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Pojo's Duel Masters Card of the Day

Image from Wizards Duel Master site

  Wailing Shadow

Card #33

Date Reviewed: 11.05.04

Constructed Average Rating: 4.16
Limited Average Rating: 3.33

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst. 3 ... average.
5 is the highest rating.


(Top 4 at
2004 GenCon
Wailing Shadow Belbetphlo
Why is this creature crying? He should be happy that he could take something off the board with him. Or perhaps being a Grim Reaper isn't all it's cracked up to be. Let's check out the job description below:

1. Slayer ability presents your opponent with tough decisions like: 1. Your opponent loses a shield or a blocker, and 2. If he hits with a fattie that can't be untapped and Wailing's on the job, then he'll lose his big guy.

2. Cheap cost. 3 mana is the lowest price going for slayers to date. Good deal.

3. Jack Viper evo bait. It's always in Jack Viper decks. Always. Well, unless something better comes along in the future.

4. Versatile. Due to its affordable cost and ability Wailing can fit in most decks running Darkness.

1. 1000 power. This matters when you're trying to keep it out to hit something because it's Hammer and Smoke bait. Otherwise, when you slam another creature its power doesn't matter.

5/5 in Jack Viper. Duh! Who doesn't like the chance to keep on slaying?
4.5/5. I play this creature in many decks with Darkness. What can I say, I liked Bone Assassin Base Set (formerly a Darkness/Water Control player), and this slayer is more versatile than the Assassin.

(Top 4 -
2004 GenCon
Wailing Shadow Belbetphlo

As far as slayers go, Wailing Shadow is the best one because of its low cost of 3. Slayers have a place in any dark deck because of their destructive capabilities and because of their mere presence on the table. For example, if you have a slayer in play, your opponent might not want to attack with anything big for fear of Belbetphlo slamming into the tapped creature. Your opponent will usually wait until he can kill it with a spell or a lesser creature.

The card is also one of the few good ghost cards (along with Gray Balloon), which makes him ideal in a Jack Viper deck. Not only can he evolve, but Belbetphlo can slay something with Viper in play and come back to your hand after he dies for more slaying fun.

Constructed: 4.5/5
Limited: 4/5

The Antman
Wailing Shadow Belbetphlo- Common-#33(DM-03)

Well today we have the weirdly named Wailing Shadow Belbetphlo. I'll give 5 bucks to anyone who can say that right. (but you need to send me 7 dollars for the enterance fee ^.^)

Wailing Shadow Belbetphlo is well... some what of a over costed slayer, but I'd have to say I don't expect many slayers to have over 1000 power. It wouldn't matter if he was 1000 for 3 or 3000 for 3, the slayer sort of cancels out the power part. This card realy doesn't belong in any deck except 1, and that is a Jack Viper deck. He is a continuous threat for the opponet if jack is out. Think of it, you attack with your Wailing Shadow Belbetphlo and your opponet has to think ~if I block this than my creature will die and he will get his creature back, but if I don't a shield will set off~ if your opponet decides not to block than they have one less shield, and if this keeps on going they will be running out of answers.

constructed- 4/5 this rating is only for Jack Viper decks
limited- 2/5 If you are extreamly lucky to get a jack viper, more power to ya

Final Thought- A ok card over all, has a nice combo with Jack/mongrel man
Knives101 Wailing Shadow Belbetphlo

Wailing Shadow is the best slayer to date. It's cheap. It evolves into a great evolution. It comes in play soon enough to counter Barkwhip, and Valdios. Unless your opponent kills it with a spell then it's always going to take another creature with it to the grave. So your opponent might not be keen to attack him while he's tapped, or block him. If you're running Mono-Darkness then he's worth considering.

Rating: 4

Fish & Chips
Here's the review. Chips doesn't want to do this one. (Wailing Shadow Belbetphlo)
Hey Everyone! Wailing Shadow Belbetphlo is a pretty good card. It doesn't matter how much power it has because it's good at what it does. of course, this means that even Bronze-Arm Tribe can kill it, so be careful. I think this card is a good late-game card, because of the mana-cost. The other slayers cost more for the same effect. Overall, it's above average.
Constructed: 3.5/5
Limited: 4/5



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