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Pojo's Duel Masters Card of the Day

Image from Wizards Duel Master site

  Scarlet Skyterror

Base Set

Date Reviewed: 4.29.04

Constructed Average Rating: 3.33
Limited Average Rating: 3.5

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst. 3 ... average.
5 is the highest rating.


Name: Scarlet Skyterror
Fire (Red)
Armored Wyvern
When you put this creature into the battle zone, destroy all creatures that have blocker
Flavor text:
The forces of Fire will never relent
Base Set, #S8/210, Super Rare

Attributes: Scarlet Skyterror is a Creature of the Fire Civilization.  Like all cards I have seen so far (all English and some Japanese), it provides a single mana for the mana zone.  This is an Armored Wyvern, which currently doesnít affect play, though is an accurate description: a wyvern is a slender, serpent like dragon possessing two wings and two legs.  Similar to several of our prior reviews, we have a creature that has a Power score, in this case 3000, that does not justify its cost of eight.  Obviously, the effect better be pretty sweet, since itís a 5 mana deficit right now.

Abilities: Well, the effect is pretty nice-destroy all blockers.  However, that probably means just a single monster, possibly your own (though I doubt youíd be desperate enough to nuke one for a mere 3000 ATK monster that costs 8 mana).  If it were a shield trigger spell, and only affected your opponent, 5 would be a good deal.  As a required effect of an 8 mana monster?  Its pretty weak.

Uses/Combinations: Trade bait and filler for mostly or mono-fire deck, where itís a touch better since there arenít any direct attackers for Fire nor or their any Fire blockers.


Newbie Format: 2.5/5-Basically for a mostly or mono-fire deck. 

Standard: 1.75/5-Probably only useful if your opponent has a lot of strong blockers, like three or more out at once with Power 4000+ each.

Limited: 3/5-A little nicer here-aside from just trading it away when you are done, your opponent may opt for a ďWe will, we wiiiiill block you!Ē strategy.  And getting a 3000 monster of your own with the devastating effect is a little more useful here.


Another attempt at mixing magic with monsters it seems, and another failure.



Scarlet Skyterror

Okay, all the super rares seem to have something in common: Really
expensive. Now that that has been established lets look at what else we
are getting from these cards. There are 2 for each Civilization, one
thats costs 7, and one that costs some other large amount (with 5 being
the cheapest) All these cards have abilities of some kind that display
2 of the key abilities of the Civilization. Today we have Scarlet
Skyterror, from the Fire civilization, who represents his civilizations
creature kill effects. Now, it should be noted that this is the weakest
super rare (that doesn't have power attacker), however, as has been
learned from other cards we shouldn't discard him so fast. Although the
weakest he pocceses an amazing ability, the only card in the game with
the same effect. And undoubtedly, destroying all blockers is VERY good,
especially in a deck that is primarily early game, this guy can answer
stall outs against decks with large amounts of blockers. However, there
are many decks with low blocker counts, and if you have the same amount
of blockers as your opponent there is no reason to play this card as the
3000 body certainly is not a house.

If there was a sideboard for Duel Masters I would undoubtedly recommend
3 of these in it for any deck with red, but without a sideboard running
this guy is risky since he might not be playable. Before this guy's
value can truly be determined we need to see how the metagame develops.
If blocker, stall decks are being played this guy undoubtedly needs to
be in a red deck to push through that final damage.

As far as power i really don't rate this guy any lower, to be honest
anywhere between 1000 and 4000 power for this guy is irrelevant, this
guy is good for his capacity to finish the game in the attacks following
his effect. Unless a shield trigger delays the game he should not need
to do any attacking. So overall I would have to recommend to consider
playing 2-3 of this guy if your deck is having trouble getting those
last shields against stall oriented decks. Make no mistake this guy is
REALLY, REALLY good, but.... he is still only strong in that one
matchup, which makes playing him a sacrifice to your deck.

In limited, about the same, if you are going red you should be hoping
not to ever get the mana to play this guy but if someone drafted a stall
deck he could be amazing, and the fact that in draft you can grab him
and leave him in your side makes him slightly cooler.

Constructed: 3.5
Limited: 4

Stegyman One of the cool-looking dragon cards for the Fire civilization; Gatling Skyterror is very unique.

Scarlet Skyterror: Fire Creature, 8-Mana, 3000 attack. Awful, huh? But when you put this card into play it destroys all creatures with "Blocker". Now things get interesting.

Should you play this card? If you are playing mono-Fire I would say yes. Why? Well, this card basically acts as an expensive Holy Awe in a way. Let's say you have a Bolshack Dragon in play with two or three other creatures. On your turn you drop Scarlet Skyterror, destroy all of your opponent's blockers, then break 2+ shields. AND next turn you'll probably break a few more. After Scarlet Skyterror comes into play you can always sac. it for Rothus, the Traveler or whatever. I mean, 3000 attack isn't THAT great.

Pros: destroys all of your opponent's creatures with "Blocker"

Cons: 8-Mana, only 3000 attack, destroys YOUR creatures with "Blocker"

I would only play this card in mono-Red. Why? Well, Fire doesn't have any Blockers right now, so you can always feel safe when playing it. If you are playing Fire/Light or Fire/Water then be careful: you destroy your own Blockers as well.

Casual: 2/5

Tournament: 2/5

 Ray "Monk"
*DCI Tournament Organizer
 *Game Store Owner (Gamer's Edge)
Scarlet Skyterror

Itís Big! Itís Mean! It costs more than my Dinner at the Ninja Teppan Yaki Grill! But is it any good?

Well, in all actuality, its not that big. It is pretty expensive though, and pretty mean. Casting it normally will mean Game Over even more than Holy Awe does, but still, eight is a lot for anything, and the power of 3000 is not so amazing. I think this card will end up being a metagame choice. If you play against a lot of blockers, you play two of them. If not, you play none.

Constructed: 3
Casual: 1
Limited: 4
Hydromorph Scarlet Skyterror

Iím fairly against overcosted effects that come with a small body attached
to them, then given a pretty little star at the bottom and their supposed to
be special or awesome. It seems everything in the base set thatís shiny
either has this syndrome or double breaker. While a few of these ďI enter
the battle zone with a cool effect and a tiny bodyĒ creatures are quite
good, some just donít really make the cut as enough of a threat to give pay
for the extra mana. Enter Scarlet Skyterror.

First, look at the body, 8 for 3000, that means the effect should be worth
about 5 mana or less to be a decently balanced card. When Skyterror comes
into play, every blocker is destroyed. Iím telling you fire could not be
further blessed with a better ability. If thereís one thing fire seems to
be bad at, itís dealing with blockers that have a big-buttedliness, and
5000-9000 points of that can be a lot to contend with seeing as how Tornado
Flame can only get small dudes out of the way. The Skyterrorís entry into
play guarantees the destruction of all blockers, as well as the fact that
all your creatures will punch through to your opponents shields, barring
some nasty shield trigger like Holy Awe. 3000 attack seems minimal, but
when you take into account the fact that any attack breaks a shield, and
that your opponent probably wonít be blocking the Skyterror during itís next
turn swing (if your opponent lasts that long) youíll probably be able to

Overall, a devastating game-ender of a creature that could at worst end up
as mana vs. a deck that runs no blockers. If your heavy into fire, make it
a heavy consideration.

Scarlet Skyterror - 4.5/5



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