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Pojo's Duel Masters Card of the Day

Image from Wizards Duel Master site


Base Set

Date Reviewed: 3.24.04

Average Rating: 2.66

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst. 3 ... average.
5 is the highest rating.

* Game Store owner in CA, ShuffleAndCut

Multiple M:TG Pro Tour Appearances


I don't really like this guy. In a constructed environment, when do you really want to sac 2 creatures only to face something silly like a Death Smoke or Terror Pit. On top of that, is it REALLY worth whacking two creatures? I can think of plenty of other guys I'd rather play in this slot.

In limited, it's worth having in your deck. I can see this being situationally good if you have some sluff and need to pound through. More often than not, though, he's gonna end up as mana.

Constructed: 2.5
Limited: 3.5

* game store owner in CA, ShuffleAndCut
Wow. Fat double-breaker for not a lot.  Then there is the downside of saccing 2 creatures when he comes into play. If you build your deck to suit him, he can be very decent. He hits the board early enough that your opponent probably doesn't have a way to deal with him other than throwing a few blockers in his path (which of course die to his 8000ness). A couple direct hits from this guy and it's over.  The key to a deck with him is speed. Fast fast fast.  A couple weenies to get in a couple early hits, then when they've outlived their usefulness, in comes Gigaberos to finish off the job.
In draft, big fat things are hard to deal with. Draft him early if you're going black.
Constructed: 4
Limited: 4


* Scrye writer since 2002
Wednesday - Gigaberos

I'm torn on this guy. Getting a double breaker for only five mana is pretty good. It does come at the price of destroying two of your guys though. I would imagine this to only be good with the Light and possibly Fire. They have a lot of really cheap guys, if you want stuff to get rid of. But who know, I could be wrong.

Rating: 3

Ray "Monk"
*DCI Tournament Organizer
*Game Store Owner (Gamer's Edge)



While I explained that the creature sacrifice ability of Rothus was ok on Monday, I really donít find it nearly as good on this guy. First of all, you lose two of your creatures, and your opponent loses none. Second, while extremely powerful, this card is still susceptible to Terror Trap and Death Smoke, and a ďbounceĒ spell, such as Teleportation, Unicorn Fish, and Spiral Gate all will set you back so far in the game youíll be unable to recover, as essentially each of those cards is at least a three for one against you. Itís a fun card, and should be good in limited, but overall itís too risky for normal constructed events.


Constructed:                 2

Casual:                         3

Limited:                        3


Name: Gigaberos

Type: Creature

Civilization: Darkness

Race: Chimera

Cost: 5

Power: 8000

Effect#1: When you put this creature into the battle zone, destroy 2 of your other creatures of destroy this creature.

Effect#2: Double Breaker (This creature breaks 2 shields.)

Mana#: 1

Set/Card#: Base Set, #55/110


Attributes: Say hello to one of the annoying normal Rare cards that I still lack even after two boxes: Gigaberos.  Gigaberos is a creature, and a seemingly strong one.  It belongs to the Darkness Civilization, and is one of their heavies.  Its race is labeled Chimera: given that the picture looks more like a gryllus.  Whatís the difference?  In terms of myths, the Chimera was a unique creature of Greek myth that had the head and body of a lion, with a serpent for a tail, and a goat head sticking out of its back for some reason.  The lion-head could breathe flame, the snake head could inject potent venom, and the goat-head couldÖ erÖ spout insults.  According to European myth, a gryllus was a creature that consisted of three to five abnormally large animal heads, mounted on a pair of legs of any species.  The heads could separate to attack on their own, sprouting legs (or wings for flying creatures).  Sometimes a human head would also be included.  Of course, that means nothing for this game, and neither does being a ChimeraÖ at least not yet, as no card specifies that race for anything.  Moving on, we note that it costs five mana to summon this creature.  Since this creature has an 8000 Power, this looks great already, as normally you only get about 1000 Power for the mana you put into a creature, though as the total cost rises, this holds less true. 


Abilities: So, is there anything more to a Gigaberos?  You bet.  Itís a double breaker, which means that when it attacks an opponent, if the attack is not blocked, you destroy two shields instead of one.  Thatís a great ability.  To balance out the high Power and Double Breaker aspects, a potent downside was added-you must destroy 2 creatures when you summon it, or else destroy Gigaberos.  Now, this isnít too bad, and in some ways can be turned to your advantage in multi-color decks, as there are certain combos available.  Still, it does limit the card and must be noted.


Uses/Combinations: Itís a heavy hitter for decks that use a decent amount of Darkness.  I recommend running it with certain creatures.  Aqua Soldier has an effect that sends it back to the hand when it is destroyed, so if you already have some blue or two, it makes a decent ďplace holderĒ, being summoned to the field to be sacrificed for creatures like this.  I prefer to go green and take advantage of Natureís bounty.  There are two creatures that go to your mana Zone when destroyed-Mighty Shouter and Coiling Vines.  While nothing special on their own, they work nicely with this creature, and ones like it.  Then there is the Bronze-Arm Tribe, a creature that places the top card of your deck into your mana zone.  With its puny 1000 Power, its sole purpose is to accelerate you mana.  So once itís done that, you might as well nuke it with this guy.




