallmark. A good number of those Light creatures have effects that spell trouble for Fire's creatures, like Miele's tap ability that is commonly used to assist a Light blocker with destroying one of Fire's 1-3 drops. One of them, Mist Rias, you'll gladly love to see hit the dirt. For those Light based Hydro Hurricane decks, if an opponent isn't able to pop off that signature spell by turn six, Galklife Dragon is a suitable 7th turn play to help curb the potency of those decks by decreasing the field count that directly factors into the amount of mana you'd lose to its bounce.

A downside of Galklife's effect is that as a 7th turn play it can come too late to be the 'best deterence' to many of Light's key plays like Diamond Cutter, Holy Awe, and Hydro Hurricane and can't overrun many of Light's deadliest walls that come out before it like Gran Gure, Ladia Bale and Szubs Kin. Hitting a Light deck with Galklife Dragon after a Holy Awe or Diamond Cut run can still cause trouble, but if Hydro Hurricane drops and the Light player's field is aplenty then you can hang up seeing Galklife Dragon hit.
Also, if your opponent has the jump on mana and drops a card like Re Bil, Galklife Dragon may destroy less than you'd like when it drops.

Effects Ratings:
Constructed: 2.5/5. Galklife Dragon could decrease Light's presence on the field, which in and of itself doesn't do much to usher in its own 6000 double breaking power unless your opponent doesn't have power blockers out.
But, its effect could lessen the extent to which a Light player is able to launch devastating plays. Being limited to wiping out 4000 or less Light creatures makes it persona non grata in decks running Light or in metas that don't see much Light.

Limited: 2/5. Its kill effect can backfire here. You'd possibly kill off some of your main hitters since Shadowclash brings many Light creature pulls. The double breaker ability is good here due to sparse removal.

Seven mana for a 6000 creature isn't the best thing in the world. By that time big blockers like Szubs Kin (a 5 drop 6000 blocker) or hitters may be out that can deter or kill Galklife Dragon. Not to mention that summoning sickness makes this guy a less reliable late game hitter. Water's beefy blocker Angler Cluster is still going to be a problem for Fire and this guy won't pass it either unless pumped or a Volcanic Arrows is handy. Still, its kill effect is the reason to play this creature if at all.

Power Ratings:
Constructed: 2/5. If you're facing big walls this guy won't push through for hits. Many fatties in the 5 and up mana price range can destroy this guy when tapped and unprotected. Power isn't everthing, so it's effect is the reason duelists will run it.

Limited: 2.5/5. Blocker pulls are less prevalent as are other fattie drops.
Still it's pricey at 7 mana.

[Other Considerations]
1. Evo Bait: Galklife Dragon can be evolved into Überdragon Jabaha.
Überdragon Jabaha isn't an evolution that sees much play--honestly I've yet to see anyone deck the creature--primarily because Fire is about the early beats, the Humans can do the pump-double breaker thing faster, and all of Überdragon Jabaha's evo bait are costly 6-7 mana creatures with summoning sickness. Sure Armored Dragons have a bit of support from cards like Pippie Kuppie, but it's still not enough. The evo line is just too slow.

Evolution Bait Rating:
Overall: 2/5. It's a bit better than some of the other Armored Dragons, but it really depends on what you're trying to do with this race--and the Armored Dragon evo creature sees little play anyways. It's not a choice evolution line for Constructed, and evos aren't a sizable presence in Limited play.

[Where To Deck]
Galklife Dragon is not the creature to pack if you intend to use Light for defense and anti-Blocker support for your attack-happy Fire lot. It has a place in mono-Fire decks, which people will pilot post-Shadowclash despite that build's inability to impact the current meta. It's also a fit in Fire/Darkness decks that have the room since several cards from both civilizations are anti-Light. Fire/Nature is another place of employment because it's an aggressive deck that has problems with Light over the course of the duel. Galklife Dragon probably won't have a huge presence in Water/Fire because of quicker removal choices and Crystal Paladin. You might find room for it in decks packing 3 or more civilizations, but there are far better kill choices for those decks that have little space for each civilization. Above all, it's best in decks that face a considerable amount of Light competition, otherwise it's a costly beatstick with dismal power for that job.

