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Pojo's Duel Masters Card of the Day

Image from Wizards Duel Master site

Rothus the Traveler

Base Set

Date Reviewed: 3.22.04

Constructed Average Rating: 3.7
Limited Average Rating: 3.8

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst. 3 ... average.
5 is the highest rating.

* Game Store owner in CA, ShuffleAndCut

Multiple M:TG Pro Tour Appearances

 Rothus the Traveler

This guy is quite strong. He's cheaply cost for a 4000, and is good removal as well. Worse case, he can be played in simply to kill an opponent's creature. Play in the fast red deck to clear our opponent's creatures and off that weenie you don't need anymore. He's very solid when you play him with heavy removal and are going for the fast kill.

In limited, he's not quite as strong since both players tend to have more creatures and offing a bad one isn't usually too hard. That doesn't make him less of a early pick, though. He's still a 4000 and he can still be used situationally to give you an advantage over your opponent.

Overall, he's one of the better rares in the set and another reason why red is probably the best primary color in the game right now.

Constructed: 4.5
Limited: 4

* game store owner in CA, ShuffleAndCut
Monday - Rothus, the Traveler
Rothus is a decently costed creature with a nice added ability.  If the situation is right (you have more creatures than your opponent), you can tip the advantage even more toward you by forcing a creature sacrifice on your opponent's part. Yes, you have to sacrifice also, but if you are ahead in creature count, it actually ups your ratio, giving you more of an advantage.  If you don't have more creatures, and/or you cannot afford to sac something, you can always use him as mana.  THAT is the one great thing about Duel Masters.  If a card becomes unuseful, you can always make it useful as mana. While you don't want toooo many situational cards in your deck, this feature does allow you to include a few.  Because he's included in the starter, he's easy to obtain and should be available at a decent price.
In draft, again situational, but probably worth a mid-pick if you're going red.
Constructed: 3.5
Limited: 4


* Scrye writer since 2002
Monday - Rothus

OK, you better be prepared to deal with this guy. Everyone will have him, since he is so easy to get. He hits relatively hard, but he also kills creatures. For now, in the early goings for Duel Masters, you can expect this to be a highly played card.

Rating: 4

Ray "Monk"

*DCI Tournament Organizer
*Game Store Owner (Gamer's Edge)
 Rothus the Traveler:

I love this guy. He's a 4000 for 4, which makes him pretty solid. I always prefer a bigger normal Power than the Power Attacker ability. I want my guy to be equally strong on offense and defense, and also to not fall prey to a Crimson Hammer, or some such card because its normal Power is lower than it should be. His ability makes him even better. In the worst case, he kills himself to make your opponent lose a creature. In the best case, he gets rid of a card that may not be useful any more, like a Deadly Fighter Braid Claw, while at the same time still making your opponent lose his good creature, like their only blocker. All in all, this guy is solid, while not over powered. He'll require some thought to play right, but he's worth playing.

Constructed: 4
Casual: 4
Limited: 4


Name: Rothus, the Traveler
Fire (Red)
When you put this creature into the battle zone, destroy 1 of your creatures.  Then your opponent chooses 1 of his creatures and destroys it.
Flavor Text:
“I have been to ten thousand dimensions, and yet still I search for home.”

Set/Card#/Rarity: DM-01(Base Set); #85/110, 85a/110; Rare

Attributes: For those not familiar with my style, when I use the term “attribute”, I am referring to the more “static” factors, like the card’s name (should that matter), it’s type (creature or spell), Civilization (color), Race (which appears below creature cards’ names), the cost (to summon), the creatures Power (the number in the lower left-hand corner), and the mana number (how much mana it provides).  Well, let’s get on with it, since I should have been in bed 2 hours ago.

Currently, I don’t think anything on any of the cards in the game refer to name other than the basic rule of having no more than four copies of a card with the same name in a deck.  So the first attribute to look at is type.  This is a creature, meaning it will be used for battling and/or any effects it might possess.  This is a Fire creature.  Currently, Fire creatures specialize on hitting hard and fast, but usually at a cost.  There are currently no blockers for the Fire Civilization.  Most people will run two to three colors, so this is mainly a foot note for now.  We see that this is an Armorloid.  On its, own, this means little, but when we get to the section on uses and combinations, it will matter.  This creature costs four mana to summon.  Normally, you expect roughly 1000 Power per mana used to summon, at least on the smaller creatures.  This creature meets that mark, as it cost four mana to summon and has a Power score of 4000.