Newbie Format: 3.75/5-Good card for beginners, but beginners also tend to fail to carefully read their cards, and since it nukes itself if you canít destroy two creatures, some newbies and careless players in general may hurt themselves by playing it when it can only nuke itself, making it five wasted mana.  Otherwise itís a double breaker for a low cost that has 8000 Power!


Standard: 4/5-One assumes or at least hopes that people here will thoroughly know their cards.  As such, it becomes a valuable creature for Darkness stable.  Fairly fast and strong, proper use of its effect will let you set up for things that are even stronger.


Limited: 4.5/5-Itís less likely your opponent will have something to counter it ready here.



One of the best Darkness Monsters out right now, and hey, itís only a Rare.  If you run Darkness, this should seriously be something you consider.

Hydromorph  Gigaberos

Creatures are a LOT harder to just fling into the graveyard than mana.
Gigaberos is unfortunately too heavy a price for too little a threat. On the plus side, itís 8000 attack and a Double Breaker for only 5 mana, quite the bargain. Then you read that other sentence and the frown that makes you long for Explosive Fighter Ucarn begins to sink. Itíd be unfair to compare this to Ucarn, so Iím going to try to avoid it, but sacrificing two creatures needs to give you an insurmountable threat, Yu-Gi-Oh! players should know this. Gigaberos isnít gonna do. Personally, this thing could have a casting cost of zero and itíd still be horrible. I say that because nearly every color has a way to deal with it, namely bouncing it with Spiral Gate or Teleportation, which would throw anyone for fits. Just stay away.

Gigaberos - 1.5/5
ssj2_dork  Gigaberos

I really like this card. I think it is one of the fastest "fatties" in the Base Set for Duel Masters.

Gigaberos: Darkness Creature, 5-Mana, 8000 attack, Double Breaker. Sounds nice, huh? The effect on Gigaberos says that you must destroy two of your own creatures or destroy Gigaberos. Ouch.

Why should you play this card? Well, it's an 8000 attack creature for 5-Mana! AND it has shield breaker! On your fifth turn you can simply destroy two much weaker creatures, like Writhing Bone Ghoul or Skeleton Soldier, the Defiled (if you're playing mono-Dark) for the much more powerful Gigaberos. Even late game you can drop this can and destroy two of your opponent's shields or one of his own fatties, like Astrocomet Dragon, King Depthcon, or Bolshack Dragon (all of which Gigaberos has a greater Attack Power).

Pros: 8000 attack, Double Breaker, only 5-Mana

Cons: destroys two of your own creatures

I would only play Gigaberos if you are playing a mono-Dark deck. Destroying TWO of your own creatures hurts, even if you can get an 8000 attack creature into play. Still, if it hits the table, you can be sure to cause some chaos. Just be careful of your opponent's creature removals.

Casual: 3/5

Tournament: 2.8/5
 Today's Card:
Name: Gigaberos
Cost: 5
Race: Chimera
Civilization: Darkness
Type: Creature
Rules Text:
When you put this creature into the battle zone, destroy 2 of your other creatures or destroy this creature.
Double breaker (This creature breaks 2 shields.)
Power: 8000
Mana Number: 1

First I have to say, the artwork on this card as well as most of the Duel Masters cards is amazing. That being said R&D did a decent job of backing up the artist with a rather interesting card. So first we see the numbers... 5 mana... 8000 power... okay, so we know before even looking that this card has a drawback, and I'll be the first to admit that it probably isn't a good idea to be destroying your own creatures all the time, however, 5 mana for an 8000 power dude is huge, and that is even before considering that he is also a double breaker. At 5 mana the only other creature that can outpower him is Explosive Fighter Ucarn a 5 costing power 9000 that requires you to ditch 2 cards in your mana zone. So undoubtedly being able to drop this guy the second you hit 5 mana is REALLY, REALLY good. In alot of situations the power of this guy on the table is worth falling back on creature count.

However this card can also put you in very unfavorable positions, like not being able to play it because it means sacrificing your blocker thats keeping your opponent from attacking. Also losing creature count alone can end you, if your opponent sees you will be unable to win the next turn they will be able to try to finish you off.

I have seen and heard of more creatures that have "when this creature goes to the graveyard" effects that will come with more sets that will make this guy a big contender at tournaments, if these future cards are worthy of the hype they seem to get from Japanese players then this guy will undoubtedly become a perfect 5, however with the current set his uses are limited by the chances you must take with his game text.

In a limited format anything with this kind of power is amazing, most of the creature removal that will be seen will end with the text "power XXXX or less" and that won't stand for 8000, also with the number of 8000 costing guys it is highly unlikely that he will never get taken out by another creature, and if he is it will likely have costed alot more than what you paid for Gigaberos. The only reason I can't rate him higher in limited is because from playtesting the format speed seems to be quite critical and unless you get lucky and get this guy to drop the second you get 5 mana he's prolly gonna end up chilling in your mana zone because you won't want to lose the other guys to feed his game text.

Constructed: 3.5
Limited: 4.0



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