[Some Cards That Amplify The Pain]
Searing Wave, Burst Shot--sure it's redundancy, but few things are more devastating to certain decks than widespread field clearance that happens turn after turn. If you were to drop Searing Wave, then Burst Shot, then Galklife Dragon on a Light player it's a good bet that any creatures remaining in his field by the 7th turn are mid-range to large creatures that guys like Valdios, Galklife, Groblav, or Bolshack might be able to handle.
Searing Wave is heavily favored over Burst Shot because it only targets your opponent's 3000 or less field for the price of 5 mana and 1 of your shields.
These spells may not hit the most problematic Light creatures--power blockers--but they can wipe away many of Light's low powered utility creatures like Laguna or Mist Rias. Also, it's not necessary to run these cards in the same deck as Galklife Dragon, although you should heavily consider Searing Wave if you're playing with Fire.

[Format Ratings Overall]
1. Constructed: 2/5. Okay in metas with a sizable number of Light decks, which do exist as it turns out. LOL. If Light is sparse then so is this creature's usefulness.

2. Limited: 2/5. A lot of Shadowclash's Light creature offerings are 4000 and below. But, considering that the bulk of your creatures might be Light and low powered guys too, this creature can be a double edged sword. If you don't pull heavy Light in Sealed or Draft, then Galklife Dragon could be an okay pull.
Knives101 Galklife Dragon

Ohh, what an evil text. "Let the Skies Burn!!" This card just looks cool. If only it had an effect that I could use VS every deck. Shadowclash introduces Duel Masters to what I would like to call Paper/Rock/Scissors tactics.
Certian cards in Shadowclash are only really effective VS certian decks.
Galklife Dragon is the Rock, and Light decks are the Scissors. I really don't think it is fair for a Light deck to lose, because his/her opponent was running Galklife. I feel the same way about Photocide, and Aeris, being ran agianst the opposing color. Oh well, there is good news. None of these Paper/Rock/Scissors cards makes winning impossible for the unlucky player.
It's just a little harder, to win this time around. That's all. Anyway Galklife Dragon is great in a Meta that is Light Dominated. Otherwise this card isn't that great.

Rating: 3
It's me again. Back again. Back to please. Well if you enjoyed my last review, you should enjoy this one. Sorry I didn't review King Aquakamui, I just got Kaijudo Showdown. (expect a review)

Anyway, Galklife Dragon is the flaming super rare from Shadowlcash, and he is a god in light destruction. You play him at 7 mana, and by that time your mono-light opponent will probably have at least 3-4 creatures, most likely under 4000 power and with Galklifes effect you would probably devastate your opponent. But that does have a catch.

If you play in a heavy mono-light, shadowclash theme light-nature or mana bouncing Hydro Hurricane meta game then playing 1 or 2 of these cards would be OK in a fire deck not focused on rush. It could also fit into a dark/fire deck as well. However, if you are facing Gran Gure, Ladia Bale, Szubs Kin or another powered up light card than not only will this creatures ability not work, it's dead if it attacks.

WIth only 6000 power, not an unblockable and it has Double Breaker slapped on this really useless against other decks. At least other fire cards like Scarlet Skyterror and Metalwing Skyterror are more viable for use because they take down a variety of decks and colors with blocker-killing.

His effect is a little weak to be game breaking, considering Light has high power, low cost blockers that if powered up, evolved will kill this card. My final rating:

CONSTRUCTED: 2.5/5.0 - Light is a popular color, and as we know - more light = more playable.
LIMITED: 3.0/5.0 - There are lots of light in Shadowclash, but you'll probably be playing with light anyway - and you don't want to kill your creatures.
ARTWORK: 4.0/5.0 - Average SR style art. Cool, but not amazing.
Galklife Dragon

Another seven drop, this time red and a double breaker. 7 for 6000 isn’t always a good trade off, but with the right effect…

Nope. Red mass destruction comes better in Searing Wave then in this guy. If your opponent isn’t running Light, his effect is useless, and even if he is, he can’t take care of blockers like Gran Gure and Skyforce. I’d rather use one of the blocker-hating Skyterrors over this, as they would be much more effective against most light, and could do some damage to blue and black as well.

In limited, he has but six targets, one being Mist Rias. Then again, you have a 6000 double breaker. Not bad, I suppose.

Constructed: 2/5, Red has better choices.
Limited: 3/5, double breaker that can take care of the common limited color, light.




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