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Pojo's Duel Masters Card of the Day

Image from Wizards Duel Master site

Storm Shell

Base Set

Date Reviewed: 3.26.04

Average Rating: 1.92

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst. 3 ... average.
5 is the highest rating.

* game store owner in CA, ShuffleAndCut
Storm Shell

Green's version of Swamp Worm. It's main problem is its cost. The questions are: will you even make it to 7 mana before the game is over? And if you do, how valuable is a 2000 creature at that point? And at that stage of the game, how devastating is it to lose one creature out of probably many. This ability is more suited to the Swamp Worm, as the Worm has removal back up in it's color. So you're already removing things here and there, and losing one more with Swamp Worm fits the synergy. In green, the removal factor is random, and much less likely to impact your opponent in any significant way. So they toss some early creature that can't attack anymore anyhow. Woohoo. If you were combining Green with Black, maybe, but I still feel the cost factor devalues the card too much.

In draft, removal of any type isn't horrible. Drafting lowers the synergy and effectiveness of a deck as the card pool is so limited. Things like removal and evasion become more premium abilities as your opponent is much less likely to be able to deal with them. In draft, you are looking for ANYTHING that can tip the scales, and even a random card like this can help.

Constructed: 2
Limited: 3.5


* Scrye writer since 2002
Storm Shell

This ability is highly useful. Anytime you can get a creature And take one away from your opponent, life is good. But to be honest, seven mana is a bit pricey to pay for that. If you don't have many cards on the high end, it is perfectly OK to play this one. It serves a duel purpose, so that's fine.

Rating: 2.5

Ray "Monk"
*DCI Tournament Organizer
*Game Store Owner (Gamer's Edge)

Storm Shell


Storm Shell is one of the many cards that are Nature, but emulate a Darkness ability, but instead of removing a creature, they just move it to the Mana Zone. This particular card mimics Swamp Worm in every way except Swamp Worm actually kills the creature, while Storm Shell merely turns it into Mana, which in some cases can HELP your opponent. In general, I think the card is too expensive for what it does. Your opponent gets to choose the creature, so they can just choose a weak early drop they were doing nothing with anyways. On the purely strategic standpoint, itís not even a one card advantage, as it makes them lose a creature, but add a mana, evening it out. If a Nature deck wants creature removal that badly, I suggest the add Darkness to their deck.


Constructed:                 2

Casual:                         2

Limited:                        2


Name: Storm Shell

Type: Creature

Civilization: Nature

Race: Colony Beetle

Cost: 7

Power: 2000

Effect: When you put this creature into the battle zone, your opponent chooses 1 of his creatures in the battle zone and puts in his mana zone.

Flavor Text: A Colony Beetleís spawning is a virtual nightmare.  It covers the earth with a hail of bullet like eggs.

Mana#: 1

Set/Card#: Base Set, #106/110


Attributes: Storm shell is a Creature of Nature, specifically a Colony Beetle.  There are no cards to my knowledge that specify the Colony Beetle for anything yet, so that doesnít really matter.  What does matter is that it has a cost of 7, but only a Power of 2000.  It had better have a good effect.


Abilities: Its effect is that your opponent chooses a creature in his battle zone and sends it to his mana zone.  This isnít too bad an effect, but right now we are pricing it at five mana.  Me, Iíd rather spend 6 on Natural Snare so I can do the same effect but with me choosing the creature, then summon a Burning Mane: in the long run I am about as well off, and it only costs one more mana.  Plus, Natural Snare is a Shield Trigger, making it much more attractive in my opinion.


Uses/Combinations: I guess if you really need some more Nature cards for your deck, or are trying to avoid using Spell cards, this is for you.




Newbie Format: 3/5-Like mana cards, it can be decent here.  Chances are, you canít be too picky on what you use, so if you have it, it can be a poor manís Natureís Snare, which is in turn a poor Terror Pit.


Standard: 2/5-Only if you really need more Nature Monsters in your deck.


Limited: 3/5-Removal is removal here, though be careful since this could be a break for your opponent if they pulled a heavy-it would help them get that card into play one turn sooner.



One of those good ideas (making a creature with a Spell effect) that didnít work out right.  If it were stronger or cheaper, then maybe it would be good: as is, avoid it.

Hydromorph  Storm Shell

Iím not a huge fan of Storm Shell. Most people get mad when they see the rare they just cracked costs 7 and has subliminal attack power. But the effect might just be worth the cost. Itís kind of like a one sided Rothus, and your opponent gets an extra mana, but by this point an extra mana should be next to meaningless, so long as the creatureís off the board. Creature removal is a key thing, but you have to think about what the board will look like at that stage in the game. If youíre dominating the board, than this card will mostly just be the unnecessary icing on the cake. If thereís a creature that needs to be killed, it probably has some sacrificial compadres with it. And the after package looks like a random 2000 attack sub-optimal creature. Even a bounce engine with this and Saucer Head Shark is probably too slow. But since Nature can ramp up on mana, it might see some play as an additional late game removal spell. Natural Snare is much better though.

Storm Shell - 2/5
 Alright, I don't think this card is playable.... at all, casual players
would probably say no to this guy, for 7 you get a weenie 2000 guy, his
ability that is aparently, based on the cost, suppose to be good just
really isn't, it could conditionally be good if your opponent has 1
creature but I would bet there will be several out by the time you get 7
mana together. I really wonder about this card, most of the rares, very
rares, and super rares look pretty solid but this guy is just
ridiculously bad, perhaps this means he will combo with something
later? probably not, im doubting a creature with "when your opponent
picks one of his monsters and puts it in his mana zone he removes 5
shields from the game" card is coming anytime soon (or ever for that
matter). For 7 mana, green (as well as every other color) has alot
better cards, many easier to find, and this guys ability just isn't a
substitute for true creature removal, half the time you play this guy
you may be oding your opponent a favor on mana.

So my simple advice to you would be not to play this guy, don't even
look at him, turn him upside-down in your trade binder, looking at him
for prolonged periods of time might be fatal to your health. In draft
it would be appropriate to make a joke about this guy once it comes back
around the table to you, but definatly not appropriate to take him above
any other card in the pack, including the puzzle piece.

Okay, after saying all that against this card I have decided to provide
you with a positive usage:

a bookmark

Constructed: 1
Limited: 1

ssj2_dork Storm Shell

This card has me torn between being a good card, and being one of those cards that just helps your opponent.

Storm Shell: Nature Creature, 7-Mana, 2000 attack. Kind of awful, huh? It's effect says that when you put this creature into the battle zone, your opponent puts one of his/her creatures into their Mana Zone. Hmm.

What do I think? Personally, I would suggest that you don't play this card. Why? Well, sure, its effect puts one of your opponent's creatures into the Mana Zone, but by turn seven or so (it IS a Nature card), who says your opponent won't have a 1000/2000 attack creatures out? They could use that extra Mana to play something like Holy Awe or a Bolshack Dragon next turn. The only good aspect for this card is that you clear the board of one of your opponent's creatures, giving less creatures to attack or to through so you can hit your opponent's shields. Nature does have fast Mana acceleration, so you may get lucky enough to play a Storm Shell in the mid-game, but I doubt it would help THAT much.

Pros: clears board of one of your opponent's creatures

Cons: 2000 attack for 7-Mana, effect only works once, benefits opponent in a way

I would not play Storm Shell. There are much better cards out there.

Casual: 2/5
Tournament: 2/5



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