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Pojo's Duel Masters Card of the Day

Image from Wizards Duel Master site

Ghastly Warrior

Rampage Expansion Set

Date Reviewed: 7.30.04

Constructed Average Rating: 1.15
Limited Average Rating: 3.15

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst. 3 ... average.
5 is the highest rating.

Knives101 Giriel, Ghastly Warrior

This card is just horrible. No deck needs this card. If you want, you can put this thing into play. Then I'll just cast Terror Pit, Death Smoke, Chaos Worm, Natural Snare, Spiral Gate, Corile, Teleportation, Aqua Sniper, or Unicorn Fish. This card is just junk. If I pull one of these I'm gonna sell it to the store lol.  

Final Rating: 1 The picture is cool.

Limited Rating: 4 Fatties are better in limited, because they are harder to deal with. Not everyone is going to pull a destruction spell. If they don't then this card will run them over.
Giriel, Ghastly Warrior
Creepy picture, huh?
Griel: Darkness Creature, 8-Mana, 11000 Attack, Double Breaker. Yep, that's it.
Is this card good? Good for looking at, maybe. I mean, there's nothing special about it: it's a high Power creature with Double Breaker. We have so many of those. Bolshack Dragon/Deathblade Beatle/Armored Blaster Valdios cost much less than Griel, Ghastly Warrior and do the same thing.
In Limited, maybe, but the odds of pulling it are slim to none.
Overall, use it for trade bait. There are better cards.
Tournament: 1/5
Limited: 1.5/5
Cecillbill Giriel, Ghastly Warrior

The Demon Command race is known for its intimidating stats--massive power, double breaker ability, bad-as-heck appearance. They're the bullies of Duel Masters, and Giriel is the biggest weggie-maker of them all. With skulls adorning his war wardrobe and a demonic amount of power, you could mistake Giriel for being a "Zagaan on steroids."

#1 Massive Power. You can count the number of guys able to take Giriel down directly (unpumped) on one hand. 11,000 means that your opponent had better be playing permanent removal or fatties of his own if he wants to bury Giriel.

#2 Double Breaker. The ability to knock off 2 shields doesn't immediately strike fear into the hearts of veteran players unless it comes very early in the game (Valdios) or alongside the words "this creature cannot be blocked"
(Lancer). But, it still makes your opponent take notice.

#3 Card Art. Just one look at him and you know that he means business.
Forget the clown hats you see on the spellcasters of that other "Duel M"
game. Giriel is dressed to instill fear in the hearts of all--no magic tricks are needed.

#1 Costs 8 mana. For that price, I want a Vampire Silphy-ish effect, unblockability, or something, anything to justify paying 8 mana for a creature that can get bounced for 2 mana and buried for 4 mana. Summoning sickness ruins this guy (otherwise it would be broken).

#2 Vanilla creature. Power isn't everything. Double breaker ability is best when you can use it readily.

When you hold this card, you want to deck it. When you deck this card, you'll use it as mana. Definitely one for the collector's binder until the Demon Comman support cards are released in English.

Constructed: 1.5/5. "Not gonna do it. Not gonna do it." Keep telling yourself that everytime you're tempted to slap Giriel into your mono-Darkness or multi-civilization decks. If you must run a Darkness big body, then go with Ultracide Worm. Ultracide's shoe size is the same 11,000, he costs 2 less mana to show up, and he double break-dances the moment he hits the floor--he's the better prom date.

Limited: 4/5. Got 8 mana? Then you've got a guy that will be hard to kill.
Giriel, Ghastly Warrior (Demon Command) - 8 / 11000
Essentially the same opinion I had about the Light creature. There is no "comes-into-play" effect, there are no cards yet that give cool stuff to Demon Command creatures. Double Breaker isn't enough to make me want to play it. 11000 - big deal. If I need to kill a creature on the field that is littler that Giriel, then I'll use Terror Pit. The card might get better because of other cards in the future - but we've also got Zagaan and Death Liger to fill in the Demon Command need.

Constructed - 0.5 / 5
Limited - 0 / 5 (let the rare drafter have it)



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