Abilities: This section refers to the effects listed on the card.  Rothus requires you destroy one of your creatures when you summon it.  I would assume that if you summon Rothus to an otherwise empty field, that it would target itself then.  Why?  The effect is triggered by the Summoning of Rothus, so it is always going to be on the field and thus a legal target.  If I am wrong, that makes this card much better.  As is, this isn’t too bad an ability, though it would be better if it were optional.  As is, you’ll probably be able to spare a monster if the deck is geared around expecting that kind of cost (like my own current deck).  Your opponent is less likely to have some fodder on the field, giving you a slight edge.

Uses/Combinations: Possibly a way to clear the field while summoning a monster mid-game.  I tend to run Fire with Nature (the green cards).  Nature provides a lot of mana, and some nice, disposable creatures, lessening the impact of having to destroy one even more.  Armorloids already have some extra use-another Fire Creature-the Human Fatal Attacker Horvath-gets a Power Bonus if there is at least one Armorloid in play.  Fire monsters in your graveyard also have an extra use: Bolshack Dragon, which looks promising in and of itself, gets +1000 Power while attacking for each Fire Creature in the Graveyard.


Newbie Format: 3.25/5-A solid card to run in this format.  Of course, no one knows what this is, so let me explain.  Currently, I would estimate that roughly half the Duel Masters populace is still new to the game, a newbie.  Since people are new, they make more “mistakes”, and sometimes those mistakes can ruin a good deck.  In Yu-Gi-Oh, for example, one of my friends runs a lot of burn cards in most of his decks.  He doesn’t run the really good stuff, but the kind of lame early Burn Spell cards.  Normally, this wouldn’t faze most people, but I favor Suicide Beatdown decks for that game.  That is where you use cards that use up your Life Points (the stuff that you will lose automatically if you run out of it), to play many powerful cards.  Newbie Burn eats that deck, which in its height dominated our local scene in the days of early Yu-Gi-Oh, and still holds its own now.  For Duel Masters, it will take a long time for people to be intentionally creative-weird decks will show up because people misjudge cards a lot more or because they don’t have a lot.  Eventually, this format will all but die out and the creative player’s will form a “casual” playing format that focuses on creativity and/or fun. 

Standard: 3/5-This is the format that emerges when people get competitive and begin to figure out what works best.  Here, it is less useful, as I think there are better ways to get rid of monsters.  Still, for certain decks, this will work out well.

Limited: 3/5-It gets better in terms of Power here, since most of the high Power creatures are Rare or better.  The monster removing effect may be weaker though, since unless one or both players have only one monster on the field, and it’s useful, the effect probably won’t mean much to either of you.


A good monster to cut your teeth on, as the card pool and average player experience grows; I predict it will see less and less use.  Of course, these are not guaranteed.


Hydromorph  Rothus, the Traveler

A nice card with a nice effect. The way lots of Fire decks are shaping up, it should see a considerable amount of play. It lets you fling off a next to useless creature to take out one of your opponents. Unfortunately, your opponent gets to decide which one they send off as well. Since most fire decks will be running removal like Tornado Flame and Crimson Hammer, it could possibly come out as pinpoint removal for your opponent’s only line of defense.

Speed decks will usually use Rothus as Tornado Flames 5-8, while other decks running it will use it to maintain creature quality. Expect to see things like the Vizier of Lightning and Aqua Hulcus being played turn 3, then sent off to Rothus the following turn to gain you some muscle. Awesome in a deck that supports it, and half-way decent on it’s own.

Rothus, the Traveler - 3.5/5
ssj2_dork  Rothus, the Traveler

Wow, my first Card of the Day for Pojo. I am so excited ;x And I get to do it on one of the more cooler cards! =)

Rothus, the Traveler: Fire Creature, 4-Mana, 4000 attack power, and you get one in the Starter Decks. Not impressed? It's power says that when you put Rothus, the Traveler into play, destroy one of your creatures, then your opponent has to destroy one of his/hers.

I personally like this card. You can just simply play it on your fourth turn and destroy one of your weak 1000/2000 attack creatures while bringing a new 4000 attack creature into play, AND your opponent has to destroy one of his creatures. A cool combo that comes to mind is Dark Reversal and Rothus, the Traveler. Rothus' effect happens once it is in play, so you can destroy Rothus, the Traveler for its effect if you wanted to. After it is in the graveyard, you can use Dark Reversal to put it back into your hand. If you have six Mana you could pull off this combo, but you couldn't play any creatures, and you would eventually run out of Dark Reversals to cast.

Pros: small Mana cost, creature removal, 4000 attack power for 4-Mana, easy to get a hold of

Cons: destroys own creature

Obviously the Pros outweigh the Cons. If you're playing Red, it would be a good idea to play at least two of Rothus, the Traveler; it is an awesome tech card and surprise tactic, plus it is combo-able. Sure it's not a fatty, but it's an awesome little card on its own.

Casual: 3/5

Tournament: 3/5



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