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Pojo's Duel Masters Card of the Day

Image from Wizards Duel Master site

  Chaos Fish

Rampage of the Super Warriors

Date Reviewed: 7.29.04

Constructed Average Rating: 2
Limited Average Rating: 2

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst. 3 ... average.
5 is the highest rating.

Rob Miller Chaos Fish-Water Civilization, 7 mana, 1000+ attack, and ďThis creature gets +1000 power for each other water creature you have in the battle zone. Whenever this creature attacks, you may draw a card for each of your other water creatures in the battle zone.Ē

This card screams MONO BLUE DECK. Iím not really sure if I like this card yet, Iíll have to test it when it comes out. I know that I will definitely use Psychic Shaper in a straight blue deck but this card doesnít seem nearly as good as it. Had you built a deck around this card it can be nasty, you basically flood (pun intended) the field with creatures early then bring this guy out to not only draw crazy amounts of cards but to also knock out their big creatures, now the main bad side to this is that this card most likely wonít last long on the field. So use this card only in multiples so you can take advantage of his effect, or I would suggest not using it.

I am very disappointed in the Super Rares from this set; they are nowhere near as useable as the ones from Evo. The only useable ones are the ones we will review next week so look forward to that.

Constructed: 2/5-This card can have a deck built around it, albeit not a very good one.
Limited: 4/5-There is potential for him here as there is less removal running rampant.
Knives101 Chaos Fish

Well this is a pretty costly card. I could see someone using this over Streaming Shaper. I'd rather use Streaming Shaper though. This could be good in a Water/Nature deck. Elf-X's and the like could allow you to draw a ton of creatures and then put them into play. Not too bad of a card. It's ability doesn't warrant the rarity or the price tag though.

Final Rating: 3

Limited Rating: 3
Chaos Fish (Gel Fish) - 7 / 1000+
I play Water - but would I play Chaos Fish? NO! For 7 mana, I better get a 3000 or 4000 creature on the board. Water also doesn't have very good swarm tactics - so the +1000 power isn't a big thing. Neither is the "draw a card for each of your Water creatures" after an attack - because if I have lots of creatures in the Battle Zone, than I am holding back for a single attack to take out my opponent's shields. There are so many cheaper ways of card draw (Hulcus, Walter, Brain Serum, Psychic Shaper) - i'd opt to play something else instead. I might like this card if it lost the "draw" ability and gained the "Double Breaker" ability -- Water needs a few more "Double Breakers" to choose from.

Constructed - 0.5 / 5
Limited - 0 / 5 (let the rare drafter have it)
Cecillbill CHAOS FISH
Evo-Crushinators of Doom introduced a sneaky little Light civilization creature named Magris, Vizier of Magnetism that tried to steal the secrets of "draw power" from the Water civilization. No worries. Water is still the go to civilization for drawing. In Rampage we get another Gel Fish that could slap more cards into your hand.
#1: Chaos Fish might net you extra cards. Extra cards in hand means more playing options. Each time Chaos Fish attacks you can draw a card for each other Water creature that you have in your battle zone. By a build up of 7 mana, which is Chaos Fish's pricetag, hopefully you'll have more than 2 other Water creatures in your battle zone to take advantage of Chaos Fish's rewards. Chances aren't half bad if you play hard-to-kill guys like Aqua Solider and mono-Water.
#2: Chaos Fish is "pumpable." Another mono-civilization "abusable" effect is Chaos Fish's power boost of 1000 that comes for each other Water creature that you have in your battle zone. Again, it's all about having other Water guys out. Got a field of 4 other Water hitters, then you've got a Chaos Fish that hits with 5000 power.
#3: Chaos Fish's draw effect is optional. Basically this means you won't be forced to deck out if you attack with Chaos Fish, have 3 other Water guys in the field, and only have 2 cards left in your deck.
#1: Chaos Fish's base power is low. 1000 power for 7 mana--man that stinks even though Water is known for valuing effects over power. Depending on conditions in the battle zone for pump/draw effects can be risky and wasteful against certain players. If your opponent is playing heavy removal--good luck getting this guy passed 3000 power when you summon it.
#2: Chaos Fish's effects are best capitalized in mono-Water builds. This cuts down on Chaos Fish's versatility. That's not a bad thing for mono-Water players, and there will be many once this set releases. But this is an issue for people hoping to splash other Water draw cards in their deck besides Brian Serum and Aqua Hulcus.
#3: Chaos Fish's effects are dependent on your battle zone. This is a con when your battle zone has a low 'other Water creature' count. The effects not only depend on how many Water guys you can summon, but also on how many of them your opponent allows to remain in your battle zone. Can be a tough task if your opponent is a relentless Gel Fish-hating Control player (like me).
#4: Chaos Fish's draw effect triggers only when it attacks. Pay 7 mana, this guy gets killed before you can attack, you get no extra cards, 7 mana wasted. Effect is hard to re-use since Chaos Fish has 'battle zone-dependent' power.
Chaos Fish is unimpressive without the support of his watery brothern--hence the attempt to stress mono-civilization love in this set. I'd rather play a cheaper creature with a draw or pump effect. Though you can find both on Chaos Fish, it comes at a high price on a weak creature. Another debate that is sure to come up is which attack-and-draw Gel Fish is better--Plasma Chaser or Chaos Fish. What's the answer? Well, that's for you to decide...surely you're tired of reading what I think. ; ) FORMAT RATINGS:
Constructed: 2/5. Everything on this guy depends on his Water mates. If you're playing a mono-Water deck then that can be an okay thing. But for anything else--avoid.
Limited: 1/5. Better draft Water so heavily that you get sea sick if you want to make this guy worth its weight in coral bits. Still, for a weird trump card, I might keep Chaos Fish around if I do pull it and manage to snag some other useful Water guys.



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