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Pojo's Duel Masters Card of the Day

Image from Wizards Duel Master site

Blaster Valdios

Evo Crushinators of Doom

Date Reviewed: 6.07.04

Constructed Average Rating: 3.75
Limited Average Rating: 3.25

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst. 3 ... average.
5 is the highest rating.

* game store owner in CA, ShuffleAndCut
Armored Blaster Valdios
While not a bad mid drop at 4 for a 6000 Double Breaker, Valdios biggest problem is that it's only Human.  As its evolution only comes from Human creatures, and as most Humans are fairly week in the current sets, it makes Valdios much less desirable.  If the human creatures were more solid, it would be a different story and a decent mid drop, but alas, it's not to be.
In limited, you would need to play a lot of humans to make this evolution work, and that means you are probably playing inferior cards. Skip it and play something else.
Constructed:  2
Limited: 2
Hydromorph Armored Blaster Valdios

Hereís the Evolution dude that keeps humans on the map. While Fire has one more Evolution creature than the other colors, thanks to JDC, this guy is by far the best. Four mana double breaker and upwards of 5000 power is all you really need, but heís got a built in pump mechanism working similar to that of Barkwhip, making all your little red men big. The only problem with the archetype is it relies so much on this card, yet has no way to tutor it up, like Nature can with Dimension Gate. Still a powerhouse though.

Limited, you could open better draft bombs, and itís likely your deck wonít be as tribal, but as more sets come out, and Limited tournaments hit the scene, youíll get your EVO packs second in a line of five, or so I speculate, in which case you have time to build around it, making it a heavy hint towards red.

Constructed - 4.5/5

Limited - 3.5/5

Stegyman Armored Blaster Valdios

Yeah, guess who picked the COTD's.. ;x

Armored Blaster Valdios: Fire Evolution, 4-Mana, 6000 Attack, Double Breaker. Want more? All of your other Humans in the battle zone get +1000 Attack. Oh yeah, I'll take that.

Is this card good? Definately! Fire has some fantastic Humans that cost two or one-Mana and are easily swarmable. I personally play a Fire/Water deck with a lot of Humans and this card is just great in the deck. By your fourth or fifth turn you should have 2-3 Humans out, so dropping an Armored Blaster Valdios would be awesome. It can go through practically any blocker in the early game and will probably take two of your opponent's shields before it goes down. Plus, to top things off, all of your cheap Human-creatures (boy, is that weird typing) get +1000 Attack, so Brawler Zyler becomes a 3000 Creature when attacking and Mini Titan Gett becomes a 4000 Creature while attacking (just to name a few).

Pros: cheap Evolution, Double Breaker, +1000 to all Humans, can attack right away

Cons: Super Rare, dies to creature-removal (but what doesn't?)

This is definately an evolution card to look at. In Limited this card OWNS because there are so many good Human-type creatures in both sets that have been released. This works best in a deck with a lot of Humans, so my rating will be on that.

Tournament: 4/5

Limited: 4/5



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