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Pojo's Duel Masters Card of the Day

Image from Wizards Duel Master site

  Ladia Bale,
the Inspirational

DM-02 Evo Expansion

Date Reviewed: 7.22.04

Constructed Average Rating:
Limited Average Rating:

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst. 3 ... average.
5 is the highest rating.

Rob Miller Ladia Bale, the Inspirational-Light Civilization, 6 mana, 9500 attack, “Blocker”, and “Evolution-Put on one of your guardians. Double Breaker.”

First off, I’ve said it before but it bares repeating. Evolutions are great. No doubt that this card is going to help out any deck that uses La Ura Giga, and if need be Reso Pacos, Clear Sky Guardian, and if you so desperately need to Szubs Kin and Dia Nork, but please limit their uses. This card is the fastest evo with its main base creature merely costing 1. The only bad thing about this card is that the other light evo doesn’t compliment this card in anyway, it flat out sucks really. I would suggest this as your only light evo in a deck that uses guardians.

Now that I have explained its good side, allow me to point out the Achilles’ heel of this card. It’s a blocker. You may be saying, “Why is that a bad thing?”. Two words, Critical Blade. You can kill this behemoth for two mana. That’s a weakness any darkness player looks to exploit. What’s worse is I have never seen anybody use Ladia Bale for its blocking ability. It is there to weaken its power. If it weren’t for the blocker ability, this card could easily be considered one of the best evos. Now it simply sits around as one of the mediocre evos that have playability, but I personally wouldn’t give it play.

Constructed-3/5: This card is an ok choice if you actually think you might use it as a blocker.
Limited-2/5: The only ones to choose from are Reso Pacos and Phal Eega. Not good choices.
Knives101 Ladia Bale

Ladia Bale has been blessed with many good creatures to evolve her from. Guardians are not a rare race at all. The main problem with Ladia Bale is the fact that she's not much of a power upgrade from Gran Gure. So I've hunted down this Super Rare just so I could have an extra 500 power tacked onto my fatty. I realize that Ladia Bale is an evolution. I also realize that she can break shields (double breaker). Being able to break shields isn't that much of an upgrade. Gran Gure and Ladia Bale are both meant to help deal with other large creatures such as Fighter Dual Fang, or Crystal Lancer. They are not really meant to take shields. I'd rather have Gran Gure, because with Gran Gure I'm gaining a creature. Ladia Bale is an evolution so she doesn't make my creature count go up. In later sets both Ladia Bale, and Gran Gure are going to be overpowered by newer creatures. With that in mind I'd much rather use Gran Gure, than hunt down four Ladia Bale.

Final Rating: 4

Limited Rating: 5 In draft big creatures are rare. This means that your opponent will have a hard time dealing with Ladia Bale.
Cecillbill Ladia Bale, the Inspirational

Arguably the most versatile race of creatures in the Light civlization is the Guardian race. The Guardian race are multifaceted--they specialize in blocking, tapping, spell recursion, tapped creature attacking, and deck searching. Ladia Bale, the Inspirational hails from the talented Guardian race, packs the blocker ability, is a double breaker evolution creature, and boasts having the second highest attack power in the game. But is all of that enough to warrant using Ladia Bale, the Inspirational in a deck over Light's other behemoth--Hanusa, Radiance Elemental?

Excuse me if I drool when going over Ladia Bale's specs ... Ladia Bale costs
6 mana, is a blocker creature, has 9500 power, is a double breaker, can attack the same turn its summoned, can attack players or creatures, evolves from a race of useful creatures...what are the cons? Hehe. Ladia Bale is essentially Gran Gure Gure and Hanusa wrapped into one creature. Ladia Bale has so much going for it, unless you're running a combo-civilization deck with too many evolution creatures already, I see very few reasons not to include Ladia Bale in a deck that runs Light. Currently there's only one umpumped creature that won't have to worry about Ladia Bale' attacking it (Ultracide Worm), not too many creatures can survive being blocked by it (when unpumped), and the guy can hit for two to the dome. It's just so freakin' huge it hurts ... your opponent. Evolution-chain speaking, there are 7 Guardians that can evolve into Ladia Bale. More than than half of the
7 Guaridans are efficient blockers and many of them pack useful effects.
Though most Guardians cost over 4 mana, because many are blockers you can stall until you get Ladia Bale in your hand and the mana to summon it. The most heavily played Guardian creature, the blocker La Ura Giga, only costs 1 mana and is usually the guy that gets evolved into Ladia Bale (because it can be easily evolved on the same turn its summoned--that way it avoids getting hammered). If your opponent is not playing Darkness, isn't abusing bounce cards like Corile, or doesn't have some pumped up fatties in his battle zone, then Ladia Bale can do/halt a lot of damage for an extended period of time.

Two words: Critical Blade. Most board owning fatties can only be taken down permanently by other huge creatures, slayers or spells like Terror Pit. In addition to those types of kill, Ladia Bale can be taken down by one of the cheapest removal spells in the game--making it more vunerable than most other fatties. This huge monster can also be halted by creatures like Scarlett Skyterror, Crystal Paladin, and Larba Geer. But being slapped by a shield trigger Critical Blade has got to be the worst way for Ladia Bale to bite the dust. ; ) Because of most Guardians' high costs, the fact that some cannot attack players and have non-ideal cost-to-power ratios, summoning Ladia Bale is going to be slower than most of the other evolutions (think Barkwhip, Valdios, Barbaro, Paladin).

When it comes to Ladia Bale, big is beautiful. There isn't much to say that hasn't already been said: it can block, it can attack players, it can attack creatures, it's a double breaker, it can attack the same turn its summoned, it costs 6 mana, it has 9500 power, its got funky spaceship-ish card art, it's shinny--just about the only thing it doesn't do is bake bread. Plus, it shouldn't be too hard to summom with 7 Guardians to choose from--keeping it on the field once you have it out is usually the bigger problem. Oh, and to answer my earlier question--Ladia Bale owns Hanusa.

Constructed: 4/5. Mono Light loves its blockers. Ladia Bale is the scariest blocker in the game. Watch out for Critical Blade. Be Merry.

Limited: 2/5. Good luck being able to pull it from a pack--it's a Super Rare--let alone summon the guy. There are many Guardians running around, but most are rare rating and above--good luck pulling enough of those guys too.